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January 25, 2016

To all

I have been been involved in this hobby/industry full time since 1977. I can openly say, I loved collecting and doing it for a living. I never felt it was a job.

This will be my last offering. The Highlight items have been removed. Most of the following items from my collection and inventory will be offered at a 20% discount until May 31, 2016.  I will consider lower offers and  I am also open to discussing bulk purchases.

The left over baseball items will be consigned to the Huggins and Scott  auctions and the golf items will be offered there and/or other venues. The golf items listed on the web site are a small percentage of the programs, tickets and badges I have.

Lists of U.S.Open programs, badges and tickets and similar lists for the Masters, British Open, PGA, Ryder Cup and the Crosby Pro-Am are available on request.

Any questions let me know.





Photos and details of any item are available on request

Historical Hobby Collectibles

Vintage Hobby letters, Papers, books and memorabilia

HOB1. 110 Early Sports Collectors Digest from Issue #1 to 1981. The beginnings of Sports Collector Digest when published by Stommen Publications. From the first issue in October 12, 1973  to Issue 47 (September 15, 1975) missing only issues 11-12, The first issue was 16 pages, issue 47 was 38 pages. The size was about 16” x 11”. Group continues with 65 issues  from Issue 65 when the format changed to the familiar 11” x 7” to August 1981. A total of 110 early SCD’s. ……………  $300.00

HOB5a. The Encyclopedia of Baseball Cards, Volume 1, 19th Century Cards, Very good-excellent ……………..  $40.00

HOB5b. The Encyclopedia of Baseball Cards, Volume 2, Early Gum and Candy cards. 1984. Mint condition.  ……………… $40.00

HOB6. The Encyclopedia of Baseball Cards, Volume 3, 20th Century Tobacco cards, 1986. Mint. This is an “author’s” copy given to me by the printer. They can be distinguished from the original books by a glossy cover.  Only twenty were printed. …….       $75.00

HOB7. The Vintage & Classic Baseball Collector. The original 22 issues published by Dennis Purdy plus 13 issues published by the new publisher (1995-2001, 2002). Missing only issues 28 and 31.  In Ex+-mt to near mint. Along with Old Cardboard the best hobby magazine ever produced. ……………….$200.00

HOB8.  Buck Barker used the back of a 1946 Salutation Exhibit card to write another hobby great Jake Wise on Sept 9, 1948.  The message clearly relates to 1948 Bowmans and is easy to read. It relates to the first 36 cards in the set and gives the appearance the last 12 cards ("high numbers") may not even have been known then.  A great piece of hobby history. The front of the card, not that it matters, is Charlie Gehringer. ………$50.00

HOB12. Complete run of Sports Scoop. Edited by Steve Mitchell (1973-74). Twenty issues from    February 1973 to October 1974. .Perhaps the best of the early papers and was filled with informational articles by many familiar hobby names. The first six issues are 7” x 8 ½” and the balance are 8” x 10 ½”.  Excellent.    $300.00

HOB13.  Bill Heitman’s The Monster. The 1980  handbook of the famous T206 set. Excellent condition with a couple of minor pen marks on page. ……………..  $30.00

HOB14. Baseball Card News. Complete run of Alan Kaye’s hobby paper. From the first issue (Nov. 1982) to the last (January 1985) produced by Kaye. Does not include the issues immediately after the Sale to Krause.  Includes a couple of duplicate issues. Excellent.  …….   $250.00

HOB15. Old Cardboard.  The first 17 issues plus 3 others. Numbers 1-17, 22, 24-5.  Along with B&CNNC (no. 10 above) the best hobby magazine ever produced. The first  issues from the Fall of 2004. Ex--mt. ………………$125.00

HOB16. Group of 55 stadium postcard newsletters from 4 different publishers. Includes 7 issues from Ballpark Postcard News, 12 issues from The Ballpark Bulletin (1986-87), 21 issues from Ballparks and Ballplayers (1996-1999). The Stadium Newsletter, 15 monthly issues from V1N1 in June 1992.  …………………  $75.00

HOB17. Gridiron Greats. 26 issues in near mint condition from 2006//2015. Issue #14-18, 20-21, 23-24, 26-37, 39-42, 46-51. Professional done magazines ……………….$100.00

HOB18. Group of 55 stadium postcard newsletters from 4 different publishers. Includes 7 issues from Ballpark Postcard News, 12 issues from The Ballpark Bulletin (1986-87), 21 issues from Ballparks and Ballplayers (1996-1999). The Stadium Newsletter, 15 monthly issues from V1N1 in June 1992.  …………………  $75.00

Baseball Cards and related

Photos of any item are available on request

Vintage Cards

3. 1888 N135 Duke Talk of the Diamond.  He Serves the Ball (gd, lt vert cr).. $40.00

In 1889 a periodical called The Stage published over 13 weeks a print of  a Philadelphia or New York baseball player. The full page print measured 9” x 12”. In addition each ediion carried a fiull column (about 12”) with biographical information about the plqyer. Each of the following is in very good condition with the biographical information.

8. 1889 Stars of the Diamond Guy Weyhing       .......   $100.00

13. T201 Mecca Double folds Woodruff / Williams (vg-ex)   …. $30.00

14. T203 Mayo Baseball Comics " “ A  In Trade at..." (good)      $25.00

14a. T114 Fore' N Aft "Sweet Sixteen and Never Kissed. Very rare non-sports card vey similar to T203 baseball comics.  Good (crease)……..$30.

15. Very rare card of John McGraw probably produced by the Sporting News. There were three such cards issued all in the style of M110-4 and 5. The McGraw is the only one trimmed. The unknown name "Louis Plamondon" is on the back. As rare as it gets.         $1,000.   

21. 1934 Detroit Tiger Team Issue - Marvin Owen (excellent) ……   $50.00

22. 1934 Detroit Tiger Team Issue - Billy  Rogell (excellent)      ……  $50.00

25. 1937 Dixie Lid Premium Carl Hubbell (ex-mt)    ……….. $125.00

26. 1938 Dixie Lid Premium - Jimmy Foxx (ex-mt) ……….. $100.00

27.  T207 Rube Marquard, Recruit back vg-ex    ……. $200.00

28. R326 Part 1 Paul Derringer, Part 1 (vg)   ….. $25.00

29. R330 Double Play 91-2 Danning-Gumbert (ex)   …. $25.00

30. R334 1939 Playball 64-Wally Moses, ex-mt front with red “Sample” ad on rear. Couple of tiny pieces of album on rear.  …. $20.00

31. R336 1941 Playball 17-Stormy Weatherly (vg)  …. $15.00

31a. W711 1940 Cincinnati Reds partial set of 12. Includes 7 Excellent or bettercards (Craft, Riggs, Walters, Vander Meer, Goodman, Derringer McCormick), 5 fair-good (Lombardi, Berger, Cooke, Gamble and Frey).     …………$125.00

32. Sports Co of America Nick Altrock (fair) …..  $25.00

38. W519 unnumbered Morton, small scrape in UL corner    $25.00

39. W519 unnumbered Cravath, Kid Gleason, Krueger (vg-ex)       ….. $100.00

40. W519 numbered 1-Morton, 8-Johnston and 13-Barnes (fr-gd)   ….. $50.00

41. W530 865-Babe Adams Blank back, minor soiling, excellent …. $125.00

42. W530 424-Mike Mitchell, blank back, ex+-mt  ….. $150.00

44. 1932 Portland Beavers Yearbook. Large 11 1/2” x 8 1/2” yearbook style book with President Thomas Turner on front cover. Inside shows pictures and bios of players, two to a page, with advertising. One autograph, in pencil, of catcher Joe Paslmisano in pencil. Front cover shows some soiling and a 1” tear along the bottom left spine.    $150.00

45. Ted Williams 3” x 3” attachment to “Sta-Dry” rain wear with picture on Ted and ad on both sides.  Corner where it was attached shows small piece missing.   …. $50.00

56. W516-1-2 Dick Rudolph (good) …………..   $25.00

57. W519 unnumbered Eddie Collins (vg)  …..  $90.00

58. W519 unnumbered Rube Marquard (gd-vg)    ….. $75.00

58a. F279-1 1934 Quaker Oats “Ask Me” baseball card game with Instruction sheet and original mailing envelope. A deck of 26 cards in sheets, as mailed, have baseball questions on the front and back and form the heart of a game created by the Quaker Oats Company in 1934. The cards are in near mint condition and come with the instruction sheet and the original mailing envelope.         $200.


VC 1. 1887 Old Judge Coleman, Pittsburgh. Poor condition. Torn in half and attached with tape

VC5. Incredibly rare E271 Darby Candy wrapper. When I purchased a pair of incredibly rare Darby Candy Boxes back in the early 1980’s, they were sent with 2 pieces of wrapper for the Darby Candy. I sold the boxes long ago, but had forgotten about the wrappers which were buried at the bottom of a drawer. To the best of my knowledge they’re the only ones that exist. I’m offering both pieces individually.

a.     the larger piece which is approximately 4 ½” x 4” ………  $300.00

b.     the smaller piece which is approximately 4 ½” x 2 ½”      $175.00  SOLD

VC23. R321 Goudey Reprint Complete set of all 36 4-in-1’s front on 4 sheets. Beautifully done from actual sheets (which are incredibly rare) with fronts and backs showing. There are two sheets of 12 cards and 2 sheets of 6 cards. Reprint sheets……………  $100.00

VC24. R322 Goudey Jimmy Dykes (vg, nr mt appearing card with light crease in upper right corner) …………  $20.00

VC32 W552 Baseball Positions Strip cards. Complete set of 10 in 2 strips of 5. Ex-mt. (have 2 sets) …………. $100.00

Post WW II Baseball Cards

Photos of any item are available on request


72. 1963 “Topps” #537  Pete Rose Counterfeit. Created during the “Rose Craze” in California. Nr mt.   $20.00

PWW3. 1953 Dixie Lids partial sheet of 16 (24 in set). Includes HOF’ers Spahn Boston variety, Schoendienst, Irvin, Kiner (rare Pittsburgh var.) and Slaughter. Generally ex+-mt. ……… $500.00

PWW11. 1952 Topps off condition group of 7 cards. Includes  33-Spahn (fair-gd), 51 (vg), 106 (vg), 129-Mize (gd-vg), 178 (vg), 217 (vg) and 268-Lemon (fair) ……….  $65.00

PWW13. 1952 Topps reprint set missing 5 in orig box ………$150.00

PWW30. 1984 National Convention Giveaway of Babe Ruth Promotional cards. 13 cards all in near mint or better condition. ……….   All $50.00

Graded Baseball Cards

98. 2006 Topps #297 Alex Gordon PSA 9              $175.00


Celluloid Pins

1009. 1930’s Babe Ruth Quaker Oats scorer. From 1934 to 1935 the Quaker Oats Company offered Babe Ruth items through redemption of box tops from their cereal. This scorer made by the Parisian Novelty Company is one of the items that were available. The top piece has been clipped but the balance is in great condition and all the dials on the rear still function perfectly…... …  $75.00

Baseball Postcards

Photos of any item are available on request

(golf post cards listed in the golf section)


105. HOF gold plaque of Joe DiMaggio.     Signed on rear “Best Wishes Joe DiMaggio”    …. $100.00

105a. Four early chromes of the Leatherstocking Golf Course at Cooperstown, N.Y.  Three are aerial views (2 very similar) including one with a piece of tape at the top. All unused and in excellent condition.   ….. $10.00

106.  Rare postcard showing a crowd watching The Philadelphia Record Electric Score-board. Unrelated note on back.  Excellent.    ….. $50.00 

117. Horizontal PC of a game in progress, probably the Milwaukee Brewers, produced by The EVENING WISCONSIN. Excellent +    ………….  $75.00

121. 15 Detroit Linen post cards of Briggs Stadium. Two have been mailed and most are in ex-mt or better condition.   …..  $75.00

123. 1932 N. Y. Giant Schedule card of Carl Hubbell. This is the easier Hubbell card that was used for promotional purposes (ex).        ….. $50.00

BBPC 42. Wheel Café sponsored postcard of the 1940 Cincinnati Champions. Rare 8 ½” x 5 ½” jumbo 1940 postcard celebrating the Cincinnati Reds World Championship. In near mint condition and features a Cincinnati Enquirer photo of the team………… $300.00

BBPC 43.  3 McCarthy postcards inc. Rizzuto. Card include Rizzuto in a business suit holding a microphone, Billy Hoeft and Carl Sawatski. First two unused and ex+-mt, Sawatski has pencil note relating pose to Exhibit card. ……..$20.00 

BBPC 45. Nellie Fox McCarthy with advertising for Nellie Fox Bowl Inc. Tough signature. Unused and near mint.  …………..$200.00

BBPC 47.  1932 NY Giant Carl Hubbell player postcard. The very common Hubbell card from a very rare set.   Excellent. ……………..   $20.00

BBPC 49.  Real photo post card of Roy Campanella. In his familiar 1951 Bowman pose.  Card what appears to be a rubber stamped “Best Wishes Roy Campanella” on the rear. Otherwise vg-ex. ……….  $75.00

BBPC52.  3 copies of the rarest Dormand postcard. The large (9” x 12”) Phil Rizzuto. Three copies are offered here- one is about excellent and two have some light creasing. All three …………   $175.00

BBPC54. Four circa circa 1910 postcards of West Side Park from the Elwood Scharf collection. Elwood was mainly a postcard and exhibit card collector. He collected every variation. These four, which were issued in 1908 (2), 1910 and 1912 are examples of this. They were in albums (in mounts) and on the album page were explanations of the changes. These are also enclosed. All four are unused and only have a pencil notation of the date.  …….   $75.00

Baseball Exhibits

EX3. 9 different 1936 or 1937 Four in 1 Exhibits in poor condition. 3 have been trimmed on both sides. Theese have been cut in four and pasted together on a backing. Group includes 7 HOF’ers and the highly desirable Phil Weintraub. …………. $25.00

EX4. Three 1938 1948 Hall of Fame Exhibits with Green tint �" Alexander, Evers and Tinker (all ex+). ………………………….  $25.00

EX5. Three 4-in-1 Exhibit cards from 1929-1932. One in 1929-30 with Kiki Cuyler, some corner back damage in one corner, o/w vg; the other two from the rare 1931-2 series. One is Ch AL with Jolley, some back damge and front damge. The other ic Cincinnati with Durocher & Heilmann with some staining oin front.  ………………  $35.00

EX 1112. Berra – Portrait (nr mt)   …………….. $60.00

EX 1115. Clemente (nr mt)  ………………$ 40.00

EX 1116. DiMaggio, D (nr mt)  …………….. $25.00

EX 1123. Hodges “B” (nr mt) ……………… $10.00

EX 1126. Koufax (nr mt) ) ……………… $50.00

EX 1128. Mantle – Batting w white Prtd in USA (ex-mt)  ………….. $75.00

EX 1129. Mantle – Batting w white (nr mt, w. lite pencil marks)  $50.00

EX 1130. Mantle –pinstripes (nr mt) …………… $125.00

EX 1135. Mays Batting (ex, light pencil mks on rear)     $20.00

EX 1140. Musial Made in USA sepia (ex) ……………… $ 20.00

EX 1154. Spahn – Boston (nr mt) ……………… $20.00

Baseball Books and Publications

Photos of any item are available on request

125. A complete run of Baseball Magazine’s Baseball Bat Bag. . Four issues from 1922-1925. The books measure 4 ¾ x 6 ½” and are filled with about 100 pages of statistical informationIn various conditions. The first 1922 issue with Harry Heilman on the cover is good; the 1923 issue has Babe Adams on the cover (vg), the 1924 issue (gd) and the !925 issue (near mint) have unnamed players. The first 3 issues have tape to the spine.   ……  $150.00 

126. Four 1870 (New York) Sunday Mercury newspapers from June 5, 1870 through June 26, 1870.  A large format paper (18” x 24” Pages) with a small baseball section including boxscores of the Forest Citys, the Red Stockings, the Mutuals, etc. Names like Spaulding, Barnes, Pearce, Zettlein, George & Harry Wright, McVey, Rogers, Reach can easily be found.

127. 1976  11 ½” x 8 ¾” hardcover book “The First Season  1876” by John Tattersall. Limited edition 150 page scrapbook covers all 260 games with accounts and box scores of the entire 1876 season from the newspapers. Included is Tattersall’s sales letter and an interesting letter from famous Chicago sports writer Arthur Ahrens. The book is rare and is in near mint condition.    …..  $200.00

128. 1937 Yanks, Giants and Dodger New York Mirror Guide. The New York Daily Mirror also put out a combined Guide all three New York Baseball teams in 1937. The booklet also measured by 3 ½” x 6 ½” but was 120 pages most of which showed a picture of a player, a brief bio and his lifetime stats. The combined book is rarer than the individual books. The book is in near mint condition.    …. $500.00 

130. Balldom, The Britannica of Baseball by George Moreland. 1914, shows wear and has plastic dust jacket. Early guide with excellent coverage of the game. ……… $20.00

150a. 1937 Boston Eleventh annual Batter Up. 64 page book with rosters of all 16 major league   clubs and all kinds of data and anecdotes. Excellent.     …….. $100.00

150d. 4 Cub books between 1934 and 1942. 1. 1934 4” x 6” “Play Ball” booklet meant to be mailed with basic information on the Cubs and Wrigley; 2. A 1937 4 ½” x 6” Autograph book with a portrait of a Cub on each page; 3. 1941 6” x 9” booklet Players History and Record Book. A 32 page yearbook style book; 1942 6” x 9” booklet Players History and Record Book. As 1941 but expanded to 40 pages; …. $250.00

150e. Iffy’s Jungle Jingle Scrap Book was the name of  series of 27 cartoons (6” x 4 ¾”), one for each letter of the alphabet and a “title” cartoon. Each cartoon has been pasted to a hand drawn page with orange and black striping. The colorful cover is a wonderful piece of folk art with a hand drawn tiger and the title “Tiger Tails” on a yellow background.    …… $150.00

150f. 1944 St.Louis Browns World Series book. Unusual die cut pennant shape book. Issued as a souvenir of the only pennant won by the first (and only) pennant won by the St. Louis Browns. 24 pages with photos and bios of all the Browns and other information. Vertical crease, otherwise excellent.    ……. $300.00

151. Baseball 1845-1881 by Preston Orem. Ex-Buck Barker. Excellent coverage of 19th century by the former collector and historian. Has a sort note by Orem (signed “Pres”)  sent to Buck Barker accompanied by some clippings. Excellent + condition  …………. $60.00.

152A. Anton Grobani - Guide to Baseball  Literature. Published in 1975, was considered the definitive reference and very rare. In excellent condition. ……….  $50.00.

