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Lot 204.  R707-4 Topps Wings set of 200. Very nice set with 168 cards nr mt or better including #’s 102 through 200. The balance average good to excellent. Highlights: 1 (ex+-mt), 200 (excellent).
Winning Bid $3,287     

Lot 205.  R707-4 Topps Wings set of 200 and R707-1 Topps Jets near set of 234. The Wings set is in superior condition and all cards are ex+-mt to near mint except for 11 (5 good, 4 vg, 2 excellent ) and includes a magazine article about the cards. The Jets set is missing 6 cards (#'s 139, 140, 201, 207,216 & 238) and condition is varied, 208 cards range from excellent to near mint and the balance of 32 are good to very good.
Winning Bid $1,075     

Lot 206.  R714-16 Topps Look and See set of 135. Average condition set of this very popular issue. Highlights: 1-Roosevelt (fair-good), 15-Babe Ruth (good), 30-Lindbergh (good-very good), 45-Amelia Earhart (fair-good), 82-Rembrandt (fair), 112-John Rockefeller (good); Balance: 19 excellent or better, 48 very good, 50 good, 12 poor-fair.
Winning Bid $330     

Lot 207.  R714-17 Topps Rails and Sails partial set with 179 cards of 200. Group includes #’s 1- 152, 154-158, 161-163, 168-9, 171, 173, 175-6, 179, 181, 183, 185-6, 189-90, 192, 194-5, 197, 199-200 The first 130 cards are almost all near mint, the balance average ex-mt, with many near mint and some very good.
Winning Bid $1,391     

Lot 208.  R714-19 Topps Scoops Complete Set of 156 . Highlights: 27-Bob Feller (nr mt), 39-Jack Dempsey (nr mr), 40-Joe Louis (nr mt, o/c), 41-Babe Ruth (nr mt, o/c), 65-Rocky Marciano (nr mt), 71-John L. Sullivan (ex-mt), 110-Four Horsemen (ex+-mt), 128-Jesse Owens (nr mt, o/c), 129-Ben Hogan (nr mt), 130-Braves Move (good), 154-26 Inning Game (vg); Balance: at least 80% are near mint with some centering problems as usual. A few (less than ten) have a part or most of the original coating.
Winning Bid $1,099     

Lot 209.  R714-24 Topps World on Wheels near set with wrapper missing most of last series. Includes 1-160 and three last series cards – 166-7 and 170. All cards are red backs and the #7 is the German Motorcycle variation. #166-7 are good and #170 is near mint. The numbers from 1-101 include 44 ex-mt and 32 very good. The balance are good or less. The balance of the cards from 102-160 are near mint with 10 exceptions (good-very good). The wrapper has minor edge damage.
Winning Bid $294     

Lot 210.  Complete R714-37 Topps Presidents and Famous Americans set and partial sets of W536-2 The Lone Ranger, 1962-3 R711-15 Topps Americana Stamps and the 1965 R710-10 Topps Push Pull. There are 78 cards from the 120 card Ed-U-Cards Lone Ranger set. The great majority (90%) are excellent to near mint; The 44 card Presidents set is ex-mt with many near mint; The 1962-3 Stamp set contains 57 of the 80 issued including John L. Sullivan and many famous Americans. The stamps were issued with a crease and are overall very good. There are 23 Push-Pulls (no baseball) including one without the shutter. Condition ranges from vg to near mint.
Winning Bid $385     

Lot 211.  Two Tarzan sets – 1953 R714-21 Tarzan and The She Devil set of 60 and 1966 R789-4 Philadelphia Gum set of 66. The former set is excellent to near mint and the latter set is ex-mt to near mint.
Winning Bid $363     

Lot 212.  Mike Mandel Set of 135 Famous Photographer cards. Created and produced by a photographer Mike Mandel in 1975 and issued by Topps, this unusual and very rare set depicts photographers dressed in baseball gear. Mandel apparently visited all the subjects with appropriate attire and gear and took the photos. SCD reported an online auction sold a set for $5,675 in early 2010. A B&W issue, 2 1/2 by 3 1/2, distributed with Topps chewing gum in clear plastic packs at art museums and photography stores. Each of the renowned American photographers (including Imogen Cunningham, Ansel Adams, Peter Gowland) is depicted in a baseball pose, wearing a cap of his or her favorite team. Backs have the photogs’ comments about baseball, photography and life. The set of 135 cards is in near mint condition and includes 2 checklist cards and a newspaper article about the set.
Winning Bid $807     

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