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Lot 85.  1948 Bowman Baseball set of 48. As nice a set as you’re likely to ever see. 8 large scans showing the fronts of all 48 cards are available on request. Highlights: 3-Kiner (nr mt), 4-Mize (nr mt), 5-Feller (nr mt), 6-Berra (ex+-mt), 7-Reiser (ex+-mt), 8-Rizzuto (nr mt), 17-Slaughter (good), 18-Spahn (nr mt), 36-Musial (ex+-mt), 38-Schoendienst (nr mt). Balance of Set: 23 cards near mint, 7 cards excellent+-mt, 3 cards ex-mt, 4 cards excellent, 1 card very good-excellent. A spreadsheet is available showing the condition of every card.
Winning Bid $3,222     

Lot 86.  1949 Bowman set of 240 plus ten variations. Extremely nice set with very few cards less than excellent. 71% of the basic set are excellent or better. Breakdowns is as follows: Low Number Highlights: 1-Bickford (vg-ex), 11-Boudreau (nr mt, double print back), 24-Musial (vg), 27-Feller (ex-mt), 29-Kiner (ex-mt), 33-Spahn (nr mt), 36-Reese (ex), 46-Roberts (ex), 50-Robinson (PSA VG-EX 4), 60-Berra (vg-ex), 65-Slaughter (ex), 70-Furillo (ex-mt), 84-Campanella (ex), 85-Mize (nr mt), 85A-Mize (ex), 98-Rizzuto (vg-ex), 98A-Rizzuto (ex+), 100-Hodges (ex), 110-Wynn (poor), 111-Schoendienst (vg). High number highlights: 162-Roe (vg), 175-Appling (ex), 214-Ashburn (poor, tape), 224-Paige (vg-ex), 226-Snider (SGC EX 5), 229-Lopat (fair), 233-Doby (ex), 238-Lemon (ex), 240-Young (ex). Balance of Low numbers: 32 cards near mint, 27 cards ex-mt, 36 cards excellent, 13 cards vg-ex or vg, 16 cards gd-vg or worse; Balance of High Numbers: 12 cards nr mt, 14 cards ex-mt, 24 cards excellent, 18 cards vg or vg-ex, cards 21 good-vg or worse; Variations in addition to 85 and 98: 4, 78, 83, 88, 126-7, 132 and 143 (2 nr mt, 5 ex-mt 1 vg). A spreadsheet is available showing the condition of every card.
Winning Bid $5,317     

Lot 87.  1950 Bowman Baseball near set of 252 including 6 PSA graded cards. A nice set with about 30% ex-mt or better and over 55% excellent or better. Low Number highlights- 1-Parnell (nr mt), 6-Feller (nr mt), 19-Spahn (SGC EX 5), 21-Reese (vg), 22-Robinson (fair, tape stain), 32-Roberts (vg), 35-Slaughter (vg), 37-Appling (ex), 46-Berra (gd-vg). 75-Campanella (poor), 77-Snider (excellent+), 84-Ashburn (PSA EX-MT 6), 98-Williams (ex-mt), 112-Hodges (ex) and 217-Stengel (nr mt); Balance of low #’s: 9 cards near mint, 12 cards ex-mt, 19 cards excellent, 18 cards very good-ex or very good, 5 cards good or less. Balance of set- 24 cards near mint, 32 cards excellent-mint, 39 cards excellent, 46 cards very good-excellent or very good, 33 cards less than very good. A spreadsheet is available showing the condition of all 252 cards.
Winning Bid $3,328     

Lot 88.  1951 Bowman near set of 321 missing 253 (see lot # 99) and 305-6. An Average set with 50% excellent or better. Highlights: 1-Ford (near ex), 2-Berra (ex), 3-Roberts (ex), 7-Hodges (ex), 26-Rizzuto (ex), 30-Feller (ex), 31-Campanella (vg), 32-Snider (gd-vg), 80-Reese (ex), 122-Garagiola (vg), 134-Spahn (ex), 165-Williams (ex), 181-Stengel (ex), 186-Ashburn (fair), 198-Irvin (ex, o/c), 232-Fox (ex), 254-Jensen (ex-mt), 260-Erskine (ex), 290-Dickey (ex, o/c), 295-Lopez (vg-ex, o/c), 324-Pramesa (ex); Balance of Low Numbers: 13 cards near mint, 39 cards ex-mt, 61 cards excellent, 33 cards vg-ex, 46 cards vg, 18 cards gd-vg, 25 cards good and worse; Balance of High Numbers: 9 cards nr mt incl #277 SGC 7.5, 6 cards ex-mt, 23 cards excellent, 6 cards vg-ex, 9 cards vg, 6 cards gd-vg, 5 cards fair-good; A spreadsheet is available showing the condition of all 252.
Winning Bid $3,025     

Lot 89.  1952 Bowman set of 252. Very high grade set with 167 cards ex-mt or better (66%) with a great many being near mint (35%). Highlights: 1-Berra (fair), 5-Minoso (nr mt), 8-Reese (good), 21-Fox (nr mt), 33-McDougald (vg-ex), 43-Feller (vg-ex), 44-Campanella (ex-mt), 52-Rizzuto (vg-ex), 53-Ashburn (ex-mt), 80-Hodges (vg), 101-Mantle (good, hard to see light horizontal crease), 116-Snider (nr mt), 156-Spahn (vg-ex), 196-Musial (gd-vg), 217-Stengel (ex), 218-Mays (ex-mt), 252-Crosetti (nr mt); Balance of Low Numbers: 71 cards near mint, 60 cards ex-mt, 35 cards excellent, 17 cards vg-ex, 11 cards vg, 6 cards gd-vg or worse; Balance of High Numbers: 15 cards nr mt, 16 cards ex-mt, 2 cards excellent. A spreadsheet is available showing the condition of all 252 cards.
Winning Bid $3,300     