BBP0.  1870 Out Door Sports for Boys. Attractive 24 page booklet with a color cover by Father Friendlyword. Two pages are devote to baseball. Armhead was the printer. There is minor damage to the first few pages in the lower right corner. Very rare and among the earliest coverage’s of baseball.  …….$150.00

BBP5 1911 April issue of Baseball Magazine. White tape is on the spine. Otherwise, the magazine is in excellent condition. …………..  $60.00

BBP7. 1920’s Sporting Life Advertising Poster. Orange, Black and White Advertising sheet portrays Judge Landis imploring the major and minor leagues to get together. The back is directed to the Trapshooting Association of America and details the benefits of the Sporting Life. Has been folded, probably as issued, and has two reinforced small tears (not apparent) at the folds of the top. …………  $100.00

BBP8. 1924 The Nation’s Sports. A very rare four page sepia toned periodical produced as an obvious promotional item  by A.G. Spalding. The cover shows various photos of baseball’s best players (Ruth, Cobb, Johnson, etc) and the defending champion managers. The balance show almost all Spalding products. There are creases and some small tears but the piece is very rare. I’ve never seen another.  …………  $150.00

BBP9a. Extremely rare “Voice of the Air” 1929 periodical for the World Series. The 14” x 11” publication, which is noted Vol. 1 No. 11 in the masthead shows blank scorecards on ther cover for the 1929 World Series between the Cubs and A’s with pictures of Mgrs. Mack and McCarthy and stars Jimmy Foxx and Rogers Hornsby. The centerfold show green tinted team pictures of the two teams across the top and bottom with pictures of Lefty Grove, Hack Wilson and announcer Ted Husing in the center. Some minor separation and in very good condition.    …………..$100.00

BBP10. 6 1939 First Day Covers of the 1939 Baseball stamp. All stamped “Baseball Centennial, 1939-1939, Cooperstown, N.Y. First Day of Issue. Also included is a 1940  commemorative cover with a photo of Wagner in an appropriate cachet. It is dated and used on Feb. 19 1940 with a Cooperstown postmark. …….. $75.00

BBP13. 3 1984 Camden reprints of 19th Century extremely rare Classic Baseball Books. Includes The Game of Baseball by Henry Chadwick; Sol White’s Official Baseball Guide and Sphere and Ash by Jacob. All are numbered editions from a print run of 500 and are in mint condition.  …………..    $150.00 

BBP14. 3 reprints of Classic 19th Century Baseball Guides. Includes 1877 Constitution and Playing Rules of the National League; 1888 How to become a baseball player by John Ward and 1890 Players National League Baseball Guide. All are near mint …...all $50.00

BBP17. Chicago History-Spring 1981. 11 pg article “Chicago Whales and the Federal League”.  Excellent. ………….$25.00

BBP18. Gene Mack’s Hall of Fame Cartoons (of Major League Parks). Fabulous cartoon drawings of all the ballparks  by famed Boston Globe artist. Excellent. ……………$50.00

BBP19. Journal of Leo Smith by Randolph Linthurst. Story of a Nineteenth Century Shortstop . 5 ½” x 8 ½” booklet in near mint condition.  …………….  $20.00

BBP21. American Boys Book, Dick and Fitzgerald, 1864, 800 pages with 10 page section on Base-Ball, spine is weak and the first few pages are loose. ……. $35.00

BBP23. Sports Illustrated - 4 Commemorative issues.  1. 25th Anniversary 25 Years of 1,250 Sports Illustrated Covers, 14” x 11” 2. Special Issue Sports Illustrated 35 Years of Covers. 12” x 10”. 3. 50th Anniversary Issues The Covers including articles and a special foldout of every Swimsuit issue. 4. July 14-July 21 2003- 50th Anniversary Double issue. All are excellent and better.  ………………. $40.00

BBP24. The Washington Senators by Morris A Bealle, 1947 First Edition. Rare book. Sub-titled “The Story of an Incurable Fandom.” Went for $240 in Legendary December 2010 auction. Excellent.

…………….. $150.00

BBP29.1932 Magic Names of Baseball - Intimate sketches of Famous Ballplayers” by Metropoltian Publishers. A 1932 7” x 10” 32 page booklet featuring Cap Anson on the cover. Though he is not one of ten players covered (Waddell, Lajoie, Cobb, Wagner, .Matewson, Speaker, Evers, Jackson, Schalk and Ruth, The book shows some wear but is all there.  ……….   $25.00

BBP32. 1935 “Iffy’s Book of Tiger Tales”. 9” x 12” paperback related to the Tigers 1935 Championship. 64 pages plus some relavent newspaper articles. The book has a 1” separation at the top of the spine and is otherwise in very good condition.

BBP34. 1956 Los Angeles Angels yearbook. This is the pre major league Angels when the team was in the PCL. The very hard to find yearbook is minimally in ex-mt condition.  …………..   $125.00

BBP36. A Parody Sport Book: Health Habits for "Good Sports". A scarce humorous hardcover book with an alleged intro by Ty Cobb. There is a full page photo of Cobb and there is also a photo of Bobby Jones accompanying an article he allegedly wrote. The book is apparently very rare and has spine damage. About 24 pages. ……….   $150.00

BBP37.  Three very early hardover books with reference to baseball. 1. Popular Amusements byRev. Crane, Cincinnati, 1870. 2. Public Business by Dick and Fitzgerald, 1864; 3. Popular Amusments, 1867 by Aunt Carrie. 22 pages on baseball. All in excellent condition. ………….  $150.00

BBP40. Four different 8 1/2" x 11" magazines published from 1961-1971 called OLD TIMERS BASEBALL PHOTO ALBUM. Each is 48 pages and shows photos and bios of baseball greats. In very good to excellent+ condition. .........  All four  .............  $75.00

BBP43. 2 copies of the “1950 National League 75th Anniversary books”. Hardcover 9” x 12” books illustrating the history of the league. The back of the book features 4 pages with 60 photos taken from T205 cards. The book avaeage very good with some spine wear. …………  both $25.00

BBP44. 1946 Sporting News 60th anniversary issue with reprint of the March 17, 1886 first issue.

BBP45. 1977 Pirate Portraits. Issued as a fund raiser for Pittsburgh charities and were apparently given away to attendees at a dinner. There is a price, $1.75, in the upper right of corner. There are 30 pages with  artistic drawings of 30 Pirates plus a over and a false cover. Published by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Have never seen another ..................  $100.00




Baseball Photos, Photo Prints and Woodcuts

Photos of any item are available on request

Baltimore Oriole Photographs (Cabinets)

Early 1900’s Baltimore Orioles Cabinet Photos. All are on 5” x 6 ½” backings. The actual photos vary from 3” x 3 ½” to 4” x 4 ½” All the photos have the names written in white on the bottom of the mount and a year(s) at the top.

BBPH 1. Charlie Loudenslager . Was a 2nd Baseman for the Orioles in 1904-5. He also acquired some fame by playing in he majors for one game with Brooklyn  early in 1904. The 3” x 4” photo shows him standing………   $350.00

BBPH 2. Merle “Doc” Adkins." One of the more famous Orioles appearing on a Baltimore minor league card in the T206 set.  Adkins pitched for the Orioles steadily in the  early years of the 20th Century and used Baltimore’s proximity to Johns Hopkins University  where he studied medicine and became a doctor. The photo is 3 1/2” x 4 1/2” and is in excellent condition …………$400.00

BBPH 3.Fred Burchell. pitched 3 years for Balimore in 1903-1905 before pitching for the Red Sox in 1907-1909 as a teammate of Cy Young. Nice condition excellent photo ….. ………. $350.00. 

BBPH 4. Harry Neal. A pitcher with the 1905-1906 Orioles. He was 18-9 in 1905 and 9-12 in 1906 and was just about finished. Nice photo with a stadium background. Excellent-mint photo…. $350.00

BBPH 5. John Kelly. Shouldn’t be confused with Joe Kelly of the same era, Kelly played for the Orioles  in 1905 only and was mainly their full time catcher. The 3” x 4” photo shows him standing in front of a floral display , excellent. ……… $325.00

BBPH 6. Lew “Snake” Wiltse. A famous name because of his brother George “Hooks” Wiltse  He won 39 games for the Orioles in 1903-4. His manager was Wilbert Robinson. The 3 1/2” x 4 1/2” photo shows him standing in front of a floral display. Excellent. ………..  $400.00

BBPH54. Bill Mills. Listed as a pitcher/outfielder on the 1903 and 1904 Baltimore teams but its not clear that he ever did either with Baltimore, other than be listed on their roster. Probably a very rare photo. Chips in the upper right and lower right corners. ………..$350.00

BBPH55.  Bob Hall was an outfielder for five full years in Baltimore (1906-1910). Nice batting pose ….. $350.00

BBPH56.  Len Burrell was a 3b man for Baltimore only in 1907 and continued playing elsewhere  in the minors for another nine years.  The card is excellent …………….  $350.00

BBPH57.  Ray Demmitt. Started his career with the Orioles in 1906 and went to the Yankees (Highlanders) In 1909. The following year he went to the St. Louis Browns for a short time and didn’t appear in the mjor again until 1914. His T206 1909 baseball card showed New York but was changed the following year to St. Louis where he played briefly. His 1910 T206 card was changed to reflect the change to St. Louis and apparently his 1910 season with St. Louis was short lived (29 at bats) and the card was pulled from circulation and his T206 card is very rare. This one is rarer.  The photo is slightly faded but otherwise excellent………….  $600.00

BBPH58.  Stephen Griffin.  Griffin played the infield with Baltimore in 1904-5 and had a 17 year baseball career, all in the minors. The photo is near mint and flawless …………….  $450.00

BBPH59.  Bill Hallman. A minor league lifer with a career spanning 24 years incluing a shirt stint with the Orioles in 1905, An extremely nice photo ……………….  $350.00

BBPH60. Otto Hanbacker. Not much is known about Hanbacker. Had a 4 year minor league career with started in Baltimore in 1907. May be only photo known of Hanbacker ………….$400.00

BBPH61.  Ned Hanlon (HOF). 19 years as a manager (1889-1907) mostly with the 1890’s Orioles and later with Brooklyn. Both great teams of their era.  It’s not clear exactly what this card had to do with the 1907 Orioles other than Baltimore was a great part of his life, when he managed the great teams of the nineties and after his managing career was over. He did own the Orioles in 1907. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame at Cooperstown in 1996. The photo is excellent and has a couple of minor imperfections on the rear.  ……………$1,000.

BBPH62. Hughie Hearn & Doc Adkins, Pitcher and catcher for the Orioles in 1905. Adkins was one of the  more famous Orioles appearing on a Baltimore minor league card in the T206 set.  Adkins pitched for the Orioles steadily in the early years of the 20th Century and used Baltimore’s proximity to Johns Hopkins University  where he studied medicine and became a doctor. Hearn was a catcher for the Orioles in 1903-1905. He was won of the first to wear shin guards.. The photo is 5” x 6” and is in excellent condition . …………$500.00

BBPH63. Newt Hunter. Was a career minor league first baseman who played for Baltimore in 1906 and 1907.  Excellent photo with ball park as a back drop. …………….  $350.00

BBPH64. Jack Dunn. Portrayed here as the Balimore manager in 1907. He bought the team the following year. He pitched in the majors in the 19th century and won 20 games for Brooklyn in 1899, but perhaps aquired his greatest fame by signing Babe Ruth and later selling Babe Ruth in 1914. The card has an excellent photo and a light crease in the upper right with a piece tape on the rear. ……….  $750.00

BBPH65. Jack Hayden  Hayden played for Baltimore for 3 years (1903-1905) Was with Indianapolis later on and appeared on a T206 minor league card. In between he got into a historic fight with Hobe Ferris while with Boston. Excellent condition card with very clear photo ………..   $400.00

BBPH66.  Hugh Jennings (HOF). The Hall of Famer was Baltimore’s playing manager from 1904-6 and also played in 1903. Excellent card with some tape stains on the back in the corners. ……………  $1,250.00

BBPH67. George “Candy” LaChance. La Chance played in the majors from 1893 to 1905 and spent the last part of 1905 with the Orioles before retiring. Ex-mt photo …………….  $450.00

BBPH68.  Phil Lewis. 1904 was Lewis’ first year with the Orioles. Didn’t come back until 1909 and lasted, mostly with Milwaukee (AA) until 1916.. A shortstop who hit pretty well.   ………..   $350.00

BBPH69. Jack McAleese. Career minor league who played sporadically from 1901-1912.    There’s a nick in the right side of the card. …………..  $300.00

BBPH70. Harry McNeal.. A pitcher with the 1905-1906 Orioles. He was 18-9 in 1905 and 9-12 in 1906 and was just about finished. Nice photo with sfloral and stadium background. Excellent-mint photo…. $350.00

BBPH71. Mike Mowery had a long career in the majors from 1905-1917. The only time Mowrey, who was playing with Cincinnati,  played with Baltimore was in 1906 when he was “on loan” from Cincinnati manager Ned Hanlon, who became owner of the Baltimore team. Ex-mt and the only card with a perfectly clean back. ………..  $400.00

BBPH74. Seven wirephotos from the Oscar Roettger estate. Photos include Willie Mays accepting a Rawlings (for who Roettger worked after his MLB career) Gold Glove award in 1958, one with Tony Kubek at the 1957 Series, Four at the 1958 Series with Lew Burdette,  two with Warren Spahn and a 7th with  an unidentified Brave at the 1958. All excellent.  …………….   $60.00

BBPH75. Five photos from the Oscar Roettger estate featuring Casey Stengel. Photos include one with Mickey Mantle, another from the 1972 Old timers day of Dodger Stadium with a lineup of players in the background, and one with Bill Dickey. Stengel is wearing an especially made uniform  with the emblems of all teams he was involved with sewed on. ………………   $35.00

Other Photographs and prints

 BBPH9. 1906 North American framed Supplement  of the Champion Chicago White Sox. The 10” x 14” supplement is beautifully framed to 14” x18”. Excellent. ………..$100.00

BBPH12. 1922 International Wirephoto of Grover Alexander, Bill Killifer and Elwood Martin. Taken at Catalina Island where the Cubs trained in March. There are a couple of minor flaws including a 5” light crease in the upper righ corner and a missing corner in the lower right and a smaller light crease in the lower right.

BBPH13. 4 Wirephotos of umpires from 1922//1949 including Bill Klem. Include 1922 United Press 8x10 of Klem, 1946 5x7 Billy Evans, Intl News 6x8 of 4 WS umps Quigley, Ormsby, Nallin and Moran and 4x 6 ½” of Bill Grieve. All are excellent condition. …………….  $100.00

BBPH14. October 16, 1923 La Presse (Canadian) Wirephoto of the New York Yankees. Right side has been burned off but entire team is showing. Includes Babe Ruth, Miller Huggins and 25 other Yankees. The Yankees had just defeated the Giants in a 6 game series.  …………..   $50.00

BBPH15. Circa 1923 5” x 7” real photo of  Red Sox coaches RP Jack Ryan, Jimmie Burke and Manager Frank Chance. Light diagonal crease in lower right, otherwise excellent + ……..  $60.00

BBPH15a. Van Oeyen photograph of Wilbert Robinson. The 6 5/8” x 4 ¾” photo by the famous photographer shows Robinson when he was McGraw’s pitching coach (1906-1913). The back of the photo, has “Robinson, Giants” written in pen.  ……..$150.

BBPH15b. Group of 8 remarkable photographs from the opening months of Ebbets Field in 1913 including Casey Stengel and Zach Wheat. The photos measure about 4 1/2"  x 3". According to the writing on the back, they were taken on April 7 (Daubert), May13 (Cutshaw, Hummel), May 15 (Smith, Stengel), May 16 (Miller). The photos of Wheat and Rucker are undated. It’s interesting to note the pictures have almost all different parts of the ballpark in the background. Ex-mt. ........ $1,500.

BBPH17. 6 ½ x 8 ½ ” July 28, 1926 Underwood & Underwood photo of Johnny “Slug” Reider”, an outfielder for Springfield of the Western Association. The photo is excellent but has a horizontal crease. The interest is in the caption which indicates Reider on May 4, hit 3 HR’s in 3 AB; On May 5th, he got 2 more HR’s and 2 triples in 5 AB and on the next day on May 6th, he got 3 more HR’s and in 4 times at bat. Over 3 consecutive games he had 8 HR’s and 2 triples in 12 at bats.  Prior to that he had set a estern Association record of getting 6 doubles and 3 triples in 9 consecutive at bats.  He never played a game in the majors. …… $25.00 

BBPH25 .Fascinating 8 x 10 photo taken of 11 individuals including 9 ballplayers. Interesting 8” x 10” Photograph of a group involved with the “All Americans” in the late 1930’s (?). Included is Jimmy Foxx in an All-Americans uniform. Other major leaguers are Henry Oana, Oscar Roettger, Bill Werner, Max Bishop, Roger Cramer, Jim DeShong, Dick Porter and Frank Hayes. The photo is credited to HICK PHOTOGRAPHERS from Cambridge Maryland. Otherwise, with note to the writing, the photograph is excellent.  ……….  $150.00

BBPH26. Four wire photos of Baseball Executives. Includes am 8 ½” x 6 ½” World Wide photo of a laughing Branch Rickey, a 1955 6” x 8 ½” photo of Walter O’Malley, Fresco Thompson, etc. taken in a Havana hotel in 1955, an 8” x 6 1/2 World Wide photo of Charles Finley and the new manager Luke Appling  and  a 1957 9 ¼” x 6” AP photo of O’Malley, Fresco Thompson & NL Pres. Warren Giles in Spring Training. All in excellent condition.  ………….  $100.00

BBPH27. 11” x 7” team International News photo of 1938 Chicago Cubs. Shows the entire team including Roger Hornsby, Dizzy Dean, Gabby Hartnett, Tony Lazzeri, and Billy Herman. Includes the attachment. Very good to excellent. ……   $100.00

BBPH30. Four 1950’s Brooklyn Dodgers photos taken by well known New York photographer Barney Stein. Portraits of Peewee Reese, Carl Erskine, Johnny Podres and a magnificent photo of Carl Furillo climbing the famous right field wall in Ebbets Field, all are 7 1/4 x 9 1/4.   ………   $175.00

BBPH31. Five Don Wingfield baseball photographs. Don Wingfield was a nationally know photographer from the Washington DC area. The Wingfield photos in this lot are Lou Boudreau, Ray Schalk, Gus Bell, Art Houtteman and Maury Wills, all 8 x10. All the photos have the photographers stamp on the back and all Excellent or better;  ……  $100.00

BBPH33. 8 x 10 photo of Babe Ruth looking at a plaque of himself (not HOF) with an unidentified person. There is not credit to the photo which is in ex-mt condition or other information. (ex-mt) ………..  $25.00

BBPH35. ca 1970 8” x 10” studio photograph of Park Jarry, the Montreal Expo stadium from 1969-76. An aerial view from beyond center field. Near mint condition. ………………   $25.00

BBPH44.Collections of 12 wirephotos of baseball executives. Includes 1. 1932 Boston NL owner Judge Fuchs 2. 1953 Warren Giles, 3. 1924 John Heydler NL Pres., 4. 1921 Barney Dryefuss, Purate owner,  5. 1924 Judge Landis, 6. 1921 Judge Landis w. Detroit players, 7. 1945 Comissioner Chandler + others, 8. 1924 shot of Comiskey at Joe Jackson & Hap Felsch Blacksox trial, 9. 1935 Portrait Ford Frick, 10. 1951 Composite of 5 Commissioner candidates - Earl Warren, Gen. McArthur, Trautman, Farley and Frick, 11. 1932 flag raising w. Clark Griffith and FDR and 12. 1955 “Union” meeting with 16 mostly players, all identified.  Photos range from 6” x 6 7 ½” to 7” x 9”. ……….. .. $250.00

