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Lot 285.  Very rare Winthrop Moving Picture Postcard Joe McGinnity! An extremely rare Thumb Movie of McGinnity is part of a post card set featuring major league baseball players, mostly New York Giants. The postcard which measures 4" x 2 1/4" and is 3/8" thick contains 24 pages which, when fanned, show a complete pitch from McGinnity. The postcard reads on the front "Iron Man McGinnity Pitcher N.Y. National League Base Ball Nine For Directions See LAST LEAF WINTHROP MOVING PICTURE POST CARD". The inside back cover has the simple directions. The Front Cover has "No. 20" indicating there were at least 20 subjects and I would guess 50-75% of them have never been seen. A Mordecai Brown was in our November 2008 auction and sold for $1,773+. The "card" is in at least very good condition. A scan of back of postcard is avilable on request.
Winning Bid $3,461.

Lot 286.  Extremely rare 1907 Boston Rustler’s Fold Out Postcard. The only example I’ve ever seen. The card features President George Dover on the cover and a clean "Base Ball Mail Card" address portion. When opened, the post card shows a 1907 National League Schedule followed by a fold out with 5 panels, printed on both sides with 14 players (mostly 2 to a panel) and two panels left with a scorecard. The Players shown on full panels are Sect J.S.C. Dovey and Fred Tenney. The following players are two to a panel and include Young (not Cy), Dorner, Lindaman, Pfeffer, S. Brown, Flaherty, Needham, Howard, Ritchey, Beaumont, Brain and Bridwell. The card is remarkably in excellent condition.
Winning Bid $1,100.

Lot 287.  Very rare 1907 N.Y. Giant Metamorphic folding postcard with McGraw and Mathewson. Front cover shows fans all over the Grounds in New York and a clean "Base Ball Mail Card" address portion. When opened, the post card shows a 1907 National League Schedule followed by a fold out with 5 panels, printed on both sides with 19 players (mostly 2 to a panel). The only "player" shown on a full panel is Manager McGraw, the other players represented include Mathewson, a batting pose of McGraw, McGinnity, "Dummy" Taylor, Bresnahan, Dahlen, Wiltse, Ames and 10 others. The card has a couple of minor creases on the cover but is 100% intact.
Winning Bid $825.

Lot 288.  PC757-1 A.C. Dietche 1907 postcard set of the Detroit Tigers. Complete set from 1907 featuring the Champion Tigers. The black and white set features Ty Cobb, Hugh Jennings and Sam Crawford. There are actually two poses of Cobb that were issued, one batting and one fielding. The fielding, which is included here, is much more difficult and it is my suspicion that it was issued for the Canadian market. The cards are mostly excellent with corner wear on most cards because of the black background design. The Cobb card has a corner crease in the upper left and is otherwise excellent. 7 other cards are excellent and 6 others are very good to excellent including Jennings and the Crawford is good due to a spot of paper loss on the front.
Winning Bid $2,144.

Lot 289.  1909 San Francisco Seal real photo postcard, A fabulous card depicting the 1909 San Francisco Seals. The sepia card shows the heads of 16 Seal players on the bodies of Seals. A copyright in the lower right reads "THE SEALS San Francisco Copyright 1909 LAW Co.". The card is excellent and shows photo mount impressions in the corners. The "AZO" postcard back is unused.
Winning Bid $1,710.

Lot 290.  1910 Wilkerson Real Photo postcard of Hilltop Park. "American Base Ball Park, New York" . SGC 50 VG/EX 4. The view is from beyond centerfield with a game in progress. The postcards of Thaddeus Wilkerson are considered photographic gems. According to a list on the internet he did 449 different shots of New York City and this is the only one of Hilltop Park. His postcards have a signature "TW" in the lower right corner. Excellent condition. Probably the highest graded example and may well be the only graded example. Incredibly rare!!
Winning Bid $1,000.

Lot 291.  1912 RPPC of Louis Sockalexis. The famous Cleveland "Indian" from the Penobscot tribe on a highly desired postcard. Sockalexis joined the Indians in 1897 and played 3 years there. The blank AZO back has a small 1913 newspaper clipping attached noting his funeral in 1913. Otherwise the postcard is clean and in excellent condition.
Winning Bid $1,577.

Lot 292.  ca 1910 Real Photo postcard of Eddie Plank SGC 40 VG 3. Extremely rare uncataloged postcard from probable series of Philadelphia A’s. Shows Plank pitching in Baker Bowl. Card graded vg, but looks at least excellent. Unused with "ROTOX" designation around stamp area.
Winning Bid $1,209.

Lot 293.  Aerial View RPPC of the Polo Grounds by Fairchild Aerial Surveys SGC 84 NM 7. Very rare aerial photographic post card, unlisted in Crabtree showing transport plane in flight with Polo Grounds below. Unbelievable grade for a post card in near mint condition.
Minimum Bid $500.

Lot 294.  PC805 Novelty Cutlery postcard of Ty Cobb and Honus Wagner. Very famous pose and highly desirable postcard show the famous scene of Wagner and Cobb shaking hands before the 1909 World Series. There is a tiny 1/16" tear at the top. Unused and very good.
Winning Bid $2,541.

Lot 295.  1932 Charles Denby Cigar Advertising Post Card of Billy Herman. Extremely rare and postally used in 1932, the year of issue. Very good condition with some very light surface wrinkles caused by the gloss of the card. The back shows a Chicago postmark and the stamp has been partially torn away.
Minimum Bid $500.

Lot 296.  1914 PC-unc Lawrence Semon postcard of Frank Chance. Rare variety with red inscription "Sketched from Life by Lawrence Semon Cartoonist of THE EVENING SUN" and other red markings by Chance’s face. Most of the cards known in the very rare postcard set do not have the "Sketched From Life...." notation, which is the only evidence that the cards were produced by the Evening Sun. The additional red marks on Chance’s face, at first glance looks like they were added on by a pen, but they are actually pre-printed on the card. The card is excellent front and back except for a "1915" date written on the address side.
Minimum Bid $500.

Lot 297.  2 RPPC’s of Jimmy Pastorious who played with Brooklyn in 1908 and 1909. One shows Pastorious alone, and the second is presumably with his wife. Both have rare markings, the one with his wife is noted "PMC" for Postal Mail Card, indicating a very early and rare post card. The second of Pastorious alone shows an even rarer notation of a boat showing where the stamp would go with "Place 1 cent stamp here". Both are excellent.
Minimum Bid $200.

Lot 298.  Rarely seen Photo Co. of America 1906 Chicago Cub team postcard of the NL Championship team. Postally used in 1906 the day after the series ended and noted in red that it was the White Sox who won the Series. Also rubber stamped on front by the addressee on the rear.
Winning Bid $220.

Lot 299.  "$" in shield rare postcard of Fans in "West Side Ballpark Bleachers". The "$" in shield is a very rare set featuring White Sox and Cub players. Rare enough where a complete set isn’t known. Even rarer is the stadium view showing fans in the stands. The card was postally used (stamp missing) in 1908 and is otherwise in excellent condition.
Winning Bid $433.
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