19th Century Victorian Trade Card Sets

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Lot 66.  H804-1A Baby Talk set partial set of 7 (of nine) plus one uncataloged without a slogan at the bottom. etc. H804-1B Baby Talk series set of 9. The H804-1A contains 2 excellent, 3 vg-ex and 3 very good and all have advertising on the back; The H804-1B set contains 5 excellent, 2 vg-ex and 2 very good. 3 cards have advertising on front and back, 2 on the front, 3 on the back and 1 has no advertising; All have ads on the back, 2 also have ads on the front. 16 cards.
Minimum Bid $500.

Lot 67.  H804-6 Forbes Co. 3 Complete sets of 6 of the 3 different varieties. The first and most commonly seen variety has the various slogans, or titles of the card, at the top in black and white letters. A more difficult version has the titles in a red brown color and the coloring of the cards are different. The third set and most difficult has no titles and has sharper images. In this complete group, the first set has matching advertising on the front only and is excellent+. The second set has one card with advertising on the back and is excellent +. The final set has no advertising and is ex+.
Minimum Bid $750.

Lot 68.  H804-8A Sporting Life near set of 7. Sporting Life advertising trade cards are among the most beautiful and sought after. With humorous illustrations on the front and Sporting Life ads on the back. The sets are divided by the appearance of the advertising panel at the bottom. This set featuring a tan panel and there are 8 cards known. The missing card is the one captioned “Read the Sporting Life”. All cards are unusually nice and average ex-mt.
Minimum Bid $750.

Lot 69.  H804-8B Sporting Life Near set of 7 and 2 (of 4 known) H804-8C Sporting Life. The H804-8B features a yellow advertising panel at the bottom. The missing card is “The Sporting-Life Fiend”. The cards feature a different Sporting life Ad on the back than the “A” set and some can be found with schedules on the back. There are five ad cards in this group which grade 2 excellent, 1 very good, 2 good (1 is slightly trimmed). Two cards have Brooklyn schedules for Washington park in Brooklyn. These are considerably thicker and grade vg. The two H804-8C cards from 1887 have schedules for Baltimore and Washington and grade vg and excellent respectively.
Minimum Bid $750.

Lot 70.  H804-11 Peck and Snyder Cosack set of 9. One of the most famous and striking trade card sets. In addition to the trade cards, the designs were used for scorecards in the 1880’s. Each card has a player position noted toward the lower right of the card. Interesting “Right Fielder” has never been seen. All have highly desired Peck and Snyder advertisements on the lower right of the card as well as illustrative sporting goods ads on the reverse. Condition is ex-mt and as nice as you’re likely to find.
Minimum Bid $750.

Lot 71.  H804-15A Red Border position set of 10. Popular set of advertising cards with baseball caricatures symbolized by a thin red border and “9.” In the lower right corner of each card. Advertising is often found on the front or back of the cards and sometimes both. All of the cards in the offered set have varied ads on the back and 4 have ads on the front. 5 cards are excellent, 2 cards vg-ex, 2 cards very good and 1 good.
Minimum Bid $300.

Lot 72.  H804-21 Tobin major league near set of 9, missing Jack Glasscock. The premier trade card set featuring caricatures of major league players. Generally found with advertising in the upper right portion or on the back. This entire group has a purple rubber stamp ad for a drug store in Maine advertising the well know “Tansill’s Punch” Cigar. The Anson, Kelly, Keefe, Welch and Brouthers cards are all excellent as are the others.
Minimum Bid $1,500.
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