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Lot 72.  1914 Pritchard Yale Baseball Club complete set of 12 stamps. A very rare set of stamps was issued by Pritchard Publishing in 1914 featuring New York Giants baseball players. Even rarer are the stamps issued of the Yale Baseball team of that year. All the stamps, which measure 1 13/16” x 2 3/4". have an excellent appearance from the front. All the stamps have the same design with a Yale pennant at the top and crossed bats and baseballs at the bottom with the players portrait in an oval. Remarkably only two of the twelve are missing the original gum on the back. The remainder do show the area where a hinge was or some other minor disturbance. The twelve players in the set are as follows: FT Blossom, CC Brown, PG Cornish, PJ Falsey, CM Gile, JS Hanes, WA Hunter, WS Harpham, LS Middlebrook, HA Pumpelly, JS Reilly; RV Vaughn. It’s interesting to note that Peter Falsey was the only one to make the majors with the Pirates in 1914 and he struck out in his only appearance. This is believed to be his only “card”. An enlarged scan of the set is available on request. Also see lot 173.
Winning Bid $300     

Lot 73.  W512 baseball set in strips +. The W512 baseball subset is in two strips of five. All are near mint except #5-Wright, which has a light crease. There is a piece of tape on the #1-5 strip (behind the Wright). The 6-Ruth and 3-Cobb (Ex-Mgr) and 6 other Hall of Famers are also nr mt. The Alexander is the Cardinal variety. In addition, There is a strip of W512 boxers (one tennis) included (#’s 96-100), which is also near mint.
Winning Bid $908     

Lot 74.  1935 UM7 Rice Stix Shirt set of 2. Very rare set in which the cards could be found in packages of Rice Stix brand shirts. The Dizzy Dean has a horizontal crease and has been typed on, on the front and back (poor). The Paul Dean has a nice appearance but the top margin is no longer there.
Minimum Bid $400     

Lot 75.  R321 1935 Goudey 4-in-1 Puzzle Card set of 36. The set consists of each of the 36 possible fronts. A nice set with condition averaging very good-excellent. Highlights: 1J. Ruth/McManus/Brandt/Maranville (ex), 2A. F. Frisch/Dean/Orsatti/Carleton (gd-vg), 2D. Cochrane/Gehringer/Bridges/Rogell (ex), 2E. Kamm/Hildebrand/Averill/Trosky (gd-vg), 3D. B. Grimes/Klein/Cuyler/English (good), 7D. Ruffing/Malone/Lazzeri/Dickey (ex) and 8F. P. Fox/Greenberg/Walker/Rowe (ex); Balance: 1 card ex-mt, 8 cards excellent, 5 cards vg-ex, 9 cards very good, 3 cards good-very good and 3 cards good; A detailed list showing each card and its grade is available on request.
Winning Bid $1,465     

Lot 76.  1936 R322 Goudey Black and White set of 25. Extremely nice high grade set with 44% ex-mt or better and 80% excellent or better. Highlights: Cochrane (ex-mt), Cuyler (vg), Crosetti (vg), Ferrell (ex, pen notation on rear), Greenberg (ex), Gomez (good), Harris (good), Klein (vg), P. Waner (ex); Balance: 2 cards near mint, 2 cards ex-mt, 2 cards excellent, 5 cards very good, 5 cards fair-good. Enlarged photos of all cards in the set, front and back, are available on request.
Winning Bid $596     

