T3 Turkey Red Set

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Lot 54.  17 T3 Turkey Red cards with a pinhole. Condition would range from good to very good without the pinhole. The group includes 6-Chase, 7-Camnitz, 14-Dooin, 15-Elberfeld, 21-Kleinow, 25-McIntyre, 82-Bransfield, 85-Burns, 86-Carrigan, 89-Criger, 90-Doolan, 106-Lord, 107-Manning, 112-Paskert, 116-Schmidt, 121-Sullivan and 122-Tenney.
Winning Bid $1,330     

Lot 55.  The balance of 26 T3 Turkey Reds in lesser condition. Condition includes pieces missing, glue remains on backs, creases, etc. and would range from poor to good+. The group includes 10-Devlin, 22-Krause, 29-McConnell, 30-Mullin, 31-Magee, 32-Overall, 43-Out at Third, 46-Safe at Third, 48-Jack Murray at Bat, 49-A Close Play at Second, 50-Chief Myers at Bat, 77-Ames, 79-Bell, 81-Bescher, 83-Bridwell, 92-Dygert, 93-Fromme, 94-Gibson, 96-Groom, 98-Hofman, 103-Konetchy, 105-Lobert, 108-Merkle, 110-McBride, 115-Schlei and 117-Schulte.
Winning Bid $1,949     

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