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Auction Rules

  1. We will be accepting bids either on the internet or by telephone between now and the close of the auction, April 4 2013.

  2. All bidders must call (480) 488-9889 to obtain a bidding number if they are not already registered or follow the procedures on line. Please provide a trade reference other than ebay. It will be too late to register the last day of the auction and we recommend it be done as early as possible.

  3. Bidding may be made by bidding on line or telephone. All on line bids will be acknowledged by a return email unless you have opted out.

  4. The 10 minute rule will start at 6 P.M., April 4, 2013. The computer system will determine when bidding has stopped and the auction is over. If the auction is not concluded by 9 P.M. a five minute rule will start. If the auction continues to 10 P.M, we have the right to end the auction at any time after 10 P.M.

  5. If you have not successfully bid on a lot before 6 P.M. April 4, 2013. the last night of the auction, you cannot bid on that lot after 6 PM on the night of the auction. There are no exceptions to this rule.

  6. A list of the current high bids is available to all bidders at all times on our web page (www.oldjudge.com). Complete descriptions of all lots as well as photos and enlarged photos are available.

  7. Up to or Limit bids are accepted and encouraged. A limit bid is a bid, which must be in an even number of 10% increments over the existing bid, that we will execute on your behalf only if needed. Limit bids can be entered into the computer at the time of bidding or afterwards.

  8. Call backs will be made on request to bidders who give limit bids that are at least 2 increments above the current bid and is at least $1,000. Call Backs are also available without leaving a limit, on request, on any bid of $3,000 or more. When requesting a call back please make sure we have the number you can be reached on the final night of the auction. While mistakes are very rare we cannot be responsible for errors resulting from failed call backs. Call backs at this time cannot be entered on the on line system and must be handled manually.

  9. Postage, handling and insurance will be added to all purchases. Minimum charge $10

  10. Payment is due within 14 days of the date of the invoice. Payment may be made by personal check. However, Cashier's checks, certified checks and money orders will expedite your order. At our option, we may wait for personal checks to clear.

  11. Shipping will be made via Federal Express or USPS Registered mail.

  12. Bidding will be in increments of 10% above the existing bid. There is a 10% Buyers Premium added to all successful bids.

  13. We reserve the right to reject any bid for any reason. In no event will our liability to a purchaser exceed the purchase price paid for any lot.

  14. Ownership to any lot remains with Lew Lipset and/or the consignor and shall not pass until the lot is actually paid for in full.

  15. Notification is made via USPS within 36 hours after the auction to all winning bidders and by email (if an email address was provided). An invoice can also be found online within 24 hours after the auction.

  16. Authenticity. All items are guaranteed to be authentic. Autographs items offered with a certificate are not open to dispute by another “expert”.

  17. Lot Viewing, which we strongly encourage, is available the four weeks prior to auction week, commencing any week day from March 4th to March 29th by appointment only to bidders known to us, or those supplying adequate references.

  18. Return Policy. We accept returns or notification of return for material errors in description up to 7 days after the shipping of a lot, but in no case later than 21 days after the auction. It is the bidders responsibility to make sure that he allows himself time to inspect his lots. Returns resulting from the bidders failure to read the description or from observing the photo of the lot are not acceptable. We do not accept the return of Graded cards. We do not accept the opinions of third party graders. With regard to autograph items without certificates, if the buyer wishes to have an expert (at his expense), acceptable to the seller, look at an item he must notify us within 21 days of the auction and will have up to 45 days after the auction to reach an opinion. There will be no returns after this date.

  19. All Arizona residents must pay 7% sales tax or submit a resale certificate.

  20. In the unlikely event the auction cannot take place or conclude on April 4, 2013, an alternate date will be April 5th, 2013.

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