Lot 77.  R327 Diamond Star partial set of 95 (of 108 cards). 1-96 short set is missing 50-Ott and 60-Ruffing. There is one rare high number (#107-Hack). The Medwick is autographed. Highlights: 1-Grove (poor), 2-Simmons (vg), 3-Maranville (vg), 9-Cochrane (vg), 11-Dickey (fr-gd), 14-Terry (vg), 16-L.Waner (vg), 17-Frisch (vg-ex), 18-Hafey (vg), 26-Martin (ex-mt), 27-Traynor (good), 28-Lopez (vg), 30-Manush (vg-ex), 31-Cuyler (ex-mt), 32-Rice (ex), 35-Averill (vg-ex), 36-Ernie Lombardi (vg), 39-Hubbell (vg), 43-Lyons (gd-vg), 44-Hornsby (good), 48-R. Ferrell (vg), 54-Greenberg (ex-mt), 59-Bottomley (good), 64-Foxx (vg), 66-Medwick (good, autographed), 74-Lazzeri (vg-ex), 77-Gehringer (gd-vg), 83-P.Waner (vg-ex), 86-Crosetti (ex), 91-Harris (vg-ex), 95-Appling (gd-vg), 107-Hack (gd-vg); Balance of collection: 3 cards near mint, 8 cards excellent-mint, 17 cards excellent, 22 cards very good, 7 cards good-very good, 4 cards good, 1 card fair;
Winning Bid $1,997     

Lot 78.  R333 Delong set of 24. An average good condition example of this very popular thirties set. Highlights: 2-Simmons (good), 4-Terry (good), 5-Gehringer (good), 6-Cochrane (good), 7-Gehrig (fair), 8-Cuyler (fr-gd), 10-O’Doul (good), 11-Lindstrom (vg), 12-Traynor (vg), 13-Maranville (vg), 14-Gomez (gd-vg), 19-Hafey (good), 21-Foxx (fr-gd), 22-Klein (fair-gd), 23-Grove (fair), 24-Goslin (good). Balance: 3 cards very good, 2 cards good, 3 cards fair; Enlarged photos of all cards in the set, front and back, are available on request.
Winning Bid $2,144     

Lot 79.  S & S Card Game in original box. Includes game board and complete set of 52 cards. All cards are ex-mt to near mint except Billy Herman which has a crease.
Winning Bid $949     

Lot 80.  R302-1 MP & Co. strip card set from 1943. The 24 card set which is ex+-mt to nr mt throughout including the DiMaggio and Williams. A couple of cards might be slightly lesser.
Winning Bid $500     

Lot 81.  R448 Swell Sports Thrills set of 20. The popular Sports Thrills set of 20 featured historical baseball highlights. Nice ex+-mt set. Highlights: 3-Robinson (nr mt), 12-Babe Ruth (ex+-mt), 14-Gehrig (nr mt), 16-Williams (ex+-mt). Balance: Most near mint, rest ex-mt.
Winning Bid $1,909     

Lot 82.  1951 Berk Ross near set of 68 missing the four boxing cards. Extremely nice condition set. Highlights: J. DiMaggio (ex+-mt), Berra (nr mt), Musial (nr mt), Ford (ex+-mt), Cousy (ex-mt), Hogan (ex+-mt). Balance: Virtually all cards ex+-mt to near mint.
Winning Bid $660     

Lot 83.  1953 Dixie Lid baseball sheet with a complete set of 24. The next to last year of Dixie Lids. The set is in an uncut block, or partial sheet of all 24 cards. All the cards are minimally in ex-mt condition The set includes the rare 8 “short-prints” and the cards of Sid Gordon, Ralph Kiner and Warrern Spahn are the rarer team variations. A similar sheet sold for $2,147 in last year’s auction.
Winning Bid $1,000     

Lot 84.  Two 1962 JCM Japanese sets and an uncut sheet from 1962. Both sets and the sheet include Sadahara Oh. The first set, JCM 14e has 40 cards and is in ex+-mt to near mint condition although the player’s names are written lightly on pencil on the rear. The 20 card sheet includes Oh in the middle row on the right. There is some scraping on the rear of the sheet at the top and there is a small scratch on Oh’s face. The second set, JCM 13b, also has 40 cards and is in ex+-mt condition and includes a similar Oh card which went for $2,225 in a 2006 Mastro auction. Checklists are included of both sets.
Winning Bid $500     

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