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Lot 1.  1909 Obak Set of 76. A very rarely offered set which features players from the Pacific Coast League and the Northwest League and is easily distinguished by the italicized name at the bottom and the Obak name written in Old English type on the rear. In addition the set is only 76 cards as opposed to the 1910 and 1911 sets which are 175 cards. The set’s most valuable card is “Chick” Gandil who went on to infamy as a member of the 1919 “Black Sox”. There is a detailed list of all 76 cards with the condition of each card as well as 10 large scans showing all 76 cards in the set, front and back available on request. Highlights: Gandil (good, wear on rear), Bodie (vg-ex); Balance: 2 cards near mint, 4 cards excellent, 2 cards vg-ex, 27 cards very good, 9 cards good-very good, 16 cards good, 14 cards fair-poor;
Winning Bid $8,565     

Lot 2.  1910 Obak set of 175. Features players from both the Pacific Coast league and Northwest League. All the cards in this set are from the “175 Subject” set. The 1910 Obaks are unique in that they they show various advertising slogans on the rear. As in 1909, the backs are in blue print. There are no rarities and the only card that carries a premium price is Roy Castleton who has his name misspelled on the card (Caslleton). Highlight: Castleton (fair); Balance: Condition is very mixed with 9 cards excellent, 4 cards are very good-excellent, 40 cards are very good, 20 cards good-very good, 53 cards good, 30 cards fair and 19 cards poor. A detailed list is available of each card with a grade and there are 18 large scans showing all 175 cards front and back available on request.
Winning Bid $4,028     

Lot 3.  1911 Obak Set of 175. The 1911 Obak issue, which was the last in the series also featured 175 cards from the PCL and Northwest Leagues. The set was the only one of the series to feature a line of statistics on the rear, perhaps copying the American Tobacco “T205” series. Highlights: Weaver (good), Ten-Million (gd-vg), Peckinpaugh (nr mt), Castleton (gd-vg), Mensor (poor); Balance: 11 cards are near mint, 9 cards are ex-mt, 15 cards are excellent, 42 cards are very good, 14 cards good-very good, 48 cards good, 8 cards fair-good 17 cards fair and 11 cards poor. A detailed list is available of each card with a grade and there are 18 large scans showing all cards front and back available on request.
Winning Bid $7,078     

Lot 4.  ca 1910 Obak Mouthpiece Cigarettes sign. The porcelain on Metal sign is 40” long and 3/32” thick. Small pieces of the porcelain have chipped away on the sides, but still an extremely rare companion piece. Item will be shipped from California.
Winning Bid $267     

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