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Lot 123.  Two 1906 Fred Wagner postcards of the Champion Cubs. An interesting pair of postcards. The smaller normal size card shows the Champions Cubs in a fairly common Suhling and Koehn black and white postcard. The card is an ex+-mt card. The second larger (6 ¾” x 5”) Mailing card is sepia, shows a nearly identical photo, but a fan has been airbrushed out from the right side near Jimmy Slagle on the right in the middle row. The card is sepia, unused and in ex-mt condition and is much rarer.
Winning Bid $533     

Lot 124.  Very rare real photo postcard of Honus Wagner sitting in an old car. Card is inscribed “J.H. Wagner and Dog Jason” on the front. The photo was taken in front on an automobile storefront and it is assumed the card was an advertising card for the automobile. The rear has pencil writing and has the “AZO” notation with all triangles up, indicating an early 1900 ‘s postcard. Excellent condition with note to the writing.
Winning Bid $1,149     

Lot 125.  Rare real photo postcard of Honus Wagner swinging. Some soiling on front and some damage on the unused back. Also has “AZO” notation with all triangles up.
Winning Bid $294     

Lot 126.  Two team postcards showing the 1905 Cleveland Indians and the 1934-5 Detroit Tigers. The Indians are on a rare Cleveland Souvenir Shop card with some soiling on the lower right portion (away from the picture) and the card has the players ID’d in pencil. The Detroit card is a turquoise color and is in excellent condition. Both were not mailed.
Winning Bid $300     

Lot 127.  1906 Chicago Cubs and White Sox Matching Real photo Mailing cards of the World Series opponents. The pose is identical to the Suhling and Koehn postcard in Lot 123 of the Cubs showing the champion White Sox and the champion Cubs. Unlike the Suhling and Koehn card the real photo Mailing cards are rare.
Winning Bid $400     

Lot 128.  Two 1907 Real photo Postcards from the 1907 World Series. Two different views from the 1st base side, one showing action in the infield and the second showing activity at home plate. Some minor writing at the borders of each. Both cards are postmarked from Chicago in 1907 with vintage stamps. Very good-excellent.
Winning Bid $666     

Lot 129.  A pair of Simplicity Post cards created just before the 1907 World Series. The Cubs won the series 4-1 and the card showing the Tiger in the coffin was the only one actually issued. That card is in ex-mt condition. The card showing the winning Cubs in the coffin was never issued has several creases but is extremely rare. It should be noted that there is extra paper with a dotted line on the right side. The Simplicity Company was hedging their bets and prepared both cards with the intention of only releasing the correct one showing the losing team in the coffin.
Winning Bid $550     

Lot 130.  1907 Raymond Kahn Postcard of Nap Lajoie. The Raymond Kahn set of Cleveland Indians in one of the rarest of all the early postcard sets. The very desirable Lajoie is actually one of the easier ones with 4-5 copies known. The card has no creases but has writing on both sides and the bottom. The card was mailed in 1908.
Winning Bid $550     

Lot 131.  1907 Raymond Kahn Postcard of 4 Cleveland Indians – George Stovall, “Bunk” Congalton, Harry Bemis and Charles Berger. Very rare. Has no creases, minor soiling and one word “Homer” written in ink in the upper right corner. The card was mailed in 1909.
Winning Bid $500     

Lot 132.  PC773-1 Topping Donie Bush and PC796 Harry Lord. Both near mint postcards except for ACC # lightly written in pencil on rear.
Winning Bid $484     

Lot 133.  PC805 Novelty Cutlery Orvie Overall. Difficult 1907 set featuring 26 stars of baseball. The Overall card is unused and in ex-mt condition.
Minimum Bid $500     

Lot 134.  Group of Five miscellaneous postcards. Includes PC 805 Novelty Cutlety Bridwell (unused, ex+); Early and rare 1950 Dear Friend” St. Louis Cardinal card of Harry Brecheen, autographed and mailed in 1951; 1939 Orcajo card of Eddie Joost (ex+ with Orcajo written in pencil on rear); A 1939 First Day cancelled induction Babe Ruth card with the 1939 U.S. baseball stamp;. A 1932 New York Giant postcard Carl Hubbell giveaway postcard (ex-mt);
Minimum Bid $500     

Lot 135.  Five better postcards in mixed condition highlighted by a PC760 Rose. The PC760 Rose is Magee, Phil NL (vg-ex front, name AB White written in pencil in rear). The balance include a Wolverine of HOF’er Sam Crawford with some scribbling on back H.M. Taylor Bill Coughlin Batting (both fronts in gd-vg); Offerman George McConnell (vg appearance, mailed in 1908, stamp removed) and a 1907 George Hull clothes line with the White Sox team highlighting Nick Altrock, (would be excellent except UR corner clipped).
Winning Bid $862     

Lot 136.  Very rare Real Photo Post card of Jake Stahl right after World Series Game in 1912. The note reads “great game today. Leave for Boston at Midnight. Herb”. Stahl was Boston’s Manager and 1st Baseman. The Sox went 105-47 in 1912 and won the Series 4-1. The card shows Stahl in uniform on the field throwing, has a creased LL corner and is excellent photo quality. May be one of a kind.
Winning Bid $300     

Lot 137.  1910 Portland Beavers real photo composite postcard. Extremely rare postcard showing 22 members in small circles of the Portland Team including Owner Judge McGready and Manager Walter McCredie. The stamp box has the notation CYKO. The card was mailed from Portland in 1910 with a baseball related message in pencil. In very good condition with a small corner crease in the lower right.
Winning Bid $726     

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