1934-6 R318 Batter Up Premium of Paul Waner.

Lot 37. 1934-6 R318 Batter Up Premium of Paul Waner. Noted on the flap of a Batter Up High number wrapper, largely unnoticed is the offer “ALL FOR 1 CENT
1. A Large Photo Art Picture
2. A Stand Up Action Picture....
3. A Big Chew of Quality Gum”
We know about the card and the gum, but not the “Large Photo Art Picture” - until now. Incredibly rare newly identified type premium card, which measures 5” x 8”, is on glossy thin stock and has a dark red or maroon color. The back is blank. The offered Waner is in nearly excellent condition but there are two minor creases in the upper left corner. I know of 3 others from this issue. They all show the exact same pose as on the R318 Batter Up card.
Winning Bid $1,331.

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Winning Bid $1,331    

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