R327 Diamond Star partial set of 95 (of 108 cards).

Lot 77. R327 Diamond Star partial set of 95 (of 108 cards).

Winning Bid  $1,997
1-96 short set is missing 50-Ott and 60-Ruffing. There is one rare high number (#107-Hack). The Medwick is autographed. Highlights: 1-Grove (poor), 2-Simmons (vg), 3-Maranville (vg), 9-Cochrane (vg), 11-Dickey (fr-gd), 14-Terry (vg), 16-L.Waner (vg), 17-Frisch (vg-ex), 18-Hafey (vg), 26-Martin (ex-mt), 27-Traynor (good), 28-Lopez (vg), 30-Manush (vg-ex), 31-Cuyler (ex-mt), 32-Rice (ex), 35-Averill (vg-ex), 36-Ernie Lombardi (vg), 39-Hubbell (vg), 43-Lyons (gd-vg), 44-Hornsby (good), 48-R. Ferrell (vg), 54-Greenberg (ex-mt), 59-Bottomley (good), 64-Foxx (vg), 66-Medwick (good, autographed), 74-Lazzeri (vg-ex), 77-Gehringer (gd-vg), 83-P.Waner (vg-ex), 86-Crosetti (ex), 91-Harris (vg-ex), 95-Appling (gd-vg), 107-Hack (gd-vg); Balance of collection: 3 cards near mint, 8 cards excellent-mint, 17 cards excellent, 22 cards very good, 7 cards good-very good, 4 cards good, 1 card fair; Winning Bid $1,997

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