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Lot 216.  1912 Cincinnati Exhibition Company letterhead signed by 20 players including Edward Grant (died in 1918), Armando Marsans, and Hank O’Day (newly elected Hall of Fame umpire). The letter signed by members of the Cincinnati club was to owner August Herman and was recommending the retention of the trainer (George Hoskins). Grant, who died in World War I, was the first major league baseball player killed in action. Another major name is Hank O’Day (died in 1935), who is the only man in history to play, umpire and manage in the National League. Other familiar names include Bob Bescher, George Suggs, Arthur Fromme, John McLean (died in 1921), Hoblitzell, John Bates, Mike Mitchell and Henry Severeid. The letterhead has some minor stains on the left but is in otherwise excellent condition.
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Lot 217.  Charles A Comiskey early signed 3 x 5. Comiskey apparently not only signed the card “Chas A Comiskey” but filled in the other data on the card.
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Lot 218.  Large cut of Billy Hamilton 3 ½” 1 ¾”. Black signature is below three holes punched. Signature is as nice as can be of the 19th Century star who started his career with Kansas City of the American Associaition and played with the Phillies in the 1890s and ended with 6 years with the Phillies. He was inducted in the Hall of Fame in 1961. Accompanied by a Kevin Keating COA.
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Lot 219.  Christy Mathewson 3 1/8” x 2 ¼” cut glued to 3 x 5 card. Signed in black “Yours truly Christy Mathewson” and in near perfect condition. In Mathewson’s extraordinary career he won 373 games and had a career ERA of 2.13. He enlisted in the army and in France was accidentally gassed which led to Tuberculosis and he died in October of 1925 at the age of 45. Needless to say his autograph is very rare, especially off checks. Accompanied by a Kevin Keating COA.
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Lot 220.  Large cut (4 ¼” x 2 ¼”) of John A “Bid McPhee”. “Biddie” McPhee was a fairly obscure 2nd Baseman with the 19th Century Cincinnati Reds until his induction in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2000. His career with the Cincinnati Reds lasted from 1882 to 1899. The cut reads “John A “Bid” McPhee Cincinnati Nationals 1882-1900 Manager 1901-2 “ and is in extraordinary condition. Accompanied by a Kevin Keating COA.
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Lot 221.  1936 TLS signed by George Wright listing the lineup for the 1869 Reds 5 ½” x 8” The letter is to John T. Kavanagh of Brooklyn N.Y. and dated August 4, 1936. Wright indicates in his letter “Your letter received and I will answer questions and send autograph. He then indicates the nine starters and the team “played 57, winning them all”. The letter is signed GeoWright. Accompanied by a Kevin Keating COA.
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Lot 222.  Very early address cut of Harry Wright from his National Association days. Appears to have been cut from an envelope. The 1 5/8” x 2” cut shows “Harry Wright” signed in black along with his address and indicates Boston B. B. Asso. Below. Accompanied by a Kevin Keating COA.
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Lot 223.  Fascinating full length 1903 TLS to August Herman from Miller Huggins on St. Paul Globe stationery. Huggins was on the St. Paul Saints from 1901 to 1903. This fascinating letter is to Cincinnat Reds letter owner August Hermann giving advice on who in Huggins’ league might help the club. It closed with “As to my case will say that my mind is the same as it was last winter regarding St. Paul, but in case it should change the Cincinnati Club will have first opportunity for my services.” As they did a year later. The letter is signed “Miller J Huggins” and is in excellent condition. Huggins died young in 1929 right at the end of the baseball season at the age of 50. Accompanied by a Kevin Keating COA.
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Lot 224.  Two Circa 1935 Brooklyn Dodger sheets with 23 signatures on notebook pages highlighted by Casey Stengel, Al Lopez and a very rare Len Koenecke. Autographs are on a piece of lined notebook paper with signatures mostly in drawn boxes. Stengel was the Manager of the 1935 Dodgers. Koenecke suffered one of the most unusual deaths in baseball history when he was hit on the head by a fire extinguisher in a fight on an in-flight airplane. The other signatures are Chick Cuccinello, Pete Chapman, Ray Berres, Lon Frey, Jim Jordan, Sam Leslie, Van Lingle Mungo, Dan Taylor, Leslie Munns, Tom Zachary, Joe Stripp, Harvey Green, Clyde Sukeforth, Ralph Boyle, John McCarthy, Chic Outen, Walter Beck, Ray Benge, Watson Clark and Nick Gremark.
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Lot 225.  12 1939-1947 autographed Salutation Exhibit cards Includes Dizzy Dean, Joe DiMaggio, Bob Feller, Hank Greenberg (2 diff poses) Robert Grove, Carl Hubbell, Ernie Lombardi (2), Johnny Mize (2) and Ted Williams. The Greenbergs are the two different poses, the Lombardi’s and Mizes are different printings. All autographs are in ink and all cards are in excellent condition.
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Lot 226.  1948-9 Cleveland Indian RPPC of Tris Speaker. Real photo post card of Speaker signed in green ink. Excellent.
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Lot 227.  6 1947-1966 Autographed Exhibit cards. Signed by Hodges, Mantle, Mathews, Reese, Roberts, Snider and Stephens (difficult). The most difficult autograph here is Vern Stephens who died of a heart attack in 1968 at the age of 48, coincidentally the same age Gil Hodges died in 1972. All autographs and cards are in near mint condition.
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