1952 Bowman set of 252.

Lot 89. 1952 Bowman set of 252.

Winning Bid  $3,300
Very high grade set with 167 cards ex-mt or better (66%) with a great many being near mint (35%). Highlights: 1-Berra (fair), 5-Minoso (nr mt), 8-Reese (good), 21-Fox (nr mt), 33-McDougald (vg-ex), 43-Feller (vg-ex), 44-Campanella (ex-mt), 52-Rizzuto (vg-ex), 53-Ashburn (ex-mt), 80-Hodges (vg), 101-Mantle (good, hard to see light horizontal crease), 116-Snider (nr mt), 156-Spahn (vg-ex), 196-Musial (gd-vg), 217-Stengel (ex), 218-Mays (ex-mt), 252-Crosetti (nr mt); Balance of Low Numbers: 71 cards near mint, 60 cards ex-mt, 35 cards excellent, 17 cards vg-ex, 11 cards vg, 6 cards gd-vg or worse; Balance of High Numbers: 15 cards nr mt, 16 cards ex-mt, 2 cards excellent. A spreadsheet is available showing the condition of all 252 cards. Winning Bid $3,300

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