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Lot 103.  T217 Mono Kitty Knight, Oakland. Card is about very good. Well above average for the T217 Mono, which are among the rarest of PCL cards. There is very slight corner wear and a tiny wrinkle in the upper left corner, which doesn’t come through.
Winning Bid $605     

Lot 104.  Two T217 Monos of Clyde Wares and Carl Mitze, both Oakland Oaks The Mitze card has a nice appearance but has some creasing. There is a tiny spot of paper loss on the rear near the top. The Wares, which is a little shorter, as shown in the photo has light creasing in the upper right and a spot of paper loss on the rear.
Winning Bid $484     

Lot 105.  Very rare 1936 Chicago American Supplement of Tex Carleton. Unusual supplement apparently given away at Wrigley Field and Comiskey Park. First one I’ve ever seen. Unusually sized at 11 1/8” x 6 ¼” this supplement shows the player in uniform on the front with his ID (Courtesy of the Chicago American) at the bottom. The reverse shows a scorecard for that day’s game between the Cubs and the Braves. It is not scored and there is a crease down the center. It is easy to date the card at 1936 as Cub Leftfielder Ethan Allen, who is in the lineup, spent his only year with the Cubs in 1936.
Winning Bid $400     

Lot 106.  Three T3 Turkey Red cards of #2 Bill Bergen, #15 Kid Elberfeld and #38 Jake Stahl. The Bergen card is PSA graded “Authentic” apparently because of two pin holes at the top. The Elberfeld has some light scribbling on the front and a couple of creases and the Stahl which has a slight 1” crease at the bottom and is otherwise vg-ex. Front and back scans of all three are available on request.
Winning Bid $300     

Lot 107.  T3 Turkey Red #8 Fred Clarke, Pittsburg. Very clean excellent plus card. Scan of back available on request.
Winning Bid $726     

Lot 108.  T3 Turkey Red #36 Tris Speaker PSA 2. Its not clear what problems PSA saw that reduced this card to a “2”. We note tiny imperfection on the right side but that’s about all. Clean on the front and the back.
Winning Bid $666     

Lot 109.  T3 Turkey Reds of #19 Addie Joss and #35 Joe Tinker. Both approximate very good. Oversize scans of both cards, front and back, are available on request.
Winning Bid $733     

Lot 110.  8 tobacco cards including a nice T206 Cobb and Mathewson. The Cobb is bat off shoulder in near excellent condition. The Matty is black cap and is at least good. Both have Sweet Cap 350, 30 backs. The other cards are T206 Joss (pitching) (vg), T205 Walsh (gd-vg), T205 Wallace- hat on (gd-vg, crn cr), T207 Derrick, Ph AL (vg) and two T205 Buy backs of Camnitz and Dooin. An Oversize scan of the Cobb and Matty is available on request.
Winning Bid $1,771     

Lot 111.  5 T200 Fatima team cards. Group includes Cincinnati (good), Cleveland with Joe Jackson (fair), Pittsburgh with Honus Wagner (excellent), Philadelphia A’s (fr-gd, UL corner chipped) and Washington with Walter Johnson (good). All have very nice photos.
Winning Bid $666     

Lot 112.  11 1910 T212 Obaks including one 150 Series. The 150 Series is Heister, Sacramento (vg-ex). The others are Christian, Oakland (ex), Hetling, Portland (good), Lively, Oakland (good), Mitze, Oakland (vg-ex), Moser, Oakland (vg-ex), Mundorff, San Fran (ex), Seaton, Portland (vg), Shaw, San Fran (good), Tennant, San Fran. (gd-vg) and Whalen, Sacramento (vg-ex).
Winning Bid $330     

Lot 113.  Group of 11 graded including ten tobacco and a 1955 Topps Clemente card. The Clemente is BVG 3.5. Also a T205 Baker PSA VG 3, T205 Kling PSA EX 5, T205 Gaspar EX 5, T205 Blackburne SGC 4, T205 Chase (both ears) PSA 3, T205 O’Leary GAI 2.5, T206 Dougherty Port. GAI 3.5, Kling SCD 3, Devlin Port. PRO 6 and a T207 Yerkes PSA 4.
Winning Bid $733     

Lot 114.  Group of 11 tobacco cards, including highly desirable Obak Ten Million and other minor league cards and an M116. The “T” cards include 2 T207 Devore, NY NL (gd) and Ferry, Pitt (gd), 2 T209 – Garman, Charlotte and Gillespie, Rocky Mt (gd-vg), 3 T210 – De Fraites (Ser. 1, ex), Bennett (Ser 3, ex-mt), Weber (Ser. 3, gd-vg), a T211 Red Sun Pratt (vg-ex), 3 T212 Obaks – 1910 Manush (ex-mt), 1910 Martinke (ex) and 1911 Ten Million (vg-ex with 3 digit number written on rear in ink). The Sporting Life M116 is a Blue background Leach, Pitt. (near vg).
Winning Bid $1,330     

Lot 115.  5 M116 Sporting Life cards including 2 HOF’ers and a rare series. The group includes Ray Collins (nr mt appearance, back damage), Hugh Duffy (ex), Walsh (vg), J. Delehanty (fair) and L. Richie (ex-mt).
Winning Bid $300     

Lot 116.  Nice condition group of 153 1940 Playballs including 28 HOF’ers, 20 High numbers and Moe Berg. Condition averages very good to excellent. Highlights: 7-Dickey (ex), 10-Ruffing (vg), 30-Berg (vg-ex), 41-Gehringer (vg-ex), 102-Klein (ex), 107-Vaughan (ex), 119-Alexander (vg-ex), 118-Hoyt (gd-vg), 129-Harris (vg), 132-Mack (ex, rubber stamp on rear), 133-Foxx (vg-ex, pencil mark on rear), 134-Cronin (vg), 142-Kelly (ex), 153-McKechnie (ex), 158-Jackson (ex), 167-Frisch (ex), 171-Heilmann (vg), 173-Lajoie (gd-vg), 174-Evers (vg), 175-Mathewson (ex), 177-Baker (vg-ex), 178-Carey (ex), 179-Sisler (vg), 180-Cochrane (gd-vg), 226-Hooper (gd), 227-Haines (vg-ex), 232-Goslin (vg); Balance Low numbers: 23 cards ex-mt or better, 42 cards excellent, 29 cards very good, 7 cards good-vg including a few with minor writing on the back. Balance High Numbers; 2 cards ex-mt, 6 cards excellent, 5 cards very good, 3 cards good-vg, 1 card fair.
Winning Bid $1,463     

Lot 117.  Group of four Wilson Weiners. Includes Carl Erskine (good), Red Schoendienst (fair-good), Sammy White (good) and Harvey Kuenn (good).
Winning Bid $300     

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