BBPH45. June 30, 1894 issue of the “New York Five Cent Library” with shortstop Yale Murphy on the cover.  The weekly magazine was published by Street and Smith. Murphy was the shortstop of the Giants for three years, starting in 1894 and was referred to on this issue as “the great short-stop”. He would die in 1906 at the age of 36. The “New York Five Library was A weekly series of adventure stories featuring the heroics of Dead Shot Dave, Jack and Jerry, Telegraph Tom, and Pawnee Bill.The periodical is in excellent condition and is shrink wrapped. ………….  $100.00

Autographs - Baseball and other sports

Autographs - Baseball and other sports


Photo of any item is available on request

(see Golf autographs further down this list)


A7. 10 ¼ 14 cover of the Detroit News Pictorial showing Coach Fritz Crisler. The U of Michigan coach is shown in suit and tie holding a football. At the lower right is an attached cut “Fritz Crisler” in blue pencil. From the John Smith collection. ……….  $100.00

A13. Colleen H Vandeweghe signed 3x5. Former Miss America  in 1952, married Knick star Ernie Vandeweghe and was the sister of Detroit Piston star, Mel Hutchins. Inscribed “Best Wishes Colleen H Vandeweghe Miss America 1952”. Died in 2010.   …….. $25.00

A18. Homer Hillebrand (1879-1974) autographed envelope.  Hillebrand was a major league first baseman-pitcher who played for the Pittsburgh Pirates during the 1905-06 and 08 seasons. He was born in 1879 and passed away in 1974. This envelope includes a bold blue - Homer H. Hillebrand - ink pen signature. The signature was purchased by me in a Mike Guiterrez auction of the Jerry DiPoto collection (current GM of the Angels).  ........................  $25.00

A19. 2 Photos from Joe L Brown's collection.  I met Joe L Brown, former GM of the Pirates and son of famous actor/comedian  Joe E Brown, once. I believe it was in the late '80's and Im sure the appointment was made in connection to the Southern California show. Brown lived near the ocean north of San Diego. I remember the view from his home was spectacular. We met because Brown was an avid collector of baseball Press pins and I was well into collecting them. I don't recall doing any trading or business with Joe but I do remember we hit it off well. On my way out Joe gave me two photos of his father with athletes which are offered here. Photos show his famous father (the comedian Joe E. Brown) in a St. Louis Cardinal uniform, as are the others. One shows Brown with a St. Louis Cardinal pitcher Don Hurst (had a 7 year career with the Phillies) and the other shows Brown with Mike Frankovich and Bill Brubaker (had a 5 year career with Pittsburgh).  Brubaker pitcher in the Majors for 9 years. Frankovich was a UCLA catcher and Quarterback who went on to a noted career as a Hollywood Producer. Both photos are signed on the back by the parties on the front. In the case of Brown he signed “JEB” ………… $200.00


Miscellaneous Baseball

Photos of any item are available on request

MBB9. 4 First Day Covers commemorating the 20th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s induction to the Hall of Fame. All different cachets. Ex-mt. ……… $25.00

MBB15. 1989 San Francisco Giant World Series ticket sleeve of 3 tickets (vs. Oakland) including the earthquake game.

   a. Upper Reserve, Section 1, unused near mint ……………   $175.00

   b. Lower Reserve, Section 36, unused, near mint         ………… $125.00

MBB16. Collection of eight baseball All-Star game caps and two others. All given to me at the All-Star games they represent except for the Dbacks hat which I bought. Includes1985 Game at Minnesota; 1992 at Minnesota; 1993 at Baltimore; 2 1994 at Pittsburgh (2 diff. color combinations); 1995 at Texas; 2 1996 at Philadelphia; Also a March 31, 1989 Opening Day Hat for the Arizona Diamondbacks and a 1993 Toronto Blue Jays ALCS hat. All the hats are in near mint to mint condition and have never been worn. ……. $75.00

MBB17. Bank One Ballpark Magazine and Arizona Republic Commemorative Section. This rare Special issue was produced primarily for Season ticket holders of the new Arizona Diamondbacks. Southwest Contractor has covered the architectural, engineering and construction community in Arizona. The 8” x 11” 66 page magazine has dozens of photos of the ballpark under construction including a two page section showing 12 photos of the changes from Dec, 1995 to Nov. 1997. The Commemorative Section also shows many of the same photos and many others in a 22 page special section. Excellent.  ……………  $100.00

MMB21. Two March 1954 Parade Magazine Cover featuring Mickey Mantle and Casey Stengel.  About 11” x 13” from 2 different newspapers - the Arkansas Gazette and the St. Louis Gazette, both in excellent condition.  ………..  $25.00

MMB22. Build it Yourself - Fenway Park. Two identical books published in 1993. With only scissors, glue and hours of fun, here is everything needed to construct an exact, to-scale, minutely detailed 24" x 30" full-color model of one of the beloved shrines of our National Pastime. Fenway Park Built-It-Yourself includes step-by-step instructions and clearly-numbered pieces. Both books are in mint condition.........  $40.00

MBB24. 2 baseball related Menus featuring Ray Sadecki and the 1940 World Series. The Series menu was called the Detroit Tigers Special and was a train menu on the New York Central “En route Cincinnati to Detroit October 1940”. The latter one features Ray’s Coffee Shop in 1960 (in St. Petersburg, FL), when Sadecki was Cardinal Rookie of the year. The back cover features a B&W photo of Ray in uniform with his stats. Both are excellent.  ………….  $75.00


Football and Other Sports

Photos of any item are available on request

151. 1935 National Chicle 23-Beattie Feathers (fair)     …. $25.00

152. Two cards of 1951 Topps Magic 69-Burwitz (fair)     ….. $10.00

153. 1954 Bowman #40-Otto Graham. Near mint card with gum stain on rear.  …. $50.00

155. 3 1954 Bowman 7-Rote, 27-Dowda and 52-Groza. Ex-mt to nr mt with gum....

154. 1956 Topps 17-EmlenTunnell (nr mt)     ….. $15.00

156. Bernie Flowers autographed sheet. 8” x 10” sheet from his insurance company showing photo of Flowers winning award. He signed “To John J. Smith Best wishes Bernie Flowers”. Normal folds.    ……   $15.00

157.  Hamilton Fish signature on a sheet of 8” x 4 ¾” stationery from the “Harvard Club”. Dated Jan 10th 1959. Note is to Bill Johnson “With Best Wishes”.  Fish was a1909 All America Tackle Hamilton Fish of Harvard. He was elected to the College Hall of Fame in 1954. He also served in the US House of Representatives, from 1920 to 1945. In 1920, he introduced legislation that eventually led to the creation of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  …..  $50.00

158. 1889 N29 Allen & Ginter 2nd Series Johnny Murphy, Pugilist (near mint) …….. $200.00

161. F273-27 Kellogs Pep Sports Stamp #16 Panel of 4. Includes Red Grange (football), Rick Ferrell (baseball), Leo Diegel (golf) and Barney Ross (boxing). Excellent.    $200.00

162. W590 Jack Dempsey "(boxing) " excellent  …… $100.00

164. W590 2 tennis players  in an uncut pair" Lenglen & Mollory  (ex-mt) …..  $60.00

165. Champions of American Sport. Rare 8” x 11” Booklet issued by the National Portrait Gallery in Washington and sponsored by Phillip Morris. Featured are 2 pages, each with 9 perforated cards of Sports Champions including Sandy Koufax, Jack Nicklaus, Johnny Unitas, Joe Louis, Arthur Ashe, Willie Mays, Bill Russell, Muhammed Ali, Joe Namath, Knute Rockne, ete.  …. $500.

170. "Who's Who in American Sports" edited by Brusk. National Biographical Society, 1928. Rare Book! 964 pages. Encyclopedia-sized book with thousands of biographies of American sports stars; also many full page print plates. Book has been personalized on inside to “Bill Shelton”. Cover is separated but is included. The inside is in excellent condition. ………….  $60.00


FB1. 6 vintage Football Magazines. Includes 4 Who’s in Major League Football  (1935 ( 2 copies), 1936  and 1940 Editions), 1943 Football in War  & Peace by Clark Shaugnessy (Esquire Magazine) and 1935 Football by “Potsy” Clark. Al are excellent an better except one 1935 Who’s Who (vg).  …………. $100.00

Golf Books, paper and Display Item

Photos of any item are available on request

201. The Golfers Alphabet by W.G. Van T Sutphen. A first edition 1898 book. Illustrated with plates from drawings by A. B. Frost. The pages portray a thought for each letter of the alphabet. A Library copy with book plate with several minor faults (some minor scratches, light soiling, a couple of rubber stamps and penciled codes and a slight weakening of the binding. The 9" x 8 3/4 black cloth backed is an original first edition by Harper & Bros, 1898 and is still a very good copy. …. $350.00

202. George Beldam The Worlds Champion Golfers: Their Art disclosed by the Ultra Rapid Camera. A group of 10 volumes from an 11 volume set. Each 8 1/4" x 4 3/4" book includes a 24" folding plate with 36 sequential photos (as a flicker book) showing the golfers swing in motion and 16 pages of descriptive material of what’s inside. The volumes include The important Key book, 2 of Walter Hagan, Art Mitchell, 2 of Gene Sarazen, 2 different of Roger Wethered and 2 of Joyce Wethered. excellent  and better condition.    $500.00

203. Pebble Beach Golf Links The Official History by Neal Hotelling, 1999, dust jacket; Mint.   …. $20.00

204. Songs of the Links by Robert Risk, Duckworth & Co., 1919, 80 pages, some spine separation, very good; … $100.00

205. Golf at Gleneagles A 1921 history of the famous golf course, with detailed descriptions of each course and hole, plus a detailed fold-out color map.144pages plus a few dozen advertising pages in the rear. Many illustrations with tinted photographs. The spine has been work off.    …….. $400.00

206. Golf Course Common Sense by G.A. Farley, Farley Libraries, 1931, 256 pages, minor spine separation.  $100.00

207. GOLF The Badminton Library by Horace Hutchison, 5 1/4" x 7 1/2" Longmans, Green & Co., 1895, 380 pps, excellent condition;

208. Hints on Golf by Horace Hutchinson,, blue green cover on 4 1/2" x 6 3/4" cover. William Blackwood & Sons, 1896, 83 pps, excellent condition; ......

209. The Book of Golf and Golfers by Horace Hutchison,, red cover with gold logo, 6" x 9 1/4" cover. Longmans Green & Co., 1899, 316 pps, excellent;

210. The New Book of Golf by Horace Hutchison,, Gray 1/2" x 8"cover with picture, . Longmans Green & Co., 1912, 361 pps, very good with frontispiece loose;  

211. Down The Fairway by Robert Jones & O.B. Keeler, 1931 Fifth edition. Excellent condition.   …. $25.00

212. "The Life of Tom Morris" by W.W. Tulloch. Mint condition in specially made slipcase. The famous Tulloch book is a facsimile of the famous 1908 book which was reproduced by the USGA in 1992. ……$125.00

213. The Story of Augusta National Golf Club by Clifford Roberts. The book by Roberts relates the entire history of Augusta National and the Masters and there is no shortage of Bobby Jones. Special edition in specially made slipcase. Facsimile signature by Roberts.      ....$150.00

214. Prestwick St. Nicholas Golf Club 1851-1951 by William Galbraith, 1950; Ex +.    …. $400.00

217. A Short History of Pine Valley by John Arthur Brown in original slipcase, 1963, 1st edition; Inscribed. 

218. Baltusrol 90 Years by Mahon, 1985 and Baltusrol 100 Years by Robert Trebus & Richard Wolffe Jr., 1995, 2 books, both dust jackets.     …… both $100.00

219. The Riviera Country Club, A Definitive History by Geoff Shackelford, 1995, dj. Includes 9 5 x 7 photos taken at Riviera by Alex Morrison during a tournament;      $75.00

220. The Maidstone Links by David Goddard, 1997, dust jacket; Mint.   ….. $125.00

222. East Lake Country Club History by Charles Elliott, 1984, dust jacket;    …. $50.00

225. Alistairs McKenzie’s Cypress Point Club by Geoff Shackelford, 1990;   ….. $30.00

226. The Spirit of Pinehurst by Lee Pace, 2004, dj; Mint.   …. $15.00

227. The Golfers Year Book 1931. 806 page volume  The volume follows Bobby Jones’ grand slam of 1930 and contains a special article written by the famous golf writer E.B. Keeler and Jones’ biographer to the “Grand Slam”. Overall very good condition.     $175.00

229. Shadow Creek by Steve Wynn and Tom Fazio.  Coffee Table book (12” x 9 ½”) co-written by Last Vegas entrepreneur Steve Wunn and Tom Fazio. Book is devoted to the fabulous course built in Las Vegas. By Wynn and Fazio and each hole is covered with fabulous photos by the Henebrys and separate accounts of each hole by Wynn and Fazio.Near mint. ……….  $20.00

231. 3 books with a St. Andrews theme. “View of St. Andrews”, undated, but best guess is 1920-30’s, Horizontal format with 24 views on heavy stock pages. Includes 3 golf photos, from the Links, The Grand Hotel and the Clubhouse. Vg-ex; St. Andrews Official Guide 1935, an 84 page guide with a street map tipped in at the front and a map of the golf course tipped in at the back, excellent; An 1984 reproduction of the very rare 1898 “The Book of St. Andrews Links”. A numbered edition (193 of 200), in mint condition and in a slipcase.  …………  $60.00

232. Advanced Golf - James Braid. One of the historic golf books. This sixth 322 page edition (1911) of the book first produced in 1908. Includes many plates with Braid. Excellent. ………… $25.00

233. Gleamings From the Wayside, subtitled “My Recollections as a Golf Architect” by A.W. Tillinghast. 9” x 11” hardback. 160 pages devoted to Tillinghast’s famous courses.  Near mint condition with original dust jacket. ……….$25.00

234. Two books by Bernard Darwin.  James Braid -1952 volume detailing the life of on of Scotland’s most famous golfers. 200 pps. Has original dust jacket in plastic protector. Also Golf Between Two Years. 1944 book relating golf in Eng;land between the two World Wrs. 227 pgs. With about a dozen photos. Excellent ………..both  $30.00

235. A History of Golf In Great Britain. Very rare 1952 Large format 8” x 11” hardcover written by 8 golf luminaries including Bernard Darwin, Henry Cotton, Henry Longhurst, Edin Wilson, etc. The book is beautifully done with many illustrations and runs over 300 pages. Excellent.……… $300.00


GBPD1.Early Photo of Old Tom Morris with family and friends. Ca 1900 Photo measuring of what looks like almost 100 people (plus a dog) gathered around a sitting Tom Morris. Extraordinary photo , beautifully framed.  .........  $1,250.00

GBPD4.  1939 PGA Advertising Sheet and two signed contracts for the tournament. The advertising piece is a 14” x 22” orange sheet promoting the coming PGA Championship at Pomonok Country Club in Flushing, N.Y., which was obviously selected for the proximity of the nearby 1939 World’s Fair. The neatly arranged sheet which has been folded twice, shows a picture of the club, gives the dates, mentioned the defending champion Paul Runyan, the dates, fees and directions to the course. Accompanying the ad are two contracts between the PGA and the Pomonok Club signed by officers of each entity. The contracts give the details as to payments, fees, etc. and are 5 and 6 pages. Also included is a fact sheet for the tournament.   …. $500.00

GBPD5. Colorful advertising sign with Sam Snead for Granger Pipe Tobacco. Measures 20” x 14” Excellent + condition.  …………….  $500.00

GBPD6. Ralph Guldahl on Wilson Sporting Goods ad. Black, White and Red. 10” x 14” ad shows 14 black an white photos in a group of sequenced photos to demonstrate Wilson’s Kleersite Iron. Excellent. ………..$100.00

GBPD8. M-unc National Police Gazette Francis Ouimet November 22, 1913 Supplement #1893 unframed. As above except unframed. Minor wrinkles and very light soiling. Supplement measures 16” x 11”. Very good to excellent.  ……… $60.00

GBPD10. Group of 5 circa 1922 14“ x 17“ ads for the United States Rubber Company with Golf photos. Each is in excellent condition and is in a clear bag with a backing. The ads Include photos of Willie Ogg, Miss Cecil Leitch, Miss Marion Hollins, Mrs. F.C. Letts, Jr, Jospeh Ford, Ira Couch, Charles W Hall and the Palm Beach Golf Course. Excellent condition.   …. $75.00

GBPD17. 1st Edition of The Complete Golfer by Herbert Warren Wind with dust jacket.   The book is complete and includes (as the dust jacket indicates) short stories and essay of the games greats including Bobby Jones, Sarazen, Nelson, Ouimet, Hoigan, Grantland Rice, and many others. The dust jacket shows wear at the top, the book is near mint. ….. ….. $25.00

GBPD19. Official Course Map and Guides for the 4 U.S. Opens from 1983-6. All in nr mint condition. ………….   $15.00


Misc Golf Tickets and Badges

Photos of any item are available on request

239. Incredible Collection of Bing Crosby National Pro-Am Programs from the first at Monterey in 1947 (the Sixth) to the 1968, 1969 & 1970  and the collection continues from 1971 to 1998. There are several extra programs and and extra 1980 is signed on the cover by Arnold Palmer. An extraordinary nearly impossible collection to duplicate, almost all in excellent condition  including the early programs.  The early Crosby programs (the first ten years) sell from $500-$1,000 apiece.  $5,000.00

242. 1940 Bing Crosby Pro-Am Badge. From the 3rd tournament from Rancho Sante Fe.  Very rare.  And in excellent condition.  ……………  $400.00

243. 29 Pairing sheets from 22 Crosby Pro-Ams. Including one very rare from Rancho Sante Fe. (1942,  1948-9, 1951-54, 1958-60, 1963-66, 1972-3, 1977-9 & 1982).  Overall excellent.……$500.00

244.  Two Scorecards from Rancho Sante Fe. One is from the 1942 Crosby Pro-Am the other is not from the Crosby but is that same time period.  ………….  $150.00

245. Extraordinary collection of of 32 tickets (1942-1988) from the Crosby. Includes two January 30-1, 1942 tickets (one with original string). Also rare Mexican hat ticket from 1947 and 1949, 1951-59  and 19 others from 1964//1988. Most have original string and condition is good to mint.   Rare collection. ………….   $750.00

247. Rare 1950 Button and 6” Committee ribbon from Crosby National Pro Am at Pebble Beach. Excellent condition  …………….  $100.00



252. 1996 Set of Presidents Cup Tkts. Matched set of 7 (Mon-Sun) tickets, Mint   ….. $100.00

Ryder Cup - Menus, tickets, programs

Photos of any item are available on request

253. 1947 Ryder Cup Menu from the Portland Golf Club in Oregon. 8 page yellow cord bound 8 1/2” x 11” menu in near mint condition.     ….. $1,000.00

