9 Lots      

Lot 5.  An extraordinary circa 1885-1887 collectible fan featuring Cap Anson. Issued as part of a set with three other baseball players, all all-time-greats – John Ward, Chuck Comiskey and Curtis Welch. The fans were designed to have advertising added to the backs and had sticks added to hold it. The photo, in magnificent color, was 7 ½” in diameter. 1887 was a likely year of issue as Welch, the only non HOF’er was with the Browns (with Comiskey) only from 1885 to 1887 and led the Browns to American Associations Championship each year. Anson, of course was widely recognized and generally accepted to be the best player of the 19th century. The fan is in a 21” x 13” frame with a red border and a light blue matte has been die cut to fit around the frame. A photo of the back of the fan, which illustrates the three different ads that are on the back of the ad, is in a separate die cut area on the matte. The Anson fan is in immaculate condition. Four proofs (with no advertising and no holders) went for $19,861 in a Mastronet April 2003 auction. THERE IS A RESERVE ON THIS LOT.
Winning Bid $10,000     

Lot 6.  1935 Masters Final Round ticket signed by Bobby Jones and Lawson Little. A near perfect ticket from one of the most memorable golf rounds. Gene Sarazen’s double eagle moved him into a tie on the final round of Augusta National’s second Masters and was dubbed “ the shot heard round the world”. The ticket was signed by Bobby Jones and Lawson Little on the rear. Little finished 6th as an amateur. A remarkably similar ticket was auctioned by Green Jacket Auction in August of last year. It was also a Final round green ticket, was signed in pencil by Jones and Horton Smith (instead of Lawson Little) and was number #537 instead of #578. It brought $20,315. The ticket is in excellent condition and both signatures are clear. The ticket was originally in the Mark Emerson collection and is accompanied by a Mike Guiterrez/Mike Baker GAI certificate and I’m sure Mr. Emerson would also be able to confirm the authenticity. Enlarged scans of the front and back of the ticket are available on request. THERE IS A RESERVE ON THIS LOT.
Minimum Bid $10,000     

Lot 7.  1875 Prescott & White Carte de Visite of the National Association Hartford Blue Stockings team SGC 30 GOOD 2. The CDV, of which about a half dozen are known, featured the image of William “Candy” Cummings one of the most prominent figures in baseball history. Cummings is credited with inventing the curveball. Shown are 10 members of the Hartford team with Cummings in the middle of the back row. Other prominent players are Tommy Bond, Doug Allison, Jack Burdock and Bob Ferguson. The offered card has a diagonal crease in the upper left corner. Otherwise the balance shows only minimal wear. The 1875 National Association team was the last year of its existence before the National League. An SGC 6 example of the card sold for $20,407 in 2007, an SGC 1.5 went for $11,950 in 2009 and an SCG 2 went for $17,625 in 2010. THERE IS A RESERVE ON THIS LOT.
Minimum Bid $7,500     

Lot 8.  Incredibly rare 1938 Masters Golf Tournament player's badge from the 5th Masters. A tin metal bright yellow badge with red lettering, measuring 2 1/4” x 1 ¼” , with the original slip of paper with Mr. Sam Parks Jr.” typed on. Player 44 is in bright red letters at the top and “Masters Tournament – 1938” in smaller red letters at the bottom. The little known Parks had won the 1935 U.S. Open at Oakmont, his home course. This may be the earliest Master’s contestants Badge known and is in excellent condition with minimal wear.
Winning Bid $7,260     

Lot 9.  1929 John Dockman “Star Candy” #21-Babe Ruth. Prior to the summer of 2008, an amazing find of 72 1929 John Dockman cards were discovered in their original box. The collection included 4 Babe Ruths, a Walter Johnson, Lou Gehrig and 66 non baseball cards. Single copies of Ruth and Gehrig were the only 1929 Star Candies previously known. The Ruth is offered in the original pack (2”x 3”) which was issued in a glassine envelope along with little balls of candy or gum. The card appears to be excellent and appears to have a slight crease in the lower left corner. Two of the Ruth’s were auctioned separately in a 2009 REA auction and brought $9,400 and $9,988 plus the buyers premium. A link to that auction is available on request.
Winning Bid $5,000     

