1949 Bowman set of 240 plus ten variations.

Lot 86. 1949 Bowman set of 240 plus ten variations.

Winning Bid  $5,317
Extremely nice set with very few cards less than excellent. 71% of the basic set are excellent or better. Breakdowns is as follows: Low Number Highlights: 1-Bickford (vg-ex), 11-Boudreau (nr mt, double print back), 24-Musial (vg), 27-Feller (ex-mt), 29-Kiner (ex-mt), 33-Spahn (nr mt), 36-Reese (ex), 46-Roberts (ex), 50-Robinson (PSA VG-EX 4), 60-Berra (vg-ex), 65-Slaughter (ex), 70-Furillo (ex-mt), 84-Campanella (ex), 85-Mize (nr mt), 85A-Mize (ex), 98-Rizzuto (vg-ex), 98A-Rizzuto (ex+), 100-Hodges (ex), 110-Wynn (poor), 111-Schoendienst (vg). High number highlights: 162-Roe (vg), 175-Appling (ex), 214-Ashburn (poor, tape), 224-Paige (vg-ex), 226-Snider (SGC EX 5), 229-Lopat (fair), 233-Doby (ex), 238-Lemon (ex), 240-Young (ex). Balance of Low numbers: 32 cards near mint, 27 cards ex-mt, 36 cards excellent, 13 cards vg-ex or vg, 16 cards gd-vg or worse; Balance of High Numbers: 12 cards nr mt, 14 cards ex-mt, 24 cards excellent, 18 cards vg or vg-ex, cards 21 good-vg or worse; Variations in addition to 85 and 98: 4, 78, 83, 88, 126-7, 132 and 143 (2 nr mt, 5 ex-mt 1 vg). A spreadsheet is available showing the condition of every card. Winning Bid $5,317

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