254. 1933 Ryder Cup Program autographed by 11. In the 4th Ryder Cup ever played, Britain's Syd Easterbrook outputted USA's Denny Shute to even the series at 2 wins apiece. Little did anyone realize then that it would be the last British victory for a quarter-century! Presented is the ultimate collectible from that seminal Ryder Cup: A 64-page official program showcasing the very tough signatures of Captain Walter Hagen, Horton Smith and Craig Wood (all "9-10"), as well as those of US teammates Gene Sarazen, Ed Dudley, Olin Dutra, Leo Diegel, Paul Runyan (pencil) and Shute plus Brits A.H. Padgham and W.H. Davies (all of which average "9"). Full LOA from JSA.   ..........$3,000.00

256. 4 Ryder Cup Programs all with some minor damage.  Includes 1957 at Lindrick with 4 punch holes at spine,  1961 at Royal Lytham with some damage on right side of cover, 1971 at Old Warson CC with mailing label attached and 3 hole punched and 1973 at Muirfield, 3 hole punched. Also Draw sheets from 1969 and 1971.     $175.00

257. 9 Ryders Cup Spectator Guides and One Presidents Cup. 1985 at the Belfry, 1987 at Muirfield Village, 1995 at Oak Hill, 1997 at Valderrama (x2 diff.), 1999 at Brookline, 2002 at The Belfry (3 diff.); The President’s Cup Guide is from 1996. ………..  $75.00

259. 1949 "Ryder Cup Star Studies". Autographed by 15 Ryder Cuppers. A very unusual 16 page Marketing Booklet produced by Hoffmans of Halifax, Yorkshire after the 1949 Ryder Cup. Hoffman’s apparently specialized in prestigious historic car sales and some are illustrated in the booklet along with a list of the available cars. Golfers autographed the book near their pictures and include Jimmy Demaret, Dutch Harrison, Chick Harbert, Dick Burton, Ed Dudley and Max Faulkner on the cover. The centerfold shows 8 Ryder Cuppers, 4 each from the U.S. and G.B. teams. All signed by their photo and include Clayton Heafner, Fred Daly, Bob Hamilton, James Adams, Charles Ward, Johnny Palmer, “Skip” Alexander and Max Faulkner. Chick Harbert (again) and Bob Hamilton signed by their photos later in the book. The pamphlet has a fold in the center, otherwise excellent. A rare book enhanced by 16 autographs.    ........  $600.00

260. 1961 Ryder Cup Flyer. Thin 7” x 10” flyer used to publicize the Ryder Cup at Royal Lytham and St. Annes Golf Club. Has a horizontal crease and a piece of white tape on the rear. Excellent appearance.   …… $400.00

261. 1971 Ryder Cup Program. Program for the matches at Old Warson Country Club in St. Louis. The U.S. won 18 1/2 to 13 1/2.  There is a small piece out of the cover at the very top, otherwise the program is in very good condition.........  $150.00

261A. 1949 Ryder Cup Team photos. Removed from a copy of the book described above in Lot 255. Photos are as they were attached to the page in the book with ID's written neatly below. ....  $125.00    

261B. 1955 Ryder Cup 5" x 7" original photo showing British Team and 4 page Press Release.  The Players on the British team from a copy included Christy O'Connor, Syd Scott, John Jacobs, Dai Rees, Arthur Lees, Eri Brown, Harry Bradshaw and Harry Weetman. ....        ......$275.00

261C.  1961 Ryder Cup 8” x 10” press photo of British Ryder Cup team with credit to Bill Mark rubber stamped on rear. Excellent-mint. . ..........$225.00

261D. 1965 Ryder Cup photo autographed by Jim Hitchcock. In addition to Hitchcock, players shown are Platts, Thomas, Hunt, Alliss, Butler, Will, Coles, O’Connor, Martin and apt. Weetman. Press photo by H.W. Neale, “Ryder Cup Team 1965 written in pen on rear, otherwise ex-mt.  ….$150.00

261E. 1977 Ryder Cup Wirephoto (7” x 10”) of U.S. team with Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Hale Irwin, Ray Floyd  and 9 others and identified on back.  Provincial Press Agency stamp on rear as well as player ID’s. Ex-mt. …………$150.00

261F. 1983-85 Two Ryder Cup  team postcards.  ETW Dennis & Sons . Classic postcards showing the British and American teams. Unused in near mint condition. ………  $50.00 

RC1. Complete set of 2002 Ryder Cup tickets in original Packaging. 6 tickets (Tuesday through Sunday) for the infamous Ryder Cup that replaced the cancelled 2001 Ryder Cup. Mint.  ….. $50.00

Walker Cup Programs, tickets and badges

Photos of any item are available on request

262. 25 Walker Cup Programs from 1949//2003. Includes all from 1949 to 1995 and 1999 and 2003. The 1959 and 1961 matches included Jack Nicklaus and the 1995 matches included Tiger Woods. All are excellent or better except for the 1955 which has some creases on the cover and the 1963 which has a damaged cover which is loose. The 1955, 1959 and 1967 have pairing sheets.       …….. $4,000.00

264a. 1959 Walker Cup Friday Ticket. For the matches at Muirfield. The U.S. team which included Jack Nicklaus, defeated the British-Irish team 9-3. The ticket has some creasing and shows some wear. …………….$100.00

264d. 1975 Season’s Badge for the Walker Cup at St. Andrews. In mint condition,the Americans won easily, 15 ½ - 8 ½. The American team was highlighted by Jay Haas, Curtis Strange, Crig Stadler and Jerry Pate.  ………….  $125.00

Masters - various

Photos of any item are available on request

267. 1935 Masters Commemorative Opening Day Cover. Issued and postmarked April 4, 1935 the first day of the second Masters.

269. Members Badge for the Augusta National Golf Club. Yellow and Black with original pin on back. $300.00

271. 1952//1965. 7 4 page Masters Bookets with information on the Masters. 1952, 1955, 1960, 1962-5 …. $500.00

272. 1954 Masters Invitation. An invitation to the 1954 Masters with the original mailing envelope. Went to a Lt. Col. In England. Invitation was once glued in scrapbook with glue remains on blank back.  ......      $250.00

273. 1955 Masters Dated Cover with Eisenhower. Cover commemorates the President’s visit to Augusta on April 17, 19556. Excellent  $40.00

284. Extremely rare group of 16 Masters Tournament employee Pins (1989-2003 and 2005). Not to be confused with the common souvenirs pins sold at every Masters for a few dollars, these pins were given exclusively to employees at the tournament to be worn for identification. They have become very sought after and very scarce collectibles and generally sell for over $200 each. This group includes 16 pins from the years 1989-2003 and 2005. ... $2,000.00

286. Two TV Guides for the 1985 and 1989 Masters. Each has a foldout map in the centerfold. Excellent.   ………… $25.00

287. 1997 Masters Committee 3 ring Binder issued to journalists covering Masters. Book is divided into 20 sections with numbered separators. Sections includes schedules, Rules Committee instructions, Communication procedures, a sample scorecard, rules, player instructions, emergencies including evacuation, etc.  Fascinating, never seen book.     $100.00

288. 1990’s Augusta National Member’s badge.  Green and black on a gold background. ….. $250.00

294. 1952 Masters third round ticket with original string. Excellent condition except for ¼” spot of paper loss on front. It was 2nd win for Sam Snead.   ….  $1,000.00

302. Six 1962-1966 Masters single round tickets. After the Masters went to celluloid season passes in 1962, they issued round paper tickets for individual rounds from 1962 on. These tickets are comparatively scarce. Included in this group is one ticket each from 1962-5 and two for 1966. All are in excellent condition with original string.  Included are 4 tickets from Nicklaus wins, two from Palmer wins and a Player.  …… $1,000.00

United States Open - tickets and badges

Photos of any item are available on request

305. 1930 U.S. Open ticket from Interlachen in Minnesota. Bobby Jones winning the third leg of the grand slam. An excellent conditon ticket with original string that has been stamped “COMPLIMENTARY TO THE PRESS”……   $2,500.00

316. 1955 U.S. Open June 19th final round ticket for memorable Open won by Jack Fleck. Blue ticket from Olympic has original string and a vertical crease.       …………$400.00

318. 1956 U.S. Open certificate for tickets at Oak Hill. This extremely rare and unusual item was apparently sold at Christmas time and would entitle the owner to a set of ticket for the U.S. Open when issued. …. $200.00

321A. 1957 U.S. Open Thursday, June 13th ticket for the Open at Inverness. Original string with some creasing for the Open won by Dick Mayer.    ……….$175.00

324A. 1962 U.S. Open Marshalls Badge for the Open won by Jack Nicklaus at Oakmont. Near Mt… $250.00

324B. 1962 U.S. Open Member Badge for the Open won by Jack Nicklaus at Oakmont. Near Mint.     $300.00

326a. 1963 U.S. Open ticket set. Six tickets for June 17th to June 22nd. All with original string and some have light creasing. The Open was won by Julius Boros.   ….. $500.00 

326b. 1964 U.S. Open ticket for the 3rd Practice Round in near perfect condition. The Open was won by Ken Venturi at Congressional.    ……… $75.00

326d. 1965 First Round ticket U.S. Open ticket with original string The Open was won by Gary Player at Bellerive.    ……… $125.00

327. 1988 U.S. Open Member Committee Badge for the Open won by Curtis Strange at The Country   Club.Mint.    …. $25.00

328. Ten commemorative badges issued by the USGA for the 1996-2004 and 2006 Opens. The 2004 pin was withdrawn and the twin Towers on the pin were removed and reissued. All mint in an attractive display case.     ……..$250.00

329. 1966 First Round ticket U.S. Open ticket at the Olympic Club with original string. The Open was won by Billy Caspar at The Olympic Club.    ……… $125.00

334. Set of 1975 U.S. Open tickets in Original envelope for Open won by Lou Graham at Medinah in a playoff with John Mahaffey. Group of 7 tickets. The tickets were sponsored by Texaco  and are shaped like a star and the die cut portion on all the tickets is intact.  ……  $350.00

336. Set of 1988 U.S. Open tickets in Original envelope for Open won by Curtis Strange in a playoff with Nick Faldo at the Country Club . Group of 7 tickets.  The Sunday ticket is missing, but includes a  the playoff ticket is signed by Nick Faldo. The tickets are all in mint condition however the numbers do not all match.      …….$400.00

337. Three U.S. Open Tickets from 1996 and 1997. Two tickets (Wednesday & Thursday from 1996 and a Thursday ticket from 1997. Near mint. ..........  $25.00

U.S. Open programs and other U.S. Open items

Photos of any item are available on request

343. 1932 U.S. Open Program at Fresh Meadow Country Club in NYC. Gene Sarazen won the Open by 3 strokes just a few miles from the site of the 1964 World’s Fair. The 48 page program, which is the rarest of the 1930’s, has some minor chipping on the cover with the contents being near mint      ..... $1,500.00

346. 1970 U.S. Open Program at  Hazeltime won by Tony Jacklin. excellent…… $15.00

348. 1972 U.S. Open Program at Pebble Beach  won by Jack Nicklaus. Excellent    $25.00

350. 1975 U.S. Open Program at  Medinah won by Lou Graham. Excellent …… $15.00

351. 1976 U.S. Open Program at Atlanta AC won by Jerry Pate. Excellent …… $15.00

352. 1976 U.S. Open Program at Southern Hills won by Hubert Geen, very good ............... $10.00

354. 1979 U.S. Open Programs at  Inverness won by Hale Irwin. Excellent …… $15.00

355. 1989 U.S. Open Programs at Oak Hill won by Curtis Strange , near mint …… $20.00

356. 1995 U.S. Open Program at Shinnecock won by Corey Pavin, near mint …… $20.00

356A. 1999-2001 U.S. Open Programs (3),    near mint           …… $20.00

357. 1995 Rolex U.S. Open Official Annual. annual. Hardcover, beautifully done. Ex+-mt.   $25.00

358. 28 US Open Spectator and TV Guides from 1962//2006  including 2 Nicklaus wins, 2 Woods, etc. 1962 at Oakmont, 1979 at Inverness, 1980 at Baltusrol (2 diff.), 1982 at Pebble, 1983 at Oakmont, 1984 at Winged Foot, 1985 at Oakland Hills, 1986 at Shinnecock, 1987 at Olympic, 1988 at Brookline, 1990 Medinah, 1991 at Hazeltine, 1992 at Pebble Beach, 1993 at Baltusrol, 1994 at Oakmont (2 diff.), 1995 at Shinnecock, 1996 at Oakland Hills, 1996 at Oakland Hills, 1997, Congessional, 1999 at Pinehurst, 2000 at Pebble Beach (2 diff.), 2002 at Bethpage, 2004 at Shinnecock, 2005 at Pinehurst and 2006 at Pinehurst. Excellent and better. ……….$195.00

British Open Programs, tickets and badges

Photos of any item are available on request

362. 1967 Press Badge at Hoylake won by Roberto di Vicenzo      ….. $50.00

362a. 1968 Open complimentary circular badge for the Open at Carnoustie,
won by Gary Player   ..............  $50.00

363. 1968 Friday July 12th Juvenile ticket at Carnoustie, won by Gary Player      ….. $40.00

363a. 1968 Set of Open Tickets for a Juvenile. Six tickets (Monday to Saturday), all with original string, some minor creasing. The Open was won by Gary Player.    ……  $175.00

371. 1977 Guest R & A Member  at Turnberry, won by Tom Watson      ….. $95.00

374. 1980 Guest at Muirfield, won by Tom Watson      ….. $45.00

375. 1980- Reserved Stand at Muirfield, won by Tom Watson      ….. $45.00

376. 1981 R & A Member at Royal St. Georges, won by Bill Rogers     ….. $30.00

380. 1985 - R & A Guest at Royal St. Georges, won by Sandy Lyle      ….. $30.00

381. 1987 Club Tent at Muirfield, won by Nick Faldo      ….. $20.00

384. 1992 R & A member’s Guest at Muirfield, won by Nick Faldo      ….. $25.00

385. 1993 R & A member’s Guest at Royal St. Georges, won by Greg Norman … $20.00

387. 1995 Monday Hospitality guest at St. Andrews, won by John Daly      ….. $25.00

388. 1996 Thursday Senior Citizen at Royal Lytham, won by Tom Lehman      ….. $20.00

388a. 1996 Set of matching Open tickets. Seven tickets (Sunday to Sunday) for the Open at Royal Lytham and St. Annes. All in mint condition for the Open won by Tom Lehman.        ……  $100.00

391. 2001 Club Tent at Royal Lytham, won by David Duval      ….. $25.00

391a. 2001 Set of Open tickets. Eight tickets (Sunday to Sunday) for the Open at Royal Lytham and St. Annes. All in mint condition for the Open won by David Duval. ……  $125.00

392. 2001 Competitor at Royal Lytham, won by David Duval      ….. $200.00

393. 2002 Competitor at Royal Lytham, won by       ….. $200.00

393a. 2003 Set of Open tickets for a Juvenile. Eight tickets (Sunday to Sunday) for the Open at Royal St. George’s. All in mint condition for the Open won by Ben Curtis. ……  100.00


P.G.A. Badges, tickets, progams etc.

Photos of any item are available on request

402. 1942 ticket for the PGA at  Seaview in Atlantic City won by Sam Snead. Rare May 30th war ticket in very good condition.    …… $400.00

403. 1944 PGA Championship Program by Bob Hamilton at the Manito Golf Club in Spokane. An unusual program in that the Championship was played in a war year and for its size (8" x 9") which has never been seen in any U.S. major championship. Hamilton won the match play event 1-up over Gene Sarazen. The program is in excellent condition but for a hard to see light crease on the front cover.....    $600.00

404. 1945 PGA Contestants Badge won by Byron Nelson at Morraine CC. Near mint.    …. $1,000.00

404A. 1945 ticket for the PGA at Morraine CC won by Byron Nelson. Semi-Final ticket with tab detached. ……..$300.00

405. 1951 PGA Contestants Badge won Sam Snead at Oakmont. Near Mint.   ….. $750.00

406. 1952 ticket for the PGA at Big Spring CC won by Jim Turnesa. Monday ticket with original string in near mint condition with tab intact. ……..$300.00

407.  1954 ticket for the PGA at Keller CC won by Chick Harbert. Wednesday ticket . ……..$200.00

408.  1958 ticket for the PGA at Llanerach won by Dow Finsterwald. Complimentary season ticket. ……..$125.,00

408A. 1965 ticket for the PGA at Laurel Valley CC won by Dave Marr. August 13th Friday ticket with original string. Light crease. ……..$75.00

408B. 1966 ticket for the PGA at Firestone won by Al Geiberger. July 21st Thursday ticket. ……..$75.00

409. 1969 PGA Saturday ticket for the matches at the NCR Country Cub at Dayton.  Won by Ray Floyd.  …. $35.00

409A. 1970 Saturday ticket for the PGA at Southern Hills won by Dave Stockton. With original string.     …..$60.00

410. 1991 Working Media Badge for the 73rd PGA at Crooked Stick. Won by John Daly. Ex-mt.     $40.00

411. 1992 Working Media Badge for the 74th PGA at Bellerive. Won by Nick Price. Ex-mt.

414. 1963 PGA Program at the Dallas Athletic Club. One of, if not  the rarest post WW II PGA programs. The 1963 PGA is noted for being Jack Nicklaus’ first (of 5) PGA titles. Nicklaus came from 3 strokes back of the leader Bruce Crampton on the final day and won by 2 strokes over Dave Ragan. It is also known for being the site of the most difficult post World War II program from any major. The 200 page program is in near mint condition except for a light vertical crease near the spine.    ..... $400.

415. 1959 PGA Contestants Badge. From the tournament at the Minnapolis Golf Club won by Bob Rosburg.  Excellent condition.   ……  $600.00

416. 1997 PGA Member Volunteer Badge for the tournament at Winged Foot.    …..  $25.00

417. 14 PGA Spectator and TV Guides from 1981//2004. Includes 1981 at Atlanta AC, 1985 at Cherry Hills, 1986 at Inverness, 1988 at Oak Tree, 1990 at Shoal Creek, 1991 at Crooked Stick (2 diff), 1993 at Inverness, 1994 at Southern Hills, 1996 at Valhalla, 1998 at Sahalee, 2001  at Atlanta AC, 2003 at Oak Hill, 2004 at Whistling Straits. Excellent & better.  …………$125.00

U.S. Amateur Tickets, Badges

Photos of any item are available on request

427. 1926 US Amateur ticket  from Baltusrol.   A third round ticket in which Bobby Jones defeated Chick Evans but would lose in the final round to George Von Elm.  The ticket has original string and has an excellent appearance. The rear has an ad for U.S. Royal with some album remnants .... $2,600.00

428. 1928 US Amateur ticket with original string for the Amateur won by Jerry Pate at Ridgewood Brae Burn CC. Excellent    ……….  $2,750.00

430. 1978 US Amateur ticket for the Amateur at Merion where Bobby Jones concluded the Grand Slam.   Ticket appears to be for the semi-final round (Sept. 25th).   ………..  $3,000.00

439. 1974 US Amateur ticket with original string for the Amateur won by Jerry Pate at Ridgewood CC    ……….  $40.00

441. 1978 US Amateur ticket for the Amateur at Plainfield CC won by John Cook    ……….   $40.0

446. 1989 US Amateur ticket pack for the Amateur at Merion won by Chris Patton. The pack has Tues-Sunday tickets and a program voucher.

