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Lot 56.  All four T206 Ty Cobb Cards. Portrait- Green background (fair, Piedmont 150 back); Portrait-Red background (vg+, Sweet Cap 350-460 back); Bat off, few tiny stains on front (good, Sweet Cap 350 back); Bat on (good, LR corner crease, Piedmont 150 back).
Winning Bid $2,600     

Lot 57.  Complete sub-set of 48 T206 Southern Leaguers. Above average condition group includes 4 Hindu backs. The balance are Old Mill and Piedmont. The Hindus are Bernhard (vg), Foster (gd-vg),Guiheen (fr-gd) and Lipe (fair, bk damage). The remainder are as follows: 1 card is ex-mt, 4 cards are excellent, 13 cards are very good, 5 cards are good-very good, 10 cards are good, 8 cards are fair and 3 cards are poor; A detailed list with grades for all 48 cards is available on request as well as scans of all cards.
Winning Bid $4,608     

Lot 58.  Complete set of 86 T206 Minor Leaguers. Highlights: Beckley (vg), Collins (vg), Kelley (ex) and McGinnity (fair-good); Balance: 1 card is near mint, 2 cards are ex-mt, 12 cards are excellent, 7 cards are vg-ex, 31 cards are very good, 17 cards are gd-vg, 8 cards are good, and 4 cards are poor-fair; A detailed list with grades for all 86 cards is available on request as well as scans of all cards.
Winning Bid $2,953     

Lot 59.  T206 Demmit, St. Louis and O’Hara, St. Louis rarities. O’Hara is heavily creased (fair), Demmitt has a crease and a small spot of paper loss in the lower left corner.
Winning Bid $1,612     

Lot 60.  Group of 6 T206 rarities with two graded. Includes Elberfeld, Wash. (good), G. Brown, Washington (vg), Kleinow, Boston (PSA VG 3), Lundgren, Chi. (good), Dahlen, Brooklyn (ex), Smith, Ch & Boston (GAI VG+ 3.5, Tolstoi back).
Winning Bid $1,302     

Lot 61.  All 3 Christy Mathewson and both Walter Johnson poses. All the poses from T206 of the two greatest pitchers of their era. Includes the Mathewson Portrait (GAI VG 3), Mathewson white cap (LR crn crease, gd-vg), Mathewson dark cap (vg+); The Johnson Portrait, has minor soiling and is vg+ and the Johnson pitching pose has a crease in the LL and is good-very good.
Winning Bid $2,077     

Lot 62.  All 6 T206 Cy Young and Nap Lajoie. The 3 Youngs are as follows: Portrait (vg), Pitching front (gd-vg), Pitching side (good); The 3 Lajoies are as follows: Portrait (vg), Batting (vg), fielding (good).
Winning Bid $1,418     

Lot 63.  All 10 T206 cards of Joe Tinkers, Johnny Evers and Frank Chance including a graded Chance Portrait. Chance cards: Portrait-Yellow (GAI EX+ 5.5), Portrait Red (ex, Old Mill), Batting (vg-ex); Evers: Portrait (vg), Batting-yellow (gd-vg), Batting-blue (fr-gd); Tinker: Portrait (gd), Hands on knees (ex+-mt), Bat on shoulder (ex-mt) and bat off (vg-ex);
Winning Bid $2,363     

Lot 64.  14 T206 Hall of Fame Portraits all in very good or better condition. Group includes Bender (ex+), Bresnahan (ex), Brown-red (gd-vg), Clarke (gd-vg), Collins (GAI EX-MT 6), Griffith (ex), Huggins (vg), Joss (ex), Marquard (good), McGraw (vg-ex), Waddell (good), Wallace (vg-ex), Walsh (vg), Willis (vg-ex).
Winning Bid $1,952     

Lot 65.  24 T206 Hall of Famers, all in various conditions with several excellent and better. Group includes Bender –no trees (gd-vg), Bresnahan-batting (vg), Brown-blue collar (vg-ex), Brown –pitching (vg-ex), Chesbro (vg), Clarke-batting (ex-mt), Crawford-bttg (vg-ex), Crawford-throw (gd), Duffy (vg-ex), Flick (vg), Griffith (ex), Huggins - yelling (vg), Jennings (good), Jennings-yelling (ex+), Jennings-Port. (fair), Joss-Ptchg (vg), Keeler – Port. (fair), Marquard – pitching (ex+-mt), McGraw-to hip (vg), McGraw-finger up (vg), McGraw -Port. In sweater (ex-mt), Speaker (gd), Willis (fair) and Willis- batting (fair).
Winning Bid $2,953     

Lot 66.  6 Hall of Famers in ex-mt condition. The group includes Baker, Bender- throwing-trees, Keeler-batting, Marquard-standing, Waddell-pitching and Wheat.
Winning Bid $1,952     

Lot 67.  7 American League T206’s in ex+-mt or near mint condition including one graded. Group includes Bill Bergen, batting (GAI NM 7); .Ball, N.Y. AL (nr mt), Ferris, St. L AL (nr mt), Paskert, Cinc. (ex+-mt), Schaefer, Detroit (nr mt), Schmidt, Det. (nr mt, slight o/c) and Stovall, Cleveland (nr mt).
Winning Bid $1,561     

Lot 68.  15 T206 American League cards in average ex-mt condition. Group includes Arellanes, Bos., Barry, Phila., Carrigan, Boston, Chase, throwing, Davis, Phila., Dineen, St. Louis, Jones, Det., Killian, Det., Lake, St. Louis, McBride, Washington, Milan, Washington, Stanage, Det., Stovall, Cleveland, Sullivan, Chicago and Wagner, Boston.
Winning Bid $1,375     

Lot 69.  29 T206 National League (22) and American League (7) cards ranging from excellent plus to near mint. Group includes Abbatichio, Pittsburgh, Alperman, Brooklyn, Barbeau, St. Louis, Bliss, St. Louis, Bridwell, NY, Camnitz, Pittsburgh, Charles, St. Louis, G. Davis, Chicago, Egan, Cincinnati, Ferguson, Boston NL, Herzog, NY, Hulswitt, St. Louis, Howard, Chicago, Jacklitsch, Phila., Krause, Philadelphia, Mattern, Boston, Magee, Phila., Mitchell, Cincinnati, Moriarty, Detroit, Mullin, Detroit, O’Hara, NY, Overall, Chicago, Schulte, Chicago, Shaw, St. Louis, F. Smith, Chicago, Tannehill, Washington, L. Tannehill, Chicago AL, Wiltse, NY (2 different);
Winning Bid $3,249     

Lot 70.  Balance of 120 American League T206’s. Condition ranges from poor-excellent with over half very good or better. 14 cards are excellent, 21 cards are very good-excellent, 41 cards are very good, 17 cards are good-very good and 12 cards are good. The balance of 16 cards have various grades with some back damage or paper loss. A detailed list of all 120 cards is available on request .
Winning Bid $3,808     

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