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Lot 138.  1907-16 PC-unc. Grignon Jack Taylor and two PC758 Max Stein’s of Joe Wood and Chief Meyers. The Grignon is in very good condition with a barely perceivable crease, unused with the Cub schedule and a Boston Oyster House ad. The Wood is excellent and the Chief Meyers is fair.
Winning Bid $623     

Lot 139.  1909-16 PC758 Max Stein (U.S. Publishing) Postcards of Rube Marquard and Heine Zimmerman. Both are unused and in near excellent condition.
Winning Bid $303     

Lot 140.  1912 Panoramic first game at Crosley Field in Cincinnati in the original tube as issued. Measuring 21 ½” x 4 3/4”, the postcard reads “Opening Game Cincinnati National League Ballpark, Cincinnati v. Chicago”. It comes as issued, rolled up in a 5 ½” long tube with a diameter of 1 ½ inches.
Winning Bid $666     

Lot 141.  1912 Panoramic Globe Novelty Co. mailing Card “Opening Game of World Series at Polo Grounds N.Y. between Giants and Red Sox”. Shows the first game of the 1912 World Series. Extremely rare (only the second known), measuring 27“ x 4 3/4“ the card shows the view from centerfield in the Polo Grounds and is unused and in near mint condition. The other known copy was in REA’s 1911 auction (lot 735) and went for $1,528 despite staining, edge wear and pencil notations.
Winning Bid $1,000     

Lot 142.  Rare postcard of Billy Sunday and Cap Anson. Dated 1917 in the lower right the card portrays the two former 1880’s Chicago White Stocking teammates some twenty years later. Sunday, of course, became an evangelist and Anson went into politics after his Hall of Fame career. It was Anson who was responsible for getting Sunday involved with professional baseball. The card, as stated in the caption, shows the twosome on the Golf Course. The card shows some soiling and other wear on the right side and the back has the remnants of a black album page.
Winning Bid $294     

Lot 143.  Early 1900 card shows The Chicago NL team’s “Stonewall Infield” of 1888. The card includes Cap Anson, Ned Williamson, Fred Pfeffer and Tommy Burns and commemorates the 1888-9 World tour The card, issued by Pfeffer’s restaurant, showing the late 1880 Chicago team’s “Stonewall Infield, was probably issued in 1908-9 to commemorate the 1888-9 World Tour when the Cubs and an All-Star team went around the world. The lineups of the Chicago Club and the All American team are on the right side of the card. The card is unused and in excellent condition. A similar card, with an extremely rare autograph of Pfeffer went in our last auction for $2,900.
Winning Bid $666     

Lot 144.  1920 RPPC showing President Harding meeting with the Chicago Cubs. Unused card with some pencil notation on the back. The following was written on a Chicago Cub web page. In 1920, during the presidential campaign, Warren Harding came to see the Cubs. One of the minority owners of the Cubs at the time, Harry Sinclair, played a major role in the Teapot Dome Scandal that plagued the Harding presidency. He bought shady leases on federal land for drilling purposes from Harding's Secretary of the Interior. The Sec. of Interior, Albert Fall, eventually went to jail for his role in the scandal. Excellent.
Winning Bid $200     

Lot 145.  1925 previously unknown advertising Mailing Card of “Remy” (Wiz) Kremer. Issued following the Pirate victory in the 1925 World Series. The card was addressed to Pirate manager “Wm. B. McKechnie” (HOF) at the Pittsburgh Baseball Club and was postmarked July 30, 1926. Kremer pitched and won the 6th game. He had an interesting career with the Pirates, not pitching until he was 31 and winning 127 games over the next 7 years. The card measured 8” x 4 ¼” and is basically an advertising card for “Kramer’s”, Pittsburgh’s Largest restaurant. Extremely rare and possibly one of a kind.
Minimum Bid $500     

Lot 146.  1925 Pittsburgh Pirate NL Champions Mailing Card. Measures Postmarked Oct. 16, 1925, the day after the World Series ended and was obviously issued at the same time as the Kremer card above. The card depicts the entire team. The card measures “ 7 ¾” x 3 3/4“ and was a companion card to the Kremer card above but obviously trimmed. The card was mailed October 16, 1925 the day after the Pirates seventh game victory. Very rare and possibly one of a kind.
Minimum Bid $400     

Lot 147.  ca 1928 very rare Abercrombie & Fitch postcard advertising postcard for “Babe Ruth’s Own Book of Baseball”. The standard size postcard is blue tinted with “BABE RUTH’S OWN BOOK of BASEBALL” in red lettering on the front with a b&w image of Ruth swinging. The Mailing side of the card gives the details of the book and ordering information. In excellent condition.
Winning Bid $550     

Lot 148.  ca 1928-1930 Very rare RPPC of Rogers Hornsby and William Wrigley Sr. in Spring Training. Probably taken at Catalina Island in the period between 1928 and 1932. Hornsby was a Wrigley favorite who acquired him in 1928 over the head of “GM” Bill Veeck Sr. When Wrigley died, Veeck got rid of him. Excellent condition with “AZ” notation. “Hornsby and Wrigley Sr.” written in pencil on address portion.
Winning Bid $300     

Lot 149.  1932 Charles Denby Cigar advertising postcard of Charlie Grimm. Considered by some to be the last tobacco set. 8 Chicago Cub players are known with their photo on the front and a bio on half the mailing side. Tough to find in any condition and especially in near mint as this.
Minimum Bid $250     

Lot 150.  1936-1938 Sacramento Solons team postcard. Team photo which has been pinned down to 1936-1938. Paper used as indicated in the stamp section is AGFA-ANSCO. Pencil number on rear at bottom, otherwise excellent.
Winning Bid $220     

Lot 151.  Tough postcard showing game at Recreation Park in San Francisco. The rear of the card indicates (in Pencil) “Sacramento vs. San Francisco taken 1920”. Recreation Park was torn down in 1930 and was the home of the Seals from 1907. The card has the AZO notation on the rear with triangles up and down. The card shows some remains from photo mounts on the corners, otherwise excellent.
Winning Bid $220     

Lot 152.  Near set of PC754-1 1939 Hall of Fame issued postcards. The lot consists of 25 of the originally issued set and includes the Lou Gehrig issued later in the year. Missing is Rogers Hornsby. All the cards are unused and virtually all are ex+-mt to near mint. Easily the rarest and priciest of the HOF plaque cards.
Minimum Bid $1,000     

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