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Lot 219.  36 19th Century cards from 3 better 19th Century sets. N22 Allen & Ginter Racing Colors of the World, 12 cards, 8 cards excellent, 3 cards very good, 1 good; N222 Kinney Leaders, 11 cards including U.S. Grant, Robt E Lee, Catherine II, Marsha Washington, Jenny Lid, Mme Recamier, Gen. Scobeloff, Gen Winfield Scott (ex-mt), balance vg-ex; N228 Kinney Novelties, 13 cards, all ex+ to ex-mt;
Winning Bid $363.

Lot 220.  Non-sports 19th Century Group of 99 cards from 53 sets and an A34 Duke Yacht Colors of the World Album. The group includes 31 Allen & Ginter cards, 30 Duke cards, 1 Goodwin Old Judge Flowers, 6 Kimballs and 31 Kinneys. Condition is very mixed, ranging from poor to excellent. The Duke Album is excellent. A detailed list of the various sets represented and the number of cards in each is available on request.
Minimum Bid $600.

Lot 221.  T77 Hassan Lighthouse Series complete set of  50. An excellent plus set with 3 cards very good, and a couple of cards with interesting double images.
Winning Bid $1,149.

Lot 222.  Two Turkey Red non sports sets. The Turkey Red cards are known for their small size, the glossy and colorful surface and the above average difficulty. T37 Automobile Series set of 50 and the T72 Hudson-Fulton Set of 25. The very popular automobile series portrays the antique (now) cars of the 1910 era and is very popular among car enthusiasts. The set gives a very nice appearance with about 35 cards excellent on the front. 7 cards have album remains on the rear and several have a pencil notion on the back. All cards have a factory rubber stamp which is “as issued”. The Hudson-Fulton series celebrates steamboat technology. The 24 card set is in average very good condition.
Winning Bid $888.

Lot 223.  T70 Historical Events Series near set of 23, missing 2. The two missing cards are the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Monitor and Merrimac Battle. Beautiful set in a large format (2 1/4” x 3 1/2”) of American historical Events. Had several makers (Hoffman House, Buffo, Magnum, Flexo), 16 cards are excellent and 7 are good-very good.
Winning Bid $275.

Lot 224.  Seven Tobacco complete sets including T29 Hassan Animals set of 80, T30 Arctic Scenes set of 25. T47 Tareyton British Sovereigns set of 42, T53 Hassan Cowboy Series set of 49, T73 Indian Life in the 60’s Set of 50, T107 State Seals near set of 128 (of 150) and T118 World’s Greatest Explorer set of 25. The T29 Hassan Animals set has 61 cards excellent and 19 cards very good; the T30 Hassan Arctic Scenes set  average vg+-ex with 3 cards with creases; The T47 Herbert Tareyton Sovereigns set is almost all ex-mt, except for 3 cards; the T53 Hassan Cowboys set is all excellent and better except for 3 cards with creases; the T73 Hassan Indian Life is average excellent throughout except for 7 cards; the T107 Helmar State Seals near set is very good-excellent; The T118 Hassan Explorers set has 20 cards excellent or better, 4 cards good and 1 card fair; A total of 399 cards in sets.
Winning Bid $1,210.

Lot 225.  Six Tobacco complete sets including T46 Tareyton British Buildings set of 24, T69 Historic Homes set of 50, T99 Sights and Scenes of the World set of 50, T106 State Girls set of 25, T108 Theaters Old and New near set of 49 (missing 1) and T129 Red Man American Indian Chiefs set of 40. The T46 Tareyton Building set is most unusual featuring die cut stand up cards in their original envelopes. All cards, which are near mint, are in their original envelope. One envelope is missing; the T69 Helmar Historic Homes set has gold leaf borders and is vg-ex, with 35 cards excellent and 15 good-very good. A few have a pencil mark on the rear; the T99 Pan Handle Scrap/Royal Bengels Sights and Scenes set is another gold leaf bordered set. 29 cards are ex-mt, the balance are lesser with 18 trimmed; the T106 gold leaf bordered Fatima State Girls set is vg-ex with 20 cards excellent; the T129 Redman Indian Chiefs set is a 4” x 3 3/4” paper set in excellent + condition; the T108 Between The Acts Theatres Old and New set is in predominantly very good-excellent though 11 cards have album remains on the rear. The missing card in the Theatres set is The Lyceum Theatre. A total of 238 cards in sets.
Winning Bid $750.

