Wanted: Consignments for Future Auctions

A quick look at any current issue of Sports Collectors Digest will reveal an endless array of public auctions, one day auctions, mail auctions, etc. each proclaiming itself to be the best for any number of reasons. Enumerated below are reasons we think you might want to consider making Lew Lipset your choice:
  1. Cash advances for consigned property. If you don't like auctions because of the time involved to get paid, we have good news for you! We can advance you a reasonable percentage of the minium bid in advance, when we receive your consignment.

  2. 10 percent commission and 10 percent buyer's premium. No other charges. All inclusive includes lotting, photography, advertising and mailing. If unsold, items returned at our expense. Most other major auctions charge 25-30% disguised in consignors charges and buyers fees.

  3. Personalized Service. We call you when we receive your lots and again when we've reviewed them. When reserves are agreed to, we send you a simple consignor oriented contract outling the terms and detailing your consignment. Before the auction we send you a listing of the lot numbers of your items in the auction. Within 24 hours of the auction we call you telling you what each item realized, follow that by sending you the realizations on paper for your items as well as the entire auction and we'll almost certainly be able to pay you within 30 days.

  4. Experience. We've been involved in the hobby on a full-time basis since 1978. It's been our only source of income.

  5. Knowledge. We've written three books on cards in the form of the Encyclopedia of Baseball Cards and contributed over a hundred articles to the hobby press. In addition to our specialty of pre World War Two cards we've handled large amount of press pins, other pins, advertising, sheet music, postcards, display items and can get authentication on autographed material.

  6. Reasonable reserves. The norm is to have low reserves to attract bidding, but $100 for a $1,000 item? We'll agree on a reasonable reserve which will attract bidding and protect your interest.

  7. Reasonable lotting. One auction had 60 nr mt T205s, 400 T206s, 35 T3s and a group of T210s--all as one lot. We would make these four lots, which would mean a greater realization for you.

  8. Reasonably sized auctions. The hobby isn't nearly as healthy as it was in the '80s. The amount of money available to be spent has dwindled. Our auctions are designed to be a reasonable size, will approximate 350 lots and will contain a variety of material in all price ranges.

  9. Distribution. Our auctions will all be listed in full color catalog supplements to SCD and will be mailed to their some 40,000 subscribers as well as in individual catalogs mailed to our mailing list. Our customer list consists of 2,500 active names and has been cultivated over nearly twenty years.

  10. Selectivity. We're not interested only in Wagners, Planks and Lajoies (though they're certainly nice to have). We prefer to act as a clearinghouse for dealers and collectors alike and accept a variety of merchandise in all conditions.

We are now accepting consignments for our next auction. If you think you have appropriate items or a collection that would be right for either please contact us. We also buy collections.

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