451. 2005 US Amateur ticket with original string for the Amateur at Merion with a picture of Jones from 1930. Edoardo Molinari won the Open. …………..  $15.00

452. 2006 US Amateur  ticket with original string for the Amateur at Hazeltine won by Richie Ramsey. …………..  $15.00

455. 1998 US Amateur Complete ticket set in original Envelope from the championship at Oak Hill, mint. Won by Hank Kuehne. 8 tickets from Monday to Monday. …. $75.00

Badges from Jack Nicklaus won tournaments

Photos of any item are available on request

Buy all of the following for $300. The listed total is  $530

478. 1965 Philly Classic at Whitemarsh, Aug. 2-8, Guest badge, Mint.     …..   $40.00

480. 1967 Western Open at Beverly CC, July 31-Aug. 6, Offl’s badge, some minor stains.     $20.00

481. 1967 Western Open at Beverly CC, July 31-Aug. 6, Press Guest, ex-mt.     …..   $30.00

482. 1968 Western Open at Olympia Fields, July 29-Aug 4th, Patron, nr mt.     …..   $30.00

483. 1969 Kaiser Int’l at Silverado, Napa Valley. Offl’s Badge. Oct 27-Nov. 2, 1969. .     …..   $30.00

489. 1972 US Open at Pebble Beach, June 12-18, 1972, Sponsors Badge, nr mt .…..   $100.00

490. 1973 Liggett & Myers Open, Tournament Players Match Play Championship at CC of North Carolina, Media badge. .     …..   $35.00

491. 1974 Tournament Players (1st year) at Atlanta Country Club, Gold Sponsor. .     …..   $35.00

492. 1975 Doral Eastern Open, Official Guest, nr mint .     …..   $30.00

494. 1976 Jackie Gleason Inverarry Classic, Tournament Players Championship. Season Grounds & Clubhouse. .     …..   $35.00

495. 1976 World Series of Golf, Firestone, Sept. 2-5, PGA Official.     …..   $40.00

496. 1977 Jackie Gleason Inverrary classic, Season Guest, ex-mt .     …..   $35.00

497. 1978 Jackie Gleason Inverrrary classic, Season Guest, very good .     …..   $35.00

498. 1978 Tournament Players Championship, Clubhouse Guest, mint .     …..   $35.00


Golf Cards

Photos of any item are available on request

505. Two 1913 T7 Hamilton King Girls. Turkish Trophies. Type 6 Sports Girls #’s 3  and 12 including “Golf Girl” (creased corner, reinforced with tape) .  Minor creasing in girls. ………..  $40.00

508. 1900 Huntley & Palmer golf trade card.  Huntley & Palmer, an English  biscuit maker were famous for their beautiful trade cards with gold leaf borders issuing a set with various sports.   $150.00

509. 1900 Clarke & Co. Golf Terms “A Bulger”. Rare turn of the century card from a set of 12. Very similar to Faulkner’s but much rarer. Card is very good.        $75.00 

511. 1901 Faulkner Grenadier "pressed from behind" SGC 1.5       ………. $75.00

513. 1901 Faulkner Grenadier A Tee Caddy SGC 4        ………. $175.00

514. 1901 Faulkner Grenadier Agriculture SGC 1.5      ………. $75.00

515. 1901 Faulkner Grenadier Giving it Socks PSA 3      ………. $125.00

517. 1901 Ogden’s Guinea Gold A.J. Balfour, SGC 6. High grade card of the political figure who was very involved in the English golf scene.  …. $75.00

525. 1902 Ogdens F Series 244 T.T. Gray SGC A, has some removable paper remains on rear causing low grade …. $75.00

526. 19092 Ogdens General Interest Series A.J. Balfour SGC 50 VG/EX 4  graded card of the political figure who was very involved in the English golf scene.  …. $50.00

529. 1910 T114 Up to Date Comics Fore N Aft. “I am some golfer” Very rare early tobacco card. Good.  ….. $100.00

531. 1913 Stollwerck Sport IV Golf ll 2 (vg-ex)    ….. $300.00 

534. ca 1920 Dah Tung Chinese Girl (ex-mt)........     $100.00

538. 1923 Morris & Sons Golf Strokes set of 25 cards. Arthur Havers instructional cards showing golf stances and swing positions. Excellent and better.    ….$225.00

540.  1923 Nicholas Sarony Origin of Games 4-Golf 18th Century (small) ex-mt    ….. $30.00

541.  1923 Gallahers Champions set of 75. Includes 4 golfers. Excellent +.     …..  $100.00

542.  1934 Churchman Can you beat Bogey….set of 56+.  Includes two of the four rare Jokers and rare instruction sheet. Cards are almost all ex+-mt.     ….. $1,250.

543. 1924 Wills Golfing set of 25.  Ex-mt set      …. $400.00

544. 1924 Mitchell Humorous Drawings, #13 (ex-mt) and #34 (vg)    …. $40.00

545. 1925 Alexander Boguslavsky Ltd. Sports Records " 2 cards #11 and #15, ex-mt  …..  $20.00

546. 1925 Churchman “Frisky”, card #51-Sammy Weasel, ex    ….. $25.00

548. 1925 F & J Smith Holiday Resorts - #18 St. Andrews  # 18 (ex+)….. 75.00

549. 1925-27 Carreras 1925 Happy Family Mrs. Lucky (small) and 1927 2 small Nose game cards (2 & 10), excellent   …. $25.00

552. 1927 Clay & Bock (Cuba) Album Universal Card 210, Golf    …. $75.00

553. 1928 Lambert & Butler World of Sport. All 4 golf cards ex-mt   …. $100.00

554. 1928 Major Drapkin The Game of Sporting Snap - #27 - Golf Bunkered (vg-ex)    …. $25.00

556. 1929 United Tobacco Humour in Sport, 4 golf cards ex-mt  ….. $100.00

557A 1928 Churchman Men of the Moment in Sport set of 50 including 10 golfers with Bobby Jones high grade. Set of 50 includes #27-Bobby Jones (SGC 80 EX/NM 6). Other golfers include Walter Hagen, Gene Sarazen and Abe Mitchell. Other Athletes include Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney. All the other cards average ex-mt.   ……….  $600.00

558. 1930 Major Drapkin, 3 Sporting Celebrities, Bobby Jones (ex-mt), Walter Hagen (nr mt) and Archie Compston (nr mt)  …. $500.00

559. 1930 Major Drapkin Sporting Celebrities Bobby Jones (ex+-mt)  ….. $300.00

560. 1931 Churchman set of 50 Sporting Celebrities with 7 golf including Hagen (nr mt), excellent-mint….. $200.00

561. 1931 J.A. Pattreiouex subset of 4 golf trophies, one card vg-ex, 3 ex-mt ….. $150.00

562. 1932 Bulgaria Sports Photos subset of 4 golf including Hagan, ex-mt …..  $400.00

563.1932 Sanella Margarine card (Type A) of Peter Alliss, ex-mt    …. $50.00

564.1933 BVD Who’s Who in Australian Sports, 2 M.J. Ryan w. diff backs and L Nettlefold, good  ….. $30.00

565. 1934 Churchman Can you Beat Bogey at St. Andrews near set of 54, missing #55 the Joker (excellent to near mint) …. $300.

566. 1935 Ardath Tobacco Sport Champions set of 50 inluding 3 golf. Almost all ex-mt or better.  …. $150.00        

567. 1935 Ardath Tobacco complete set of 50 Cricket, Tennis & Golf with 8 golfers, nr mint …. $100.00

568. 1935 Godfrey Phillips "In The Public Eye" set of 54 cards.  Includes 5 golfers including Cotton, Perry, Little, Morgan & Wethered. Ex-mt. ..........    $50.00

569. 1935 Ogdens The Story of Sand - #48 (ex-mt)    …. $20.00

570. 1935 J.A. Pattreiouex Sporting Events & Stars set of 96 with 4 golf including Bobby Jones. The Jones is nr mt  …. $350.00 

571. 1935-7 J Wix & sons Four  Henry cards, from Series of 25 including 1 golf, excellent …. $125.00

572. 1937 J Wix Lucky Strike Bridge Favors - Eddie Buzzell (ex-mt). From a set of 4.  …… $100.00

573. 1937 Wills British Sports Personalities set of 48 with 3 golfers, excellent-mint and better with a few lesser  …..  $50.00

574. 1938-9 Ardath Tobacco Photo Cards, 5 golf cards. Cotton, Barton, Padgham, King, Pastimes of our King, all near mint  ….   $60.00

575. 1939 Mars Confections Famous Film Stars W.C. Fields plying GOLF (ex)   …. $25.00

576. 1939 R & J Hill - 2 golf Cotton and Whitcombe (ex+-mt)   $30.00

578. 1947 Kelloggs Pep sub set of 3 golf, Ferrier, Mangrum and Snead, all ex-mt ….  $400.00

579. 1959 TPK Hannah Top Flight set of 25 w. 3 golf including Hogan, Thompson and Cotton. Near mint. …. $250.00

580. 1953 Topps Scoops Ben Hogan, near mint but no bottom border …. $50.00

581. 1959 Fleer #67-Ted Williams nd Sammy Snead, nr mt …. $25.00

582. 1967 A.C. W. Francis Sports of The Countries - South Africa (nr mt)   …. $20.00

583. 1968 American Oil Co Winner Circle, 2 cards, Gay Brewer & Julius Boros, both cards excellent+…. $50

584. 1977-79 Sportscaster cards. Set of 94 includes some unlisted variations. Includes all the better ones, e.g. Jones’ Grand Slam, Sarazen Hole-in-one, Ben Crenshaw, Isao Aoki, Walter Hagen, etc. Ex-mt or near mint.    ….. $400.

585. 1992 Richie & Co. Ryder Cup Fairway Favorites set of 25, near mint ….. $95.00

586. Sports Illustrated For Kids. 34 cards, all but 5 issued in the first 4 years of the publication. Includes 2 different Tiger Woods cards including  the first Tiger, Nicklaus, Daly, Faldo, Zaharias, Sorenstam ( diff), Bobby Jones, etc. All ex-mt or nr mt.   ….. $150.00

587. 1998 Champions of Golf - The Masters Colletion. Near mint-mint set of 65 cards, one for each Masters from 1934 to 1998    …. $50.00

589. 1949 Carreras Sport Series set of 50 including 8 golfers. Excellent +     ….. $100.00


GC1. Collection of 19 vintage golf cards.  All can be seen on 4 scans showing all fronts and backs.  Cards are mostly 1930’s tobacco and include 3 Ogdens, 2 Carrera, 2 Stephen Mitchell, 2 Wills, 1 Churchman, 1 Godfrey Phillips, 2 Senior Service, 1 Peter Jackson, 2 Cavenders, 1 Gallaher, 1 State Express and the Br. Automatic Co. (a weight card). Almosrt all are excellent and better. ………… $100.00

GC3. 1994-5 The Price Guide to Golf Cards Part 1, and Part 2. Issued in 1994 and 1995. The definitive guide to golf cards. Very good condition. …. $25.00


Rare Golf Postcards

Photos of any item are available on request

Wrench Golf Post cards and other rare Golf Post Cards

RPC3. Fletcher near set of 15, missing 3. One of the most popular, but rare sets in gold post cards collecting. An eighteen card set missing only #2, #11 and #14.  All are actual photographs of famous golfers at St. Andrews. 13 Cards are ex-mt or better with two of them having a minor pencil notation. The remaining 3 have a minor pen notation in the bottom margin. All cards were postally unused. A great collection of an extremely difficult set to put together.  …………   $5.000.00

RPC5. 6 card Real Photo Postcard set of Royal St. George’s Golf Course, Sandwich. Includes the original envelope marked Series A. The six views include a view of the Clubhouse, a distant view of the Clubhouse and course and 4 course views. The cards are nr mint. The envelope shows some wear.  ……….  $600.00

RPC6. Wrench #? - James Braid teeing off & A Kirkaldy, trimmed, poor condition. ……….   $60.00

RPC7. Wrench #1979- A. Herd & Andrew Kirkaldy, unused, ex-mt  …………$325.00

RPC8. Wrench #1980-A. Kirkaldy & Willie Park putting, unused, one tiny pencil mark, excellent …………  $275.00

RPC9. Wrench #1982-The late Mr. F.G. Tait preparing to drive. Card was mailed in 1903. Note written on front identifying someone in crowd Good.  ……..   $100.00

RPC10. Wrench #1983, John Ball & F. G. Tait lining up a putt, used, stamp removed, nipped 3d corner in UL vg. ………….. $125.00

RPC11. Wrench #1984-Mure Fergusson putting & J.E. Laidley, some aging spots, otherwise excellent ……………. $225.00

RPC12. Wrench #1985-J. Graham & J.L. Low putting. Unused with 2 marks on rear, vg-ex; ………………   $250.00

RPC13. Wrench #1987-Tom Morris standing, J.E. Laidlay putting & Mr. Scott standing. some aging spots, otherwise excellent ……………. $500.00

RPC19. Wrench #2039-St. Andrews Clubhouse w. Tom Morris in front, card has pencil notation on rear “NOTE: Tom Morris, also upper right corner has a slightly shaved edge (see photo) …………..$325.00

RPC20. Wrench #8006-J.H. Taylor teeing off, unused, tiny pencil notation on rear ……………..  $350.00

Golfers & Personalities post cards

Photos of any item are available on request

602. 2 Cards from the Vardon-Braid Match at Murrayfield, 30th July 1904. The 2 cards are captioned “The Rush to the 12th Hole” and :The Stymie at “The Wood”. The match was a historic one. The former card is unused and in vg-ex condition and the later is gd-vg.    ………  $750.00

604. Vardon and Taylor Exhibition Match at Opening of Alnmouth Golf course. Postmarked 1905. Otherwise excellent condition.     …. $150.00

605. Early color PC of two time U.S. Open (1906 & 1910) winner Alex Smith. Card shows White, who was Scottish, when he was the Club Pro in Florida.    ….. $75.00

607. Tuck card showing painting of Mary Queen of Scots playing golf. The card is unused and in excellent condition.   …. $50.00

608. Ca 1911 Postcard showing Caricature of A.J. Balfour. The card from the Pearl series, is postally used and in good condition.     …. $60.00

609. Mercurial Photo Co. RPPC of James Braid teeing off at Hoylake on May 14, 1912. Great photo. Unused and excellent.   …..    $150.00

610. Black and white postcard showing James Braid putting at his tournament. The card was postmarked 1916 with a lengthy note. Good-very good condition.   …. $100.00

611. Oversize (4” x 6 ¼”) postcard showing a photo of J.H. Taylor putting at Hoylake in 1913. Taylor would win his 5th Open Championship. The back has a lengthy non golf related note, dated 1955, which is signed “Uncle Harry” and it could be assumed that “Uncle Harry” is Taylor. A previous owner has noted “J.H.” next to Uncle Harry and the handwriting is Taylor’s.  ….. $500.00

612. Color postcard “On the Links, Elie showing James Braid in the center, used in 1905, very good  ….. $95.00

613. Golfing “The Swing” from a small and rare set of postcards showing prominent golfers.  This one shows French golfer Arnaud Massy. Message starts on front of card and continues on rear. Otherwise excellent.       $175.00

614. Tuck postcard showing The Price of Wales Plays himself in as Captain of the Royal and Ancient Club, St. Andrews. Very light crease otherwise excellent, unused.    …… $75.00

615. ca 1921 RPPC with “Jock Hutchinson after winning the British Open in 1921 at St. Andrews” written on the rear. A note “Jock " The Champion! is added in pencil on the rear as well. Excellent.      .$150.00

616. Pasadena on the Gulf 1924 Promotional Booklet with Walter Hagan. Featured are shots of a new golf Community containing the Bear Creek Golf and CC and a full length view of Hagan in a pose. Excellent condition but a couple of tiny pieces of tape reinforce the spine.………..  $75.00

617. Albertype postcard of the Opening of the Golf Club at Chautauqua N.Y. with Horton Smith and Walter Hagen in view. Excellent with a couple of tiny stains.     …… $100.00

618. 1926 Walter Hagan-Bobby Jones historic golf match at Pasadena on the Gulf, St. Petersburg on February 26, 1926. Called the "Match of the Century" 36 holes winding up at Hagan's home course in St. Petersburg. Unused and excellent.      …..$300.00

 619. “The Big Six” at the 1925 Opening of Holly Hill Country Club, Davenport Florida. The big 6 are enumerated on the back of the unused postcard and include U.S. Open winner Cyril Walker. Ex-mt.    $75.00

620. Two ca 1925 postcards from the Opening of Holly Hill CC in Florida featuring Cyril Walker.  One is unused and in nr mt condition and was mailed in 1925  with a pre-printed message and is excellent.   $100.00

621. 1950 Advertising tinted photo card of Bobby Locke for Stamina Trousers. Issued during Locke’s 1950 Australian card the card give a history of Locke on the rear while touting the advertiser. Excellent.    $75.00

622. RPPC of Kathryn Hepburn playing golf. Unused. Pencil mark on back.    ……$35.00

623. RPPC showing Audrey Hepburn in Paramount Studios promotional card. Printed in Germany and is unused and in ex-mt condition.    ……. 35.00

624. Arnold Palmer with handicapped child on Promotional postcard for the March of Dimes. Unused and address portion has lengthy message from Palmer with facsimile signature.  …… $30.00

625. Color Postcard shows Arnold Palmer addressing a class at the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy in Stratton Mountain, Vermont. Unused and ex-mt.    …… $35.00

626. Two postcards from a match at the Seacroft Links between Armond Massey and JW Taylor in 1907. The postcards show the start and finish of the match. One is postally used. Very good-excellent.       $400.00

627. A color postcard showing a match between Alex Smith and Harry Vardon at the Atlantic City Country Club. Pencil writing on the otherwise blank back indicates Harry Vardon vs. Alex Smith 1921. Card is unused and otherwise excellent.   ….. $100.00

628. Real Photo PC of Lloyd Mangrum and his wife apparently returning from Mexico.    …. $50.00

630.  Raphael Tuck postcard showing two scenes at St. Andrews. One shows Tom Morris hitting in front of the Hotel and Clubhouse.  The other shows the Castle. Card is in good condition.  …….  $150.00

631. The Royal and Ancient Golf Course” titled in red. Shows Tom Morris standing in front of the clubhouse with many behind him. Mailed in 1906. Excellent. …….. $250.00

632. Golf Club House & Grand Hotel. Same pose with Tom Morris as in Tuck card in 630 above except in color. Unused and in excellent + condition.  ……..  $200.00

