Wheaties - Single Serving Minis

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Single Serving Minis (Baseball Series 14 & 15) Two rare groups, one with only numbered panels and the other with only un numbered panels.

Lot 51.  Numbered Mini panel group. Collection of 10 of 12 reported small panels from individual serving boxes, all numbered with same pictures as Baseball Series 7 (29 Series), measuring approximately 2 5/8 by 3 7/8 inches (missing 29C-Demaree & 29F-Martin,). Many times more difficult than other baseball, because boxes were sold only in restaurants and railroad train dining cars. 6 Excellent (Vaughan-29L and Lombardi-29E), 2 Very good, 2 good including DiMaggio-29I, reinforced tear.
Winning Bid $4,189.

Lot 52.  Unnumbered Mini Panel group. Collection of 12 of 15 reported small unnumbered panels from individual serving boxes, measuring approximately 2 5/8 by 3 7/8 inches (missing Gehringer leaping, Greenberg, Manush). Equal in rarity to Group #1 cards. 1 Ex-Mt (Gehringer-batting), 2 Excellent including Medwick, 1 Very good (Grove), 8 fair-good including DiMaggio, 2 diff. Vaughans. Medwick, Ott, Hubbell and Camilli (trimmed).
Winning Bid $4,608.
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