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Lot 156.  "PJ Moran, Mgr." Pin possibly from 1919 World Series. Obviously representing the former player and manager, the 1 ¼” pin showing a batter in the center shows “PJ Moran Mgr engraved in script on the rear. Optimistically, this could be from his 1919 World Series days with the Reds since he managed 1915-18 (Phillies) and 1919-23 (Reds). An interesting item in excellent condition. The hole at the top through which a string could have been inserted is missing a small piece.
Winning Bid $200     

Lot 157.  1926 World Series St. Louis Cardinals. Threaded Post octagonal Pin with the famous Red Bird on a bat. The Cardinals defeated the Yankees in the series.
Winning Bid $1,610     

Lot 158.  1929 World Series Chicago Cubs. Rare Threaded Post Pin was Manufactured by Hipp and Coburn. The pin shows the familiar bear cub. The Cubs lost the series to the A’s in five games.
Winning Bid $1,000     

Lot 159.  1933 World Series Washington Senators. The last Senator pin. Threaded post pin made by Dieges & Clust. The Senators lost in five to the Giants.
Winning Bid $862     

Lot 160.  1935 World Series Detroit Tigers. Striking circular black and gold pin showing a Tiger head. The Tigers defeated the Cubs in six games.
Winning Bid $646     

Lot 161.  1936 World Series New York Giants and 1938 World Series New York Yankees. Dieges & Clust threaded post pins commemorating the Yankee and Giant subway series in 1936 and 1938. The Yankees won in 1936, the Giants in 1938.
Winning Bid $484     

Lot 162.  1940 World Series Cincinnati Reds. Diamond shaped Bastian Brothers threaded Post Pin commemorating the Reds victory.
Winning Bid $477     

Lot 163.  1944 World Series St. Louis Browns. St. Louis Button Co. threaded Post Pin commemorating the only Browns World Series appearance.
Winning Bid $275     

Lot 164.  1946 World Series Boston Red Sox. Balfour threaded post pin showing the “Red Sox” in a very attractive pin from the memorable series against the Cardinals.
Winning Bid $405     

Lot 165.  1948 World Series Boston Braves. Attractive Balfour threaded post pin from the series against the Indians.
Winning Bid $267     

Lot 166.  1949 and 1952 World Series Brooklyn Dodgers. Memorable pins showing losses to the Yankees. The pins show Ebbets Field in 1949 and the immortal Brooklyn Bum in 1952. Both are Dieges & Clust threaded post pins.
Winning Bid $550     

Lot 167.  1960 Salada Coin of Bud Daley. The rare Daley coin from the 1960 Armour set is valued more than the other 19 coins in the set combined. The coin offered here is yellow and is in nr mint condition.
Winning Bid $363     

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