633. RPPC entitled “GOLF” from the Boots Cash Chemists “Real Photograph” Series. Pre-printed on the back “Braid and Massey at Deal”. Postmrked 1909.      ………. $100.00

634. “On the Golf Links, Lelant. James Braid putting from the Argall Series. Postmarked 1907.  Excellent.   ………  $75.00

636. RPPC of Charlie Chaplain apparently with 5 professional golfers. The very old  Velox postcard   has   “The big leaguers are but boys " they enjoy Charlie also” written on the address side. . Excellent.    ………….. $275.00

637. Henry Cotton at 1953 Dunlap. Unusual RPPC card shows aerial view of 3 holes of the Dunlap             Tournament in 1953.  ……… $75.00

638. John Dunn, Bunkered at Hardelot. French post card, unused in excellent condition.  ……..  $75.00

639. Lawson Little teeing off at the 1934 British Amateur in the 4th round at Prestwick on this 1945 postmarked card.  ……. $75.00

640.  2 cards from the British Amateur in 1934 at Prestwick Golf Course. One shows eventual winner Lawson Little teeing off (ex+) and other shows the crowd on the course. Last was postmarked 1945.   ……..  $125.00

641. Beagles Real Photocard of the Price of Wales with club sitting on the grass. Unused excellent-mint card. …………..  $30.00

643.  Striking London & North Western Railway color advertising card featuring the likeness of Harry Vardon. Northern Ireland card was postally used in 1906 and has two small hole punches.  ……  $150.00

644. RPPC CA Whitcombe, British Professional at Crews Hill GC. Unused card. …….. $50.00

645. Julius Boros on a RPPC advertising his book “How to Play Par Golf”. Addressed and mailed in 1955. Excellent. ……… $50.00

646.  Arnold Palmer at his Ironwood Country Course. Unused Crocker color postcard.    ……… $20.00

647. Jimmy Demaret at the Concord Hotel. An unused color card  shows Demaret on the course he helped design. Excellent.    ………. $20.00

648. Lew Worsham at Tam O’Shanter Country Club. Unused linen card shows Worsham holing out a wedge for an Eagle to win the Tam O’Shanter in 1953.  Excellent +……….  $20.00

Golf Scorecards

Photos of any item are available on request

750. 1930 Official Scorecard from the 34th U.S. Open at Interlachen won by Bobby Jones      $1,000.00

751. 1930 Tournament Scorecard from the 34th U.S. Open at Interlachen won by Bobby Jones        $400.00

752. 1931 U.S. Open Scorecard from Inverness. Unused near mint scorecard from the first Open after Bobby Jones. Won by Billy Burke over George Von Elm. Near mint    $400.00

761. 1988 Official Scorecard from the 88th U.S. Open at The Country Club (creased) CC    ……  $20.00

762. 4 early Cypress Point scorecards. Probably 40’s-50’s with one later.    …… $50.00

Golf Autographs

Photos of any item are available on request

783. Ben Hogan TLS to a collector on his own stationary. Perfect. $200.

784. “A Round of Golf with Tommy Armour”.  Hardbound 1959 book is inscribed “To Mary and Nate Sharpe I hope your invasion of Scotland (The land of the Brave) will be very enjoyable. Regards Tommy Armour”. Book has original dust jacket and is accompanied by a Mike Guiterrez COA.   …..$200.

785. Jan Stephenson signed her picture on the cover of the May 1977 issue of SPORT Magazine. Excellent condition and the signature is perfect.   …. $50.

786. Gary Player signed an 8” x 10” photo in an 11” x 14” inscribed matte showing an amusing photo of a golfer being dangled over the Hell Bunker at St. Andrews. Player signed his name in black sharpie on the photo.  $50.

788. Bob Hamilton signing a scorecard. “Bob Hamilton” is on the photo. … $150.00

789. 1944 PGA Championship scorecard at Manito Golf and Country Club signed by Byron Nelson. Historic scorecard that appears to be the 2nd 18 hole quarter final match between Nelson and Willie Goggin. The scorecard is signed “Byron Nelson” and dated Aug. 18, 1944. Nelson won 4 and 3 and went to the finals but lost there to Bob Hamilton.   ………. $125.00

790. Sam Snead Publicity postcard. Signed “Best regards Ben Sam Snead’. Excellent + condition and address to a fan (Ben) and mailed in 1966. …………….. $50.00

791. Sam Snead publicity postcard from the Greenbrier with written note. Postcard is addressed to John Smith (of the famous John Smith autograph collection), postmarked April 1942 with a personal note signed “Sam Snead”. ……   $75.00

Golf Photos

Photos of any item are available on request

798. 9” x 7” sepia photograph of James Braid teeing off with J. H. Taylor off to the side. Mounted, the photograph measure 12” x 10” and has the photographer J. Pottie of Wimborne embossed in the lower right. Magnificent photo in excellent condition.     ….. $500.00

800. Incredible Collection of 506 different Golf Photos. Almost all different with about 25 duplicates. All photos are in individual plastic sleeves in 4 thick three ring binders.  Includes multiples of Walter Hagen (8). Ben Hogan (46), Bobby Jones (20), Jack Nicklaus (29), Francis Ouimet (5), Arnold Palmer (18), Harry Varden (4), Gene Sarazen (8), Sam Snead (24) and Babe Didriksen Zaharias (28). The collection is in four 3 inch three ring binders in plastic pages. The shipping weight will be about 50 pounds. A detailed list of all the photos is available on request. …………………$6,500.00

814. 1930 U.S. Amateur with Bobby Jones at Merion Golf Club. Same photo as above except for several spots of damage in border.   …….. $150.00

822. 1930 Walker Cup Team photo (9” x 7 ¼”) w. Jones & Ouimet at Sandwich, UK. The team, who would win 10-2, includes the 8 members, Bobby Jones, Francis Ouimet, Harrison Johnston, OF Willing, George Von Elm, Roland McKenzie, Donald Moe and George Voigt. The actual newspaper photo is attached to the rear.    ……… $500.00

Golf Miscellaneous

Photos of any item are available on request

851. Flip A Books (Flickers) Thumb movie set of 3 in a box. Three decent sized books (4 1/2” x 3”), each showing the swing of Billy Casper, Gary Player, Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, Julius Boros and Doug Ford. In very good condition in a slip case. The pages are loose in one book.   ....... $275.00

852. 1935 Atlantic Richfield Oil “Goofy Golf” Puzzles, 2 different from set of 6. Comes in original envelopes ( 7 1/2” x  9 1/2”) with a golf instructional by Alex Morrison on one side and information on the puzzles on the other. The Puzzles are near mint and the envelopes are excellent.   ….. $300.00

853. A group of 10 Byron Nelson Golf Instructional Booklets from1951. Each booklet carries advertising for John Brooks Motors in Richmond, California and opens to a 15 1/2” x 9” poster.   …..    $200.00

854.  Eight 1933-34 6 ½” x 6” newspaper cartoons of golfers by “PAP”.  Pap was Thomas Paprocky, who was called the “Rembrandt of the Sports pages”. Along with Willard Mullin, he was considered on of the two greatest Sports cartoonists.  The seven golfers depicted on the 8 cartoons offered here include Walter Hagan, Craig Wood, Denny Shute,  Opal Hill, Virginia Van Wie, Olin Dutra (2 different) and Paul Runyan. ..................  $50.00

855. Collection of 121 ball markers mostly from major clubs and resorts including     . A detailed list is available on request. Price is for loose markers, if display is wanted add an additional $10 will be added to cover the extra shipping. ……. $225.00

857. 20 Martini Course Charts. Martini & Rossi produced a set of 50 eight page booklets, each of a different golf course in the United Kingdom. The pages would show a drawing of the layout for each hole, a few photos and a layout of the course of the back cover. The group includes 20 booklets including both At. Andrews courses, Troon, Princes, Royal Liverpool, Prestwick, Walton Heath, Royal St. Georges, Royal Portrush, etc. Most are in excellent and better condition.    ……. $175.00

860. Amateur Spalding’s Athletic Library Golf Guide and How to Play Golf by James Braid. Circa 1910  book published in England. Book contains many chapters of instruction by Braid. The Guide has tape on the spine  with at least a dozen different photos of Braid in action. The back cover is missing.    …..  $25.00

862. A complete set of 8 magazines produced for the program Shell's Wonderful World of Golf. The program was a televised series of golf matches began in the 1960s and ended in 1970. The program was sponsored by Shell Oil. The magazines are in excellent condition and featured the best golfers of the time. ……… $150.00

863. ca. 1888 Die cut Spalding Golfer and Tennis Player. From a set of five die cut advertising cards featuring a baseball player, a football player, a golfer and a tennis player. (others are elsewhere). Each has a description of the game on the back. The golfer and the tennis player both have a near excellent appearance. Both have the affects of being glued to an album on the back..    ….. $125.00


GM1800. Collection of over 135 all different Yardage books from Golf Courses. Mostly United States but some British and a few others. Almost all in perfect condition and including classic courses such as Augusta, Winged Foot, Baltusrol, Firestone, Medinah, Merion, etc. A list of all the courses is available on request. …………….  $275.00

Other Golf Publications

Photos of any item are available on request

871. October 9, 1913 The Youth’s Companion �" New England Edition. Large 11 ¼” x 16 ¼” magazine. Cover Photo shows the last hole of the famous U.S. Open  at Brookline with Ouimet, Vardon and Ray in view. Some years later the Youth’s Companion was absorbed by “The American Boy”.  Excellent. ………..  $50.00

875. February 11, 1926 Sports section of the St. Petersburg Times  with the headline  the Walter Hagan-Bobby Jones Exhibition match (see item 618). The 21 ½” x 17” 12 page section. …………..  $40.00

876. 1923 Apawamis Dinner men from 1923. Apawamis, located in Rye, NY is one of the oldest clubs in the country and date to the 19th Century. The 4 ¼” x 6 1/2 colorful menu is in excellent condition and has hand drawn table layouts and name of attendees on a piece of Apawamis stationery.     …… $200.00

877. Sept. 22, 1930 Time Magazine with Bobby Jones on Cover. Issued when Jones had won the first 3 legs of the Grand Slam. Has 2 1/2 page article on Jones. Was in bound album, thus roughness at spine. Light vertical crease.    $300.00 

878. Ca 1930 Medinah Country Club. 16 page marketing brochure with 2 pages indicates what the Club has to offer and 12 pages of photos. The bruchure is not dated but it does indicate Tommy Armour was the club pro which dates it at 1933-1944.    ….  $200.00

879. 1937 Carnoustie Commentary, Very rare 52 page book issued to supplement the 1937 Britsh Open at Carnoustie. Includes a color layout of the coursetipped in,  another map timmpr in of Britain and Ireland showing where the courses are about a dozen photos of Carnoustie.    ….. $300.

880. 1942 pairing sheet from the 5th Crosby Pro-Am at Rancho Sante Fe. After the war the tornament would move to Monterey Peninsula and Pebble Beach and become nationally famous. The very rare pairing sheet (a program is unknown) has a crease but is otherwise excellent.    …..$200.00

881. January 10, 1949 Time Magazine with Ben Hogan  on Cover. Published after Hogan's U.S. Open victory at Riviera Country Club. Excellent.         $105.00

882. How to Play the Old Course. 44 page booklet on St. Andrews, with map tipped in at the front. 16th Edition by J & G Innes.       $30.00

883. 1968 Colorful booklet issued for the 1968 British Open at Carnoustie. 12 pages with colorful map in centerfold and Nicklaus on cover.   …. $30.00

884. Four early President’s Cup Programs from 1998, 2000, 2003 and 2005. 1998 is the Official TV Guide, 2000 is the Official Magazine, 2003 is the Official Journal and 2005 is the Official Program. All near mint.     …. $60.00

887. March 31, 1934 issue of Newsweek with Bobby Jones featured on the cover.  Inside interesting story on Jones playing without “Calamity Jane”, his putter.       ……. $100.00

888. 1932 Time Magazine with Ellsworth Vines Jr. An article features Vines, who was an excellent golfer, in an article on his Davis Cup tennis match. There is a small piece of tape on cover.   …. $50.00

889. 1938 Time Magazine with Johnny Goodman on cover. Story inside anticipates America’s entry in the coming Walker Cup.  Excellent.     ….. $25.00

890. July 19, 1971 Newsweek with Lee Trevino on cover.  Story inside on “Golf’s Biggest money winner”. Excellent.   …. $25.00

891. 30 Phoenix Open Programs from 1949//1999 and the 1984 hardback “50 year History”. Programs include 1949, 1952-1962, 1965, 1967-8, 1970-1972, 1975, 1977, 1980, 1985-1987, 1989-1990, 1996-1999. Almost all are in excellent and better condition.     ………..$600.00

892. 1948 U.S. Womens Amateur Open at Del Monte G&CC at Pebble Beach. Tournament held September 13-18 and won by Grace Lenczyk. Excellent   $200.00

893. Shell's Wonderful World of Golf. Included here are the 1964, 1966, 1967 and 1968 issues. Produced in conjunction with the historic TV show.. All are in excellent condition. …………   $30.00

896. Vintage Pebble brochure. Beautiful six page brochure opens to 9” x 24” with color shots of the Pacific Grove Hotel, Pebble Beach Lodge, and the Hotel Del Monte. The rear shows a magnificent color map of the area. A tiny piece is missing from the bottom of one section. Otherwise excellent. ………….  $75.00

897. 4 Pieces of ca 1950 vintage Del Monte advertising. 1. 6” x 3” foldout for Hotel Del Monte which opens to 5 page 6” x15”. Photos of the area. Color cover shows some damage. 2. 9” x 4” color brochure of Del Monte Lodge at Pebble Beach which opens to 16” x 9”. All in color. Excellent.  3. Small (5 ¾” x 3 ¼”) color tinted booklet which opens to 5 ¾” x 26”. Excellent. 4. 1952 Delmonte Lodge at Pebble Beach Brochure, 12 pages + covers. Near mint in original envelope.  …….. $100.00

898. A Photographic Study of Pebble Beach Golf Links. 48 page 1953 paperback with  coverage and photos of all 18 holes. Sold in PBA auction for $120 in 2010. Excellent. …………..   $75.00

899. Folded Real estate map of Pebble Beach area measuring 24” x 9” when open. One side (in black and white) shows  the properties in the area and the other side shows a map in full color exactly as in item 896 above. …………$75.00

Golf Scorecards - American

Photos of any item are available on request

901. 1945 Atlanta Athletic Club East Lake course #1. Interesting card, neatly scored in pencil  by an advanced foursome on April 11, 1945. …..  $40.00

902. 5 Augusta National including one 1938 stymie card used by talented foursome (71-70-67-70) with familiar names as Chuck and Chick Koscis, Sam Byrd, etc.  some tape at the bottom. Others are all excellent and vintage and show different yardages. . …..  $250.00 

903. Baltusrol Golf Club Lower course stymie card with four intact stubs   . …..  $35.00

904. 2 attractive Banff Springs Golf Course scorecards. One 6” x 2 ¾” unused stymie card and a very attractive tri-fold neatly scored by a twosome with color renditions of all 18 holes. . …..  $35.00

905. Bethpage State Park Black course stymie card, scored in pencil by threesome, 2 of which should not have been on the course. Excellent. . …..  $30.00

906. 3 scorecards from Brae Burn Country Club, one is the Mens course which is an early 4 ½” x 3” stymie card. The other two are for the Ladies course, one is a small Stymie card (opens to 6”) which was scored by a member and the other is larger and unused. . …..  $40.00

907. Burning Tree Club in Bethesda, MD. Unused stymie card. Pencil notation of front reads “ Met Pres Eisenhower Here, 1955”. . …..  $40.00

908. 2 from The Country Club in Brookline, MA. One older 4 ½” x 3” stymie card (unused), scored in pencil, creased. The other, 5” x 3”, unused. …..  $35.00

909. French Lick Spring Hotel Golf Course. 3 ¾ x 4 ¼” stymie scorecard. Scored in pencil. Fair condition. …..  $15.00

910. 4 scorecards from the Greenbrier Golf Club. Includes an older stymie card from the Greenbrier course, and three cards from The Old White Course, the Lake Course and one from the Greenbrier course. All are like new. …..  $30.00

911. Hazeltine National Golf Club. 4 section 3 ¼” x 4”scorecard which opens to 13” x4. Color rendition of each hole. Excellent condition. …..  $20.00

912. Interlachen Country Club stymie card with all four tabs intact at bottom. …..  $25.00

913. Latrobe Country Card stymie card with all 4 tabs intact at the top. Deke Palmer is Professional…..  $40.00

915. Medina Country Club scorecards for the No. 1 Course and No. 2 Course in excellent condition. …..  $30.00

916. Medinah Country Club stymie scorecard. Unused 3” x 2 ¾” card. …..  $30.00

918. 1939 Moon Brook Country Club (Jamestown N.Y.) stymie scorecard. Card has a four picture instruction by Paul Runyon on the rear which has some album remains on the bottom of the rear. …..  $75.00

919. 1939 Moon Brook Country Club (Jamestown N.Y.) stymie scorecard. Card has a four picture instruction by Byron Nelson on the rear which has some album remains on the bottom of the rear. …..  $75.00

920. Oakmont Country Club stymie scorecard that was made for the 1951 PGA. The card scored the 36 hole semi Final match between Sam Snead and Charles Bassler. The card indicates it was attested by Will Grimsley and singed by Grinsley on the front. Some other smaller notation. .          ….. $35.00

921. Oakmont Country Club stymie scorecard. Scored in pencil (84) and dated Aug 30, 1945. Perfect condition . .          ….. $30 .00

922. 3 Oakmont Country Club scorecards from the 1950’s on. All excellent. .          ….. $35.00

923. two Olympia Fields scorecards. From Course #1 and No. 4 North Course. Unscored in near mint condition. .          ….. $20.00

924. two Onwentsia Club scorecards. An early women’s stymie card and a later Men’s card. Both unused and excellent. .          ….. $25.00

925. 11 scorecards from the Montery Peninsula courses. 1 older from Pacific Grove with some album remains on the rear, 6 cards from both courses at the Monterey Peninsula CC, 2 have some album remains. One 1986 from Del Monte and 1987, 1992 and an updated.   ……. $40.00

926. 7 different score cards from PGA National in Dunedin, Fl, none recent. All excellent except one which is soiled at the front. .          ….. $25.00

927. Pine Valley Golf Club. 4” x 3” scorecard with 6” Stymie gauge in perfect condition. .          ….. $30.00

928. 2 old Pine Valley, New Jersey  scorecards one with 6” stymie and the other somewhat later. Both excellent. .          ….. $40.00

929. 4 vintage Pinehurst scorecards from Courses 1-4, all unused and excellent.

930. 6 different Pinehurst Country Club from various courses. One from Course No. 1, 2 from famous Course No. 2, two from No. 3 and 1 from No. 4. One course No. 2  and the No. 3 were scored in pencil and the other No. 2 was signed by the teaching pro, Richard McLeod.

931. Tam O Shanter scorecard, unused with a pencil notation “1959” .          ….. $35.00

932. stymie scorecard from Shinnecock Hills Golf Club. 4” x 3” in very good condition.