Lot 226.  Lot of 44 caramel cards including E3 Navy Caramels Ships set; The E3 Navy set is a very colorful set with color drawings surrounded by a red stripe. Condition is 2 cards vg-ex, 5 cards vg, 8 cards good, 2 cards fair-poor. The balance of 23 cards includes 15 E28 Zoo Caramels (vg-ex), 5 E26 Menagarie Gum Animals (vg-ex), 1 E8 Battleship U.S.S. Brooklyn (poor), 1 E15 Flag Caramels (poor) and 1 E40 Airplanes (good).
Minimum Bid $400.

Lot 227.  Eleven Partial Tobacco sets and one complete set with a total of 483 cards. The complete set is T113 Types of Nations with 50 cards. Backs  are mostly Recruit, mostly excellent; The partial sets are T34 Grand Duke Art Series, 11 cards, excellent; T38 United Cigar Aviators, 5 cards, gd-vg; T52 Helmar Costumes and Scenery, 38 cards of 50, averages vg-ex with most excellent; T56 Hassan Emblem Series, 39  cards of the 50 card numbered card, averages vg-ex with most excellent; T57 Turkish Trophy Fable Series, 85 cards of 100, includes all but 1 of the first series, and average vg-ex; T59 Flags of All Nations, 168 cards of 200, mostly Jack Rose and recruit backs, condition varies but averages very good with many excellent, T85 Strollers Movie Stars, 12 cards, ex+-mt; T105 Standard Bearers with both Nebo and Zira back, 37 cards of 50, averaging vg-ex with many excellent; T119-1 Piedmont World Scenes, 5 cards, excellent; T175 Heroes of the  Spanish War, 21 cards, good-excellent and Uncataloged Beauty Bright Cigarettes Actresses, 10 cards, vg-ex.
Winning Bid $908.

Lot 228.  Four Military partial Tobacco sets of T79-T81 and T121 with a total of 173 cards. T79 Fez Military Series, 75 of 100, almost all excellent; T80 Tolstoi Military Series, includes a rare Lenox back, 42 of 50, mostly excellent, a few very good; T81 Recruit Military Series 44 of 50, 37 are die cut and intact and 7 are not die cut, very good to excellent +; T121 Sweet Caporal World War I color Scenes, 12 cards (vg-ex); A total of 173 cards.
Winning Bid $550.

Lot 229.  R145 Gum Inc. 1941 Superman group of 24 cards, including one high number. Contents include 9 (fair), 10 (gd-vg), 11(vg), 14 (good), 15 (gd-vg), 18 (ex), 26 (ex+), 28(ex), 30-33 (ex+), 35(ex), 36 (gd-vg), 37-38 (vg-ex), 39 (gd), 40 (vg), 42-45 (ex), 46 (vg) and 58 (vg).
Winning Bid $446.

Lot 230.  R701-3 Bowman Firefighters set of 64. Beautiful set almost all nr mint except for 8 cards which are very good (includes #1). There are some off-center in the nr mint cards.
Winning Bid $1,476.

Lot 231.  1952 Look N See set of 135. Very Nice set with 85% excellent to near mint. Highlights: 1- Roosevelt (good), 4-Lincoln (gd-vg), 6-Roosevelt (ex-mt), 15-Ruth (ex), 30-Lindbergh (fr-gd), 45-Earhart (ex-mt), 82-Rembrandt (vg, o/c), 112-Rockefeller (ex-mt), 133-Joan of Arc (nr mt); Balance: 52 cards near mint, 57 cards excellent or ex-mt, 14 cards very good, 3 cards good; 
Winning Bid $977.

Lot 232.  R714-38a  1967 Topps  Who Am I set of 44. This innovative set had a scratch off coating which revealed disguised, well known historic figures including 4 baseball players. Highlights: 12-Babe Ruth (nr mt), 22-Mickey Mantle (nr mt), 33-Willie Mays (nr mt) and 41-Sandy Koufax (nr mt). The balance of the set is also all near mint or better. Also included is 34 additional cards from the R714-38b Who Am I which was a re-issue of the set without the disguise coating. These cards include only Babe Ruth (nr mt) among the baseball players.
Winning Bid $4,904.
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