Lot 90.  1953 Bowman Color set of 160 including 8 graded key cards. A high condition set with 40% near mint and 85% ex-mt or better. Highlights: 1-Williams (gd-vg), 9-Rizzuto (nr mt), 10-Ashburn (gd-vg), 18-Fox (gd-vg), 32-Musial (ex+-mt), 33-Reese (gd-vg), 44-Mantle (nr mt), etc., 46-Campanella (nr mt), 59-Mantle (PSA VG-EX 4), 65-Roberts (ex-mt), 92-Hodges (ex-mt), 93-Rizzuto-Martin (PSA EX 5), 97-Mathews (vg), 99-Spahn (PSA EX 5), 114-Feller (PSA EX 5), 117-Snider (PSA VG-EX 4), 118-Martin (nr mt), 121-Berra (PSA VG 3), 146-Wynn (nr mt, o/c), 153-Ford (PSA EX-MT 6), 160-Abrams (PSA EX-MT 6); Balance of low # numbers (1-112): 39 cards near mint, 24 cards ex-mt, 19 cards excellent, 11 cards vg, 4 cards good; Balance of High # Numbers (113-160): 21 cards near mint, 13 cards ex-mt, 5 cards excellent, 2 cards very good; A spreadsheet is available showing the condition of all 252 cards.
Winning Bid $4,833     

Lot 91.  1953 Bowman Complete Black & White Set of 64 Cards. A mixed condition Black & White set. Highlights: 1-Bell (ex+), 15-Mize (ex-mt), 26-Roe (poor), 27-Lemon (vg), 28-Wilhelm (nr mt), 31-Woodling (vg-ex), 36-Piersall (ex), 39-Stengel (fair), 46-Harris (good), 51-Burdette (ex), 52-Branca (ex-mt), 60-Cox (vg), 64-Hansen (good); Balance: 3 cards near mint, 17 cards ex-mt, 13 cards excellent, 5 cards vg-ex, 7 cards very good, 5 cards good, 1 card fair; A spreadsheet is available showing the condition of all 252 cards.
Winning Bid $825     

Lot 92.  1953 Topps set of 274. Very nice set with nearly 50% near mint or ex-mt with GAI graded Mantle, Mays and Berra. We have matched the three graded cards with other 1953’s and find the size and grades to be accurate. Highlights: 1-Robinson (gd-vg), 27-Campanella (fair, spot of paper loss at top of excellent card), 37-Mathews (gd-vg), 41-Slaughter (vg), 54-Feller (ex, autographed), 61-Wynn (nr mt), 62-Irvin (ex+-mt), 76-Reese (vg-ex), 77-Mize (ex), 78-Schoendienst (vg), 82-Mantle (GAI EX+ 5.5), 86-Martin (fair), 104-Berra (GAI EX+ 5.5), 114-Rizzuto (ex+-mt), 147-Spahn (ex-mt), 207-Ford (ex+), 220-Paige (fair), 228-Newhouser (good), 244-Mays (GAI G-VG 2.5), 258-Gilliam (gd-vg), 263-Podres (fair), 280-Bolling (ex); Balance of Low numbers: 62 cards nr mt, 50 cards ex+-mt, 45 cards excellent, 32 cards very good, 14 cards good; Balance of High Numbers: 6 cards nr mt, 8 cards ex-mt, 7 cards excellent, 10 cards very good, 15 cards good, 2 cards fair-poor.
Winning Bid $3,993     

Lot 93.  1961 Fleer set of 154. Beautiful near mint + throughout on this very popular Fleer set. Highlights: 1-Checklist (nr mt), 14-Cobb (ex+-mt), 31-Gehrig (nr mt), 49-Johnson (ex+-mt), 75-Ruth (ex+-mt), 89-Checklist (vg), 152-Willams (ex+-mt), 154-Youngs (ex); Balance: 90% ex-mt to near mint.
Winning Bid $605     

Lot 94.  1964 Topps Coins complete set of 165 including both #121 Mantles. Average excellent set with all coins in coin holders in 20 pocket plastic sheets. The original series (1-120) has a good number of coins with tarnishing on the rear, the All-Star series (121-164) is much nicer. Highlights: 55-Clemente (vg-ex), 80-Mays (ex), 82-Rose (vg-ex), 83-Aaron (vg), 106-Koufax (vg), 120-Mantle (ex), 131-Mantle (nr mt), 131b Mantle (nr mt);
Winning Bid $250     

Lot 95.  Four partial O-Pee Chee sets from 1972-73, 1975 and 1976 with 703 cards including stars. There are 343 1972 cards including Mays, Fisk, etc. 106 1973 cards including Bench, 128 1975 cards including Brett & Yount rookies and 126 cards from 1976 including Eckersley rookie. Almost all cards are ex+-mt to near mint.
Winning Bid $467     

Lot 96.  Complete run of 11 O-Pee-Chee sets from 1977-1984. 1977 set of 264, 1978 set of 242, 1979 set 374, 1980 set of 374, 1981 set of 374 white backs, 1981 set of 374 grey backs, 1982 set of 396, 1983 set of 396, 1984 set of 396. Also includes the 1981 and 1982 Expo-Blue Jays poster sets of 24. Everything in near mint including the poster sets which are folded as issued.
Winning Bid $579     

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