933. 8 scorecards from Spyglass Hill. Includes 1995, 1990, 1994, 1997, 2000, 2002 and two much earlier. All are mint exceptone which has some album remains on the rear.   …. $50.00

934. Two matching scorecards from the Virginia Hot Springs Golf Club. One of the Cascades course and one of the Homestead course. Measure 3 ¼” x 3 ½”..          ….. $25.00

935. Wanamoisett Country Club (host of 1931 PGA) unscored stymie scorecard. Excellent.

936. 2 Winged Foot Golf Club scorecards, both from the East course. One is a stymie card (creased) and the other is a later card.          ….. $35.00

937. 2 Winged Foot Golf Club scorecards, one from the East course and one from the West in perfect condition.     ……. $20.00

Golf Scorecards - United Kingdom

Photos of any item are available on request

960. Two Royal Birkdale Golf Club similar scorecards. One for the white tees and one for the yellow tees (in yellow). Both excellent.   …. $30.00

961. 3 Carnoustie scorecards. One Championship Course scorecard and a Carnoustie Mercantile Club scorecard. All excellent.  …. $35.00

962. 3 matched Gleneagles Golf Course scorecards. One for the “Kings” course and another for the “Queens” course. Both are stymie cards. Also a card for the “Wee” course. All are scored in pencil.  …. $50.00

963. Royal Liverpool Golf Club. Unused 4 ½” x 3” scorecard.  …. $20.00

964. 2 different scorecards from the Nairn Golf Club. From the 1960’s, scorecard is scored and the other is partially.  …. $25.00

965. old Ben Sayers Stymie scorecard for The Links North Berwick. Scored for 3 players, has chars and ad.   …. $30.00

966. 2 Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club scorecards. One is a stymie card from the 1930’s scored in pencil. The other is an unused later card.   …. $30.00

967. Elaborate old stymie scorecard for St Andrews. Ad on cover for Forgan golf clubs. Inside cover has scorecards for all 3 course. Also 2 charts and back cover has map of all 3 courses.   …. $50.00

968. Southport & Ainsdale Golf Club. Early stymie card. Local rules on cover. Scored in pencil, chart on back cover.  …. $25.00

969. 2 scorecards from the Sunningdale Golf Club. Both are older, one is scored in pencil.   …. $30.00

970. Older Troon Golf Club scorecard. Unused. Local Rules on back.   …. $20.00

971. 1923 Troon Golf Club Plan of Old Course. Folding 3 page card which opens to plan of the Troon. Also has page that shows names, yardages, strokes for all holes.  …. $40.00

972. 1931 Turnberry Stymie scorecard for the Arran course. Lightly scored in pencil.   …. $25.00

973. 2 similar Turnberry Golf Course stymie cards. One is white one is orange. Rear has yardage chart and handicapping chart.   …. $30.00

Autographed Exhibition tickets (all from the collection of noted golf autograph authorityMark Emerson)

Photos of any item are available on request

1252. Bright red 4 ½” x 2 ½” ticket featuring Walter Hagan at his famous home course Oak Hill CC in Rochester NY. The July 21, 1929 match paired Hagan and Horton Smith against Charles McKenna and Chick Evans. It is signed on the back in pencil “Walter Hagan”. Excellent. No string. …. $500.00

1253.  4” square Exhibition Golf Match between Johnny Farrell, Joe Turnesa, Tommy Devine and George Morris. At the West Shore Country Club in Camp Hill, Pa, Aug. 15, 1929. Spalding ad on rear. Signed by Johnny Farrell and Joe Turnesa.  ….. $125.00

1255. A nearly identical ticket to the above except superior condition and signed by all four participants. (Nelson, Smith, Souter and Amidon). Also accompanied by a PSA/DNA LOA.     …. $600.00

1256. Golf Exhibition 3” x 4” ticket from the Tulsa Country Club on May 8th. The near mint condition ticket with original string featured a match with Byron Nelson, Sammy Snead and Jug McSpaden. It is signed on the rear by Snead. Circa 1940’s.   ….. $150.00

1259. A 4” x 3” ticket for an Exhibition match at Llanerach Country Club on May 21, 1943. The match featured Bing Crosby, Ed Dudley, Bob Hope and Jug McSpadden and included Joe Kirkwood. The ticker is missing the string and is otherwise in excellent condition. It is signed on the back by Crosby, Hope, Jerry Colonia and 2 others.  …… $150.00

Unsigned Exhibition tickets (to 1945)

Photos of any item are available on request

1265. 1907 Armaud Massy and J.H. Taylor. August 24, 1907 match between the current Br. Open Champ and a previous one. A 4 ½ x 3 ½ ticket with green print. Possibly one of a kind. Near mint.    ……. $1,250.00

1266. 1917 Francis Ouimet-Jesse Guilford v. Jerome Travers-Kirby. Beautiful circular 2 ½” ticket for a match at Baltusrol. Has a red cross and a red, white amd blue ribbon attached.  Ex-mt.  ….. $750.00

1267. 1918 Chick Evans Jr. , Frank Adams, Stewart Gardner, Jack Croke match. Beautiful circular 3” ticket for a match at the South Bend Country Club for a Red Cross Exhibition Match on July 23, 1918. There is a red cross on the face of the ticket. Original string attached. Competitors names on the back. …… $600.00

1268. 1923 Walter Hagan-Joe Kirkwood Match. 2 1/2 “ square ticket for a match at the Wildwood Golf Cub in Pennsylvania on July 21st, 1923. Some album remains and writing on rear. Excellent appearance.  ……. $400.00

1269. 1923 Exhibition ticket for a match featuring 3 golf greats Francis Ouimet, Walter Hagan and Gene Sarazen  The 2” circular paper ticket with a metallic border featured a match between Walter Hagan, Gene Sarazen, Francis Ouimet and Joe Kirkwood at the Charles River Country Club just west of Boston. Joe Kirkwood completed the foursome. Ouimet was a member there. The rear of the ticket has a number in red and indicates GUEST CHARLES RIVER COUNTRY CLUB. Near mint condition.  ….. $600.00

1270. 1925 Walter Hagan 3” x 4” Exhibition Match ticket. Yellow ticket with original string for an Exhibition at the Chautauqua Golf Club in New York on August 7, 1925. Near mint appearance with album remains on the rear.  ………… $300.00

1271. 1927 Four player Exhibition match including Tommy Armour.  4” square red ticket for a match with Armour and Cyril Hughes matched against Bobby Cruickshank and John Long. The match was at the Lancaster Country Club in Pennsylvania. The ticket has creases and minor damage where the string was.  ……… $250.00

1272. 1928 4-Ball Exhibition ticket featuring Gene Sarazen and Johnny Farrell.  Farrell & Sarazen were teamed with Tommy Armour and Harry Cooper. The match on July 22, 1928 at the Meadowbrook Golf & Country Club was held a month after Farrell won the U.S. Open. Very good condition.    ……… $400.00

1273. 1928 4” Triangular ticket for a match between Johnny Farrell and Gene Sarazen. The match paired the U.S. Open winner 2 months later against Sarazen who finished 6th. On August 16th at the Galen Hall Golf Club in Pennsylvania. The green ticket has some creases at the points is very good otherwise with original string. …….. $400.00

1275 (1929) 4” x 3 ¼” orange ticket for a match with Gene Sarazen. August 9th at the Galen Hall Golf Club in Pennsylvania. The ticket is in near mint condition. The year “1929” is written in pencil on the rear.  …….. $300.00

1276.  1929 Exhibition including Bobby Jones at the Los Angeles Country Club. The pairings of Jones and Jack Neville vs. George Von Elm and Chick Evans is superimposed over a green colored portrait of Jones. The $5 ticket was to Benefit thee Children’s Hospital. The ticket is in good condition. ……… $1,500.

1277.  1930 Exhibition match ticket featuring Horton Smith. Circular 3 ¼” blue ticket for the June 29, 1930 match at the Pine Brook Valley Country Club in Massachusetts. The match featured Horton Smith and Leo Diegel against Fred Wright and Jesse Guilford. The ticket with original string has a Spalding ad on the rear. …….   $350.00

1278-1932 Gene Sarzen-Francis Ouimet Exhibition match at the Winchester Country Club in the first day of a two day match. The 3 ¼” square ticket was for August 23rd 1932.The ticket has some creasing at the top where the original string is. An ad for Spalding is on the rear. ..    $250.00

1279.  1932 Gene Sarazen-Francis Ouimet Exhibition match at the Brae Burn Country Club in the second day of a two day match. The 3 ¼” square ticket was for August 24th 1932.The ticket is in near mint condition and has  the original string is. An ad for Spalding is on the rear. ..    $300.00

1280.  1932 Exhibition match feturing Gene Sarazen. Sarazen was paired with Benny Weichman vs. Denny Shute and Jack Curley. The 3 1/2 “ square ticket was for the match Sept. 18, 1932 at Guyan Country Club in Huntington W Wa. An ad for Wilson is on the rear. Ex-mt condition.    …… $200.00

1281.  A small British  Exhibition ticket shaped like a shield about 2” x 2”. At the Great Lever & Farnworth Golf Club in Manchester, UK. The match featured A.H. Padgham, R Cox, J Bird and J Scott Jr. on June 7, 1936. The badge is blue and has a safety pin clip at the top. Excellent.    …… $125.00

1282.  A 1937 3” square Exhibition match from Saucon Valley CC in Pennsylvanis. The matched featured Lawson Little and Ralph Hutchison vs. Jimmy Thomson and Harry Cooper on June 27, 1937. ………  $125.00

1283.  A 4 ¾” x 3” ticket for an exhibition match at the Belmont Country Club in Massachusetts. The teams featured Horton Smith & Harry Cooper vs. Jimmy Thomson and Lawson Little on August 28, 1938, Minor writing at the top and piece of wax tape at the bottom. ……. $100.00

1284.  An Exhibition ticket for the exhibition between Denny Shute and Ralph Guldahl. Mission Hills Country Club was the site on August 2, 1939. The ticket is 3 ½” x 2 3/3”. …….. $100.00

1285.  Red Cross Charity Golf Match at Lakeside Golf Club of Hollywood. The June 30, 1940 match featured Ralph Guldahl and Olin Dutra vs. Bing Crosby and Dick Arlen. The 6” x 2” ticket is in ex-mt condition. ……… $100.00

1286. Benefit Golf Exhibition ticket featuring Crosby, Hope, Lawson Little and Ed Dudley. 3” x  2 ½” ticket for War Relief. The exhibition was at the Oklahoma City & Country Club on Sept. 19, 1942. Ticket has original string and is in very good condition.  …… $125.00

1287.  3” square ticket for Victory Tournament for the benefit of the USO. Dated Aug. 30, 1942 Spring Lake Golf and Country Club. Participants are not named but “C. Wood”, “Vic Ghezzi” and Shaddrock” are written on ink on the ticket. Original string.   …..  $75.00

1288.  5 ½” x 2” Golf Exhibition ticket for War Relief featured Bing Crosby, Lawson Little and Ed Dudley. At the Swope Park Golf Course (KC) on Sept. 16, 1942. The ticket is in excellent condition gut has some album remains on the rear.    ….. $100.00

1289.  Charity Golf Tournament ticket at the Lakeside Golf Club featuring Hope and Crosby. The ticket is 5” x 2 ½” and has some soiling on the back and is in good condition. ….. $75.00

1290.  Ticket from Seventh War Loan Goal match featuring Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. 3 ¾” x 2 ¼” ticket for exhibition at the Montecito Country Club on May 6, 1945. Excellent. ……… $50.00

1291-Exhibition ticket for a match between-Bob Hope & Jimmy Hines vs. Bing Crosby and Chick Evans. The 4 ½” x  2 1/2” ticket was for May 26, 45 at the Tam O’Shanter Country Club in Chicago. Ticket has original string but has some creasing. ……  $100.00

1292.  Bing Crosby Bob Hope golf match at the Speedway Golf Course.  Trianagular shaped 4” x 3” ticket for event that took place May 30, 1945.     … $50.00

1293.  P.G.A. Golf Exhibition for benefit of Veterans Rehabilitation. Match paired Bing Crosby and Eddie McElligott vs. Bob Hope and Bob Williamson at the Omaha Field Club. The 6” x 3” red ticket has the original string.   …. $75.00

Unsigned Exhibition tickets (from 1945 on)

Photos of any item are available on request

1294.  May 27, 1945 Hope-Crosby Exhibition Match. The 4” ticket was from the Acacia Country Club and is in excellent condition.  …….. $50.00

1295.  June 12, 1945 Exhibition Golf Club with Byron Nelson-Lt. Patty Berg-Dot Germaine-Henry Williams, Jr.  At the Reading CC, th 4” square ticket is small piece out where the string was.    ….. $60.00

1296.  June 22-24, 1945  Exhibition ticket at Plum Hollow in Detroit.  5” x 2 ½” ticket with original string in excellent condition.      ……. $25.00

1297.  May 5, 1946 World Championship Four Ball Match with Hogan-Demaret vs. Nelson and Snead. The 6” x 2” ticket has creases and writing on the entire back, The match was in Corpus Christi Texas.   …… $50.00

1298.  February 22, 1947 36 Hole Match Play between Ben Hogan and Dai Rees to benefit the Cancer Society.  4 ½” x 2 ¼” ticket. Excellent.     …….. $75.00

1299.  June 8, 1947 Exhibition Golf Match and Clinic featuring Ben Hogan-Jimmy Demaret-Byron Nelson-Toney Penna.  The 5 ¼” x 3 ¼” ticket with original string was held at the Moraine Country Club.  There is some creasing.      $75.00

1300.  July 29, 1947 Driving Exhibition featuring Ben Hogan-Sam Snead-Jimmy Demaret-Lew Worsham.  4 ½” x  4 ¼” ticket with original string is in mint condition.  … $100.00

1301. August 20, 1947 Exhibition Match with Locke and Thompson vs. Poe and Weitzel. At the Reading Country Club, the 3” square ticket is missing a small piece where the string was.     $50.00

1302.  September 10, 1947 Exhibition Golf Match Bobby Locke-Stan Leonard. 4 ¼” x 2” ticket for match at Vancouver’s Marine Drive Golf Club in excellent condition with original string.

1303.  July 20, 1947 Exhibition Match at South Hills Country Club. The 3” square with original string is in mint condition.   ….   $35.00

1304.  April 25, 1948 Exhibition Golf Match with Byron Nelson-Bobby Locke-Jimmy Demaret-Lloyd Mangrum.  The 5 ¼” x 2 ½” ticket is from the Heritage Country Club in Virginia and is on excellent condition. Canada Dry ad on rear.    …….. $75.00

1305. July 8, 1951 Clinic and Exhibition by Ben Hogan. Near mint ticket 5 ¼” x 2 ½’ with original string from the Chatanooga Country Club.  Coke ad on rear  …….. $100.00

1306. July 21, 1951 (written in pencil) Ben Hogan Golf Exhibition at Crestview Country Club. Match featured Higan and Dave Truffelli vs. Tex Consolver and Mike Murra. 4” square ticket with some creases.    ………   $100.00

1307. Sept. 26, 1952 Challenge Match at Walton Heath Golf Club. 2” square ticket with original string. Creased. ……… $50.00

1308. May 13, 1952 Exhibition Match with Sam Snead, Jack Burke, Frank Souchak. Near mint circular ticket, with original string, 3 ¼” in diameter, from the Pittsburgh Field Club.  ……..  $125.00

1309.  September 21, 1952 Golf Match between Ted Ray-Hope and Crosby-Donald Peers. Circular 2” badge with original string from Temple Golf Club in Great Britain. ….. $100.00

1310. July 5, 1952 Golf Exhibition with Ben Hogan-Bob Hope-Perry Como-Ed Sullivan-Jimmy Demaret. To benefit Muscular Dystrophy. Badge type ticket with original string at the Whitemarsh Valley CC. Near mint.    ……. $125.00

1311. May 31, 1953 Challenge Golf Match - Ben Hogan and Sam Snead vs. Jimmy Demaret and Jack Burke Jr..  6” x 3” ticket with original string from the Salem Country Club. Excellent.   ……… $125.00

1312. March 20, 1954 Sam Snead Golf Clinic and 18 Hole Exhibition. 4 inch square ticket from Meredian Hills CC near Indianapolis. Mint ticket. ………. $100.00

1313. July 24, 1955 Golf Exhibition featuring Arnold Palmer. Also Gene Littler and Russ Sherba vs. George Bauer and Palmer.  3 ½” square ticket with original string. Interesting ticket as it was year after Palmer won U.S. Amateur and shortly after turning pro. Minor creases in two tips of ticket. ………  $150.00

1314. June 12, 1960 Exhibition Golf Match Clinic by Snead and match with Snead-Jim Fogerty vs. Jimmy Jackson and Dick Kohlmann.  5 ¼” x 2 ½ ticket with original string for match at the Sunset Country Club.  ………..  $100.00

1315.  July 31, 1960 Golf Clinic with Arnold Palmer and Art Wall.  4 inch square ticket for the match at Bethlehem Municipal Golf Course.  …….. $100.00

1316.  April 2, 1961 Masters Preview Golf Exhibition with Arnold Palmer-Deane Beman v. Jay Hebert-Gene Dahlbender.  4 ½” x 2 ½” ticket for East Lake Country Club match the week before the Masters. ……… $125.00

1317.  May 26, 1963 Sam Snead Golf Exhibition.  3 ¼” square ticket with original string for the exhibition at Oglebay Park in West Virginia. Some album remains on rear of ticket.  ……….  $60.00

1318.  August 10, 1963 Match between Arnold Palmer-Gary Player. 4 ¼” x 2” ticket for the match at Allentown Golf Course at Allentown PA.   ……..  $100.00

1319.  November 1st, 1964 Exhibition match with Arnold Palmer at new course in Hong Kong. Palmer matched against Lu Liang-huan and defeated 68-70. The numbered ticket is near mint with string and is very rare.    ……….. $200.00

1320. July 28, 1966 Haverhill Rotary Club Exhibition Golf Match Gary Player vs Mason Rudolph. Ticket is in the form of a 6” x 2” ribbon. The match was at Chrystal Springs Golf Club, Haverhill MA.  ……..  $75.00

1321.  May 19, 1968 Charity Golf Exhibition featuring Arnold Palmer. 5” x 2 ½” at Waynesborough Country Club in Paoli, PA. Local advertising on the back. Excellent.  ………  $60.00

1322.  August 4, 1970 Golf Exhibition Jack Nicklaus and Bob Charles. 5” x 3” ticket with original string for the match at Chardon Lake GC in Ohio. The ticket is stained.  ….   $75.00

1323.  May 17, 1971 Arnold Palmer Exhibition with John Brodie Rod Funseth and Pat Welch.  5” square ticket with image of Palmer at Spokane Country Club.  …. $75.00

1324.  June 10, 1975 Golf Exhibition Gary Player.  4 ¾” square ticket for an exhibition at Sewickley Heights Golf Club.  Advertising on rear for Taylor Milk Co.  ……. $50.00