Lot 10.  1930 Fleer “Whiz-Bang” Gum Set of 16 including 3 baseball and 13 non sports. The 3 baseball are Lefty Grove, Goose Goslin and Gabby Hartnett. A 2009 find of a box of these previously unknown “cards” were in a 2009 REA auction. The box consisted of 83 cards, which included an apparent set of 16 different. Included were a total of 15 baseball of which there were the 3 different listed. The winner of the lot has consigned the duplicates which have appeared in our 2010-2012 auctions. The set is near mint-mint. Each card has two tiny factory punched slits which it is suspected would propel the cards. Assuming the 16 cards are a complete set which appears to be the case, this is the only complete set known and includes 3 non-baseball cards (Ed Brendel, Hoot Gibson and Tom Keen) which are the only copies known. Included are several packs of “Whiz Bang” Gum and a package of strings that apparently would go through the two tiny slits.
Winning Bid $5,000     

Lot 11.  R319 Goudey near set of 233 missing 4 Ruths, 2 Gehrigs and Lajoie (See lots 97-98 for Ruths and Gehrigs). Very nice looking near set with about 75% very good or better. Highlights: 1-Bengough (good, writing on back), 2-Vance (good), 7-Lyons (ex), 19-Dickey (vg-ex), 20-Terry (gd-vg), 22-Traynor (ex), 23-Cuyler (vg), 25-P.Waner (ex), 29-Foxx (vg), 31-Lazzeri (good), 35-Simmons (ex-mt), 42-Collins (vg), 44-Bottomley (vg), 47-Manush (gd-vg), 49-Frisch (fair), 56-Ruffing (vg-ex), 60-Hoyt (vg), 63-Cronin (gd-vg), 64-Grimes (vg), 73-Haines (vg-ex), 74-Rixey (vg), 76-Cochrane (good), 79-Faber (ex), 89-Speaker (good), 103-Combs (vg), 107-Manush (ex), 109-Cronin (vg-ex), 110-Goslin (good), 117-Maranville (good), 119-Hornsby (vg), 125-Terry (gd-vg), 127-Ott (ex), 128-Klein (ex), 134-Rice (ex), 138-Pennock (vg), 147-Durocher (vg-ex), 154-Foxx (gd-vg), 158-Berg (vg), 164-L. Waner (good), 165-Sewell (ex), 168-Goslin (gd-vg), 183-Lindstrom (ex), 187-Manush (vg-ex), 188-Hornsby (fair), 189-Cronin (good), 194-Averill (vg), 197-R. Ferrell (gd-vg), 202-vg, o/c, Hartnett (vg-ex), 207-Ott (vg), 211-Wilson (good), 216-Gomez (gd-vg), 220-Grove (vg, o/c), 222-Gehringer (good), 223-Dean (vg), 230-Hubbell (ex, o/c), 234-Hubbell (vg), 240-Schumaker (ex-mt). Balance of set: 4 cards ex-mt, 34 cards excellent, 107 cards very good, 22 cards good-very good, 12 cards good. Full size scans of the highlights (front and back) are available on request.
Winning Bid $5,000     

Lot 12.  1916 March Baseball Magazine featuring “SHOELESS” Joe Jackson - The Joe Jackson Number”. The most desired Magazine in the 50+ year run. The magazine featured Jackson both on the front cover and the back cover in similar pictures with the back cover being an ad for Remington Rifle. The issue is as nice a copy as I’ve ever seen. Recently a lesser condition Jackson was offered in the March 1912 Legendary auction (lot 586) and brought $3,286 in considerably lesser condition.
Winning Bid $2,118     

Lot 13.  Four Very rare Hall of Fame Presentation Bats from 1986, 1988, 1990 and 1993. These very rare bats were given to inductees, returning Hall of Famers and dignitaries at the Hall of Fame inductions. They should not be confused with the “limited edition” induction black/brown bats that were sold at the Hall of Fame shop. The easiest way to tell the difference is the inductees names were in green. When the “Commemorative Bats” can be found, they are priced in the $1,500-$2,000. The inductees featured on these bats are Willie McCovey, Bobby Doerr and Ernie Lombardi (1986), Willie Stargell (1988), Jim Palmer and Joe Morgan (1990) and Reggie Jackson (1993). All are in near mint condition and are very rare. A closeup of the bat heads is available on request.
Minimum Bid $1,500     

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