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Lot 119.  1921-1936 Baseball Exhibits collection of 80 Cards. Nice collection from 13 different Exhibit sets including 43 cards from the 1921 set (11 HOF’ers), 15 from 1922 including Bill Klem, 5 Four-in-1’s, 7 from Set 83 including 5 HOF’ers, etc. A detailed list of each card with condition is available on request. 52 cards are at least excellent and there are 28 cards that have HOF’ers.
Winning Bid $2,855     

Lot 120.  1939-46 Salutation Exhibit near set of 83 in spectacular condition. Only 8 listed variations are missing (Camilli LR, Dickey LR, McCormick McQuinn LR, Pafko Plain cap, LL, Pollett LR, Reiser LL and Walker, no ā€œDā€). None of these are especially difficult. A detailed list of all cards and their conditions is available on request. Highlights: Averill (ex-mt), Dean (ex+-mt), Dickey (nr mt), DiMaggio (nr mt), Feller-Port. (ex-mt), Foxx (nr mt), Gehrig (ex, pencil mark ā€œ33ā€ on reverse), Gehringer (ex+-mt), Gomez (ex-mt), Greenberg-VTY (nr mt), Hartnett (nr mt), Holmes-Sincerely (nr mt), Klein (vg), Kreevich (nr mt), Lombardi-Cordially (ex), Rizzo (nr mt), Russell (ex-mt) and Williams #9 (nr mt). Balance: 46 cards nr mt, 10 cards ex-mt, 7 cards excellent, 2 cards very good.
Winning Bid $5,711     

Lot 121.  1947-1966 Exhibit near master set of 445 missing 2 poses (Burdette front view and Hubbs). This was originally Elwood Scharf’s. Elwood collected many things, in baseball and out, but Exhibit cards were his passion. He collected Exhibit cards from the machines in Chicago and acquired all the issues in the 1947-1966 set as they came out, including all the reissues and every variation he noticed. The set issued here, I believe is almost as complete as possible with many shade and other unlisted variations. A few of the cards have pencil notations which are in Elwood’s handwriting. Highlights: 3 Aarons (nr mt), 3 Banks, (2 nr mt, 1 with pencil notation), 4 Berra (3 nr mt, 1 vg-ex), 2 Brandt (nr mt), Chandler (nr mt), Clemente (ex+-mt), 3 Colavito (nr mt), 3 Cunningham (nr mt, one with pencil notation), Ford-Port. (nr mt)), 3 Ford-Pitching (nr mt), Hutchinson (ex-mt), Jensen (nr mt), 3 Killebrew (nr mt), Koufax (nr mt), Kranepool (nr mt ), Mantle-pinstripes (nr mt), Mantle-no white (ex+-mt), Mantle-Portrait (nr mt), Mantle-white (nr mt), 3 Mays (2 nr mt, 1 ex-mt), McCoskey (nr mt), 3 Musial (nr mt), Paige (nr mt), Powell (nr mt), Richardson (nr mt), 2 J. Robinson (nr mt), “Moose” Skowron (nr mt), Ward (nr mt), Yasztremzski (nr mt), 1949 Brooklyn (nr mt), 1949 Yankees (nr mt), 1951 Yankees (ex+-mt), 1952 Brooklyn (ex), 1952 Yankees (ex+-mt), 1955 Yankees (ex+-mt), 1955 Brooklyn (nr mt), 1956 Brooklyn (ex+-mt) and 1956 Yankees (nr mt, writing on back).
Winning Bid $6,490     

Lot 122.  All three 1962 and 1963 Statistic Back Exhibit sets of 32 cards (1962) and 64 (1963). There are two sets from 1962, one with the stats on the rear printed in red and one in black. The set with the black printing is Mint. The other two sets would be mint except they were apparently dropped and the upper left corner of many of the cards have a slight indentation. 1962 B&W stats Highlights: Clemente (mint), Mantle (mint). 1962 Red stats Highlights: Clemente (ex+-mt, tiny indentation in upper left corner), Mantle (ex+-mt, tiny indentation in upper left corner). 1963 Highlights: Aaron (nr mt), Clemente (nr mt), Mantle (ex-mt, tiny indentation in upper left corner); Balance: all ex+-mt to near mint.
Winning Bid $1,064     

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