1325.  September 25, 1978 Golf Exhibition featuring Arnold Palmer. 5” x 2 ½” ticket for the exhibition at the Annandale Golf Club in Pasedena. A ghost photo of Palmer is the ticket which is creased.  ……… $60.00

1326.  August 28, 2000 Battle at Bighorn (Tiger) Woods- (Sergio) Garcia. Challenge match was played over the Canyons course at Bighorn Golf Club in Indio, California on August 28, 2000 between Woods and Garcia.  Hard plastic 3 “ x 2” badge.    …. $100.00

Undated and Unsigned Exhibition tickets (mostly from the 1940’s on)

Photos of any item are available on request

1330.  Numbered War Relief ticket (4”+ x 2 1/2”) for match including Bobby Jones. Other participants were Craig Wood, Sam Snead and Jonny Thomson. The referee was Jim Barnes. Light stain but in excellent condition.  …………$1,000.00

1331. Large exhibition match ticket (4”+ x 4” + )featuring Babe Zaharias. The foursome also including Lawson Littler, Tommy Armour and Peggy Kirk at the Hawthorne Valley CC.  Minor stains and a light crease.       $250.00

1332. Large exhibition match ticket (4”+ x 4” + ) featuring Babe Zaharias. The group included Walter Romans, Andy Gibson and Johnny Bass at Five Farms to benefit wounded Vets. .     $250.00

1333.  A 4 ¾” x 3” ticket from a match including Gene Sarazen, Jimmy Demaret, Patty Berg and Helen Dettweiler to benefit the American Red Cross. The match took place at the Quaker Hill Golf Club in New York. ………..  $75.00

1334. A 3 ½” x 2 ½” exhibition ticket for British War Relief featuring Gene Sarazen, Sam Snead, Pastty Berg and Helen Detweiler. The match was at the Pittsburgh Field Club. There are some album remains on the blank back, otherwise excellent. …………$75.00

1335. Ben Hogan and Sam Snead 4” x 4” ticket. The match was at the Wichita Golf Association and there is an ad for Hires Root Beer on the back.  ………….$100.00

1336. A 1951 ticket featuring a match between Ben Hogan (’51 Open winner), Charles Coe (’49 US Am winner), Billy Maxwell (’51 US Am winner) and Dick Metz. A 2 ½ x 4 ½” ticket for the match at Twinn Hills G&CC in Oklahoma.  …………..$100.00

1337. A 4 ½” square ticket for a match featuring Bob Hope, Byron Nelson, Sam Byrd and Ed Dudley. Held at the Memphis Country Club with original string in very good condition.     $65.00

1338. Ticket for Craig Wood-Sam Snead exhibition match. About 4” square at the Berkshire Country Club ………..$60.00

1339. International Exhibition ticket with Sam Snead and Jimmy Demaret vs. Tarakichi Nakamura and Koichi Ono. A 3 ½” square ticket with original string to benefit Bethesda Hospital.  Some light creasing.  …………..  $60.00

1340. 4 ¼” x 2 ½” Golf Exhibition ticket for match between Byron Nelson-Jug McSpaden and Ray Billows and John Budd. The match was at the Enjoie Golf Club in Endicott NY. The score of all four participants was written in to the left of their names. There is some paper loss on the back of the ticket.  ………  $75.00

1341. Circular 4 1/23” diameter ticket for match between Alex Morrison and Henry Picard. Held at the West Shore CC with original string and inn near mint condition.    $100.00

1342. Exhibition best ball match featuring Bobby Locke & Olin Dutra vs. Fred Sherman & Ted Dorius. 4 ¾’ x 1 ½” ticket from Mission Valley Golf Club in San Diego. Ticket has a crease. ……. $50.00

1343. Rare ticket for exhibition match featuring Henry Cotton and G.A. Wilde vs Richard Burton and George Jackson. Wilde and Jackson were one armed golfer. The 3” x 2 ¼” ticket was for War Relief, was plaed at Royal Lytham and St. Anne’s and has it original string. …….  $125.00

1344.  Ticket for Exhibition match between Bobby Locke and Chuck Congdon. 3” square green ticket for the match at Broadnoor Golf Club, ……….  $50.00

1345.  Large 4 ½” square ticket for match featuring Bob Hope, Ed Dudley,  Sam Byrd and an unnamed pro at Highland Park Golf Club. Ticket has original string and in excellent condition.           $60.00

1346. Dated July 26, 1942, an army benefit 2” x 4” exhibition ticket between Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Ed Dudley & George Schneiter. Took place at Salt Lake Country Club. Original String with wrinkles. ……….  $50.00

1347. Golf Match exhibition between Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Olin Dutra & Willie Hunter. 2” x 4” ticket with original string and a few wrinkles.  ….    $50.00

1348.  Bob Hope Golf Benefit ticket. 2 ¾” X 3 ¼” ticket.  ……….   $35.00

Golf Post Card - Places, comics and courses

Photos of any item are available on request

1651.   1905 postcard from the Wrench Series #3185 showing the golf links at Hoylake. Card was mailed in 1905. Very good.             ………$25.00.

1652. Complete set of 12 circa 1900 "Chick" postcards by North American Rubber Co. with rare mailing envelope. Extremely popular advertising set with comic golf scenes in color by the artist Elcock. All cards have the North American Rubber Co. symbolic chick, to advertise the “Chick” golf ball, in one of the lower corners. All the cards are unused in excellent or better condition. Two have a minor pencil notation on the rear. The envelope is in fair condition and is postmarked 1913. .... $500.

1653. Rotograph 1906 Country Club, Brookline, Postally used in 1906. AFF written on front at bottom.   ….$15.00

1654. Pre-1910 card of the Troon Club House. Postally used in 1908,    $20.00

1655. St.Andrews from Golf Course, Fletcher & Son, postmarked in 1906   …. $20.00

1660. 7 North British Rubber Co. Ltd  “Chick” advertising postcards. From a set of 12 cards with colorful comic scenes. Each has the companies symbolic “chick on a golf ball in the stamp portion on the rear an d lower left or right corner on the front. Five cards have clean backs and two are addressed and have messages but were not sent through the mail. Excellent.    $150.00

1661. The Rules of Golf - 6 card Valentine comic postcard set. Cards are in mint condition in their original envelope (some minor corner damage).     .....$100.00

1663. 5 Postcards from “Valesque” series of the Gleneagles Hotel and Golf Courses. Cards are numbered in lower right. Four cards are postally unused and all are in excellent condition.    $75.00

1664. Judges St Andrews Royal and Ancient Club House. Unused. Ex-mt.        ….. $35.00

1665. Fletcher & Son art postcard of St. Andrews Club House, used in 1911, excellent  ….. $25.00

1666. St. Andrews Mailing pack of 12 photos.  3 ½” x 3” Mailing pack with 12 photos all in near mint condition Includes golf course views.   …. $25.00

1667. 2 St. Andrews Dennis Aqua-Tone Series. One  from the West and the Clubhouse from the air, excellent +    ….  $30.00

1669. 6 View Letter Card from Ballybunion by Valentine. 2 golf course views, postally used    $25.00

1670. Royal Liverpool Golf Club, Hoylake, photo blue by ETWDennis, unused with a couple of light pencil marks on back…. $15.00

1671. Three postcards from the Holly Hill Country Club. All are unused and one features the club pro George Christ with an invitation to the opening tournament. All excellent or better.  …. $75.00

1672. Marine Hotel and Links North Berwick. Color. Used and postmarked 1929.    ….. $20.00

1674. Old Troon Golf Clubhouse and Marine Hotel. B6669.  Valentines. Unused.        $25.00

1675. St. Nicholas Golf Course Prestwick. Unused B&W. Used. No year. Very good.       $20.00

1677. St. Georges Golf Links. Sandwich. #8620. Gravure Style. Salmon Series. Couple of pencil notations on back. Excellent.  ..............   $30.00

1678. Sunningdale Golf Links from Kings Hill. Airship over golf course, Used and postmarked 1914.  …… $35.00

1679. Sunningdale Golf Club House. H. E. Ree. Used undated. Very good.     ……. $20.00

1680. Harlech The Castle Bunker. Wrench series No. 6661. Unused. Ex-mt.     .,……  $30.00

1681. Putting Green, Nairn by T.R. Ramage, 205051 J.V., sepia real photo, mailed (stamp missing) with nice note… $20.00

1682. 3 Walton Heath Golf Course cards, Real photo sepia cards of 1st, 2nd & 10th Greens. Near mint……$75.00

1683. Early Inverness Club postcard by Toledo Post Card Co. Shows course and Clubhouse in background. Near mint.  ….. $25.00

1684. 10 1960-70 Monterey Peninsula postcards by H.S. Crocker. Includes Pebble Beach, Cypress and Spyglass Hill. 8 unused, 2 postally used.   ….. $30.00

1685. 3 early RPPC’a of Pebble beach. All are numbered from the same series and show the 6th hole, the 15th green and the last showing the 6th, 7th & 8th Holes. Ex-mt.   ….. $75.00

1686. 5 postcards from Lincoln Park Golf Course in San Francisco. 1 early RPPC, 2 pre-linen and 2 linens. All unused and in e-mt condition.    ….. $60.00

1687. early Publicity multi-view postcard of Hotel Del Monte. Unused.    …. $25.00

1688. Publicity color postcard for “Golf at Del Monte” at Southern Pacific railroad. Shows a golf painting. Ex-mt.   …… $100.00

1689. Early Advertising Del Monte Golf Links. Unused and in excellent condition.    ….. $30.00

1690. 3 Postcard folders from the Monterey Peninsula area all with golf course views inside. The 3 folders are Carmel By The Sea, Monterey Peninsula and a very early Del Monte and 17 Mile Drive. Includes 5 golf views.    ……. $50.00

1691. 3 Detroit Publishing postcards of the Hotel Del Monte, 2 are from 1899 and one from 1906. All are unused and ex+-mt.     ……. $100.00

1692. Early 1900’s card of the famous Apawamis Club in Rye, New York. Unused and excellent. …..  $25.00

1693. Early postcard of the Wannamoisett Golf Club in Rhode Island, host of the 1931 PGA.  Ex-mt.   ….. $30.00

1694. Souvenir folding post card of the Colonial Country Club and Ft. Worth, Texas. ca 1960’s and in near mint condition.    ……. $50.00

1695. 3 different promotional postcards from Rusacks Marine Hotel overlooking the course at St. Andrews. One has message on front and mailed in 1903, the other 2 are unsued and excellent.     …. $75.00

1696. 2 similar postcards of the Lighthouse and Golf Links at Cromer. Both are unused and in average excellent condition.       …… $25.00

1697. 8 different postcards of Gleneagles from the Valesque Series.  All are unused and in ex-mt condition.     ……. $75.00

1698. 3 different postcards of North Berwick from the Valesque Series.  All are unused and in ex-mt condition.     ……. $25.00

1699. 2 Hoylake RPPC’s by J. Hodgson photographer. 2 different views of the clubhouse ex-mt condition.     ….. $35.00

1701. Tuck postcard showing golf Scene at North Berwick. Marine Hotel in the background. Lengthy note on back. Fair-good condition.     ….. $15.00

1702. “Feeling Grand at St. Andrews”. Novelty Comic pc by Valentine with pull down group of 8 photos including 3 golf.    ….. $35.00

1703. 4 Valentine sepia chromes of St. Andrews from a numbered series, #3375, 3378, 3380 and 3381. Excellent +   ….    $50.00

1704. 4 Aerial views of St.Andrews, 2 recent and 2 older, 3 by Valentines and 1 Millar & Lang, all unused.Excellent     …… $35.00

1705. 4 Aerial views of St Andrews, 3 by Valentines sand one from A.Anderson, which was postmarked in   …….. $40.00

1706. 9 Crombie  8” x 5 ¼” postcards in an original folder depicting the “Rules of Golf”. Six cards are still attached in the original folder and three others are attached but loose. All are in nr mint condition.    ….. $125.00

1707. Liphook Set of 12. Issued in two sets of 6 in envelopes marked “Series A” and “Series B”. All real photo postcards. Near mint.    ….. $100.00

1708. Barton on Sea set of 6 in specially made envelope. Six real photo cards showing holes on the course. Near mint.     ….. $50.00

1709. Golf Club Sunningdale. Unsued real photo B&W postcard of the clubhouse. Nedar Mint.   …. $20.00

1710. 3 Dennis color tinted postcard of St. Andrews All unused , one with pencil mark on rear. Shows 18th hole at Open,  scene looking toward the 18th 1st Tee & 18th Green and clubhouse. Ex+.    $50.00

1711. two Grand Hotel, St. Andrews advertising cards. One horizontal, one vertical with sme photo of Hotel. One was mailed in 1907. One unused.   …. $50.00

1712. Sandwich black and white of the entranceway. Unused, excellent.    …… $20.00

1713. Sandwich entranceway. Same photo as 713 above except in color. Unused excellent.    ….. $20.00

1714. Royal St Georges, wide angle view of above two and rarer from Peacock Series. Exc.  …… $35.00

1715. Walton Heath Golf Club. RPPCn from Firth Series. WAH.38.  Unused near mint.   ……. $25.00

1716. Golf Club Prestwick. View of Clubhouse. Postally used in 1901.    ….$30.00

1717. Nice group of 12 Bamforth comic golf cards.  Seven are unused and 5 are used ca 1930.   $100.00

1718. 1939 Advertising Postcard for the Philadelphia CC and the 1939 U.S. Open. Shows scorecard for the course on half the front. Near mint condition.  Rare!  …… $75.00

1719.  11 RPPC’s of Olympia Fields near Chicago. All are b&W and unused, though two have pre-printed notes on the rear. 3 show views of the course, the rest are interior. Photographer was Stadler Photographic.  Ex+-mt and rare.    ….. $200.00

1720. 10 RPPC’s of the Olympic Club in San Francisco.  The photos date to 1920 or before. One card shows the clubhouse, 4 show the course and 5 are interior views. All are ex-mt to nr mint.         $300.00

1721. Complete set of 18 color postcards of the Canterbury Golf Club outside Cleveland. One card for each hole, produced by the William Richards Studio.         ….$300.00

1722. Two matching color postcards, circa 1920, of Scioto Country Club course. Both are unsued one shows the grounds and course and the second shows the Cub House.  Excellent +.      $75.00

1723. Three circa 1930 postcards of French Lick Golf Course. Each is a split card with a scorecard and a different view. One is excellent and unused, one has a note and the third was postally used.  Condition ranges from good to excellent.     …..,.. $75.00

1724. 7 postcards from Augusta National. Six are linens, one is a chrome. 4 linens are unused and 2 were mailed.  The chrome is mint     …… $125.00

1724a. Nine chromes from Augusta National. 3 are early chromes (one used), circa 1960 and 6 are Continentals (all nr mt).  …..  $40.00

1725. 15 golf postcards from Hawaii. 1 is a pre-linen, (Waialea) . 13 are early chromes and one  is later. Other courses are Mauna Kea, Honolulu CC, Pali, Royal Lahaina, Kaanapali, Kauai Surf and Oahu CC,.   $100.00

1726. 7 Linen postcards of the Pebble Beach and Cypress point courses. Circa 1950. 4 from Pebble including 2 of the 7th hole, the Lodge, and the 18th; 3 of Cypress including the Clubhouse, the 16th hole and an aerial showing the 15th and 16th. Five are unused.     …… $50.00

1726a.  Four Old Pebble Beach postcards. Two early 20th century of the Old Lodge (one used), and one early 20th century of the new lodge (unused). Also an unused linen showing a map of the Montery Peninsula. ….. $50.00

1726b. 7 cards of golf on Santa Catalina Island. 3 are linens and 4 earlier color cards. All are unused.  …….. $25.00

1727.  A postcard folder from 1938 showing the Broadmoor and Cheyenne Mtn and  6 more recent chromes.          $20.00

1727a. 11 Postcards from the early days of the Boulders Resort. From a set of 16 5” x 7” cards, missing are WR3-7. All in ner mint condition.   ……..  $75.00

1728. 7 Real Photo postcards by Byron Harmon and produced by the Canadian Pacific Railway. Six feature the Banff Springs Hotel and golf course views and one shows the Hotel pool. All are unused and ex-mt.    ….. $30.00

1728a. * 4 postcards from Jasper Golf Course, 1 from Waterton and an old scorecard from Waterton.  The Jasper PC’s include 2 early real photos, one with writing on the back, the other with a stain on the back, 2 early chromes. The Waterton is a RPPC and the unusedscorecard is apparently from 1968.

1728b. Early 1931  tri-fold postcard from Banff Springs.  Two scenic golfing views surround the mailing section and the back advertised two 1931 tournaments at Banff as well as an ad for the Hotel.   …. $25.00

1728c. 21 postcards of golf at Banff Springs. 11 are early chromes and the rest are Black and white Real photos.  Four were mailed.   ……….  $50.00

1729. 52 postcards of the Country Club of Havana. Includes 1. Complete Booklet of 14 post cards including cover in original envelope. 2. Group of 10 postcards from booklet above 3. Group of 17 postcards, different from above, of the Country Club of Havana 4. 5 Real photo postcards of The Country Club of Havana 5. 6 color tinted postcards. All are unsued, almost all are near mint.     …….. $125.00

1730. 2 early postcards of the Baltimore Country Club.  Hosted the US Open in 1898  and the PGA in 1928 and other Championships. Also known as Five Farms. The cards, both color, are in good-very good condition and date to the 1920’s. One is unused.  …… $30.00

1730a.  2 Illustrated Postcard Co. cards of the Garden City Golf Club. The first postmarked 1906 has writing on the front. The second is unused but with a pencil notation of a date 9-1-09 and is otherwise excellent. The course hosted 4 U.S. Amateurs and the Walker Cup. ……… $50.00

1730b. 4 very old cards of the Maidstone Club in East Hampton, New York.  All cards were mailed (Between 1911 and 1942. One is color, 3 are black and white.  …….. $75.00

1731. 2 very early postcards from the Chicago Golf Club. One of the oldest and most prestigious clubs in the world. One card is a very old RPPC and the second is a color card of the clubhouse which was mailed in 1909.  Both cards are in excellent condition.  ……. $40.00

1732.  Two color  cards of St. Andrews with decorative colorful framing. One of the Club House by Valentines and nother from the West. Both mailed in 1912 and 1907. Very good-excellent.    ……..  $40.00

1734. 3 colorful watercolor renditions of St. Andrews. From the Links, the Clubhouse and the East Sands. Two used, all by Valentine.  …….  $50.00

1735. Three vintage postcards of famous Shinnecock Hills.  Two in color of the Clubhouse and on the 7th Green (some album remains on back), and one in black and white of the Clubhouse. All are unused.        ……. $50.00

1736. Three sepia RPPCs of St. Andrews. All Valentines from their “Phototype Series”.  All postmarked in the early 1950’s. Shows St. Andrews from the Sands, the 1st Tee and 18th green and the Clubhouse and 18th Green. Very good-excellent.        ……… $50.00

1737. Four postcards from Baltusrol. All black and white cards from the early 20th century and all mailed. Condition is good to very good.       ……. $50.00

1738. Four postcards from Baltusrol. Two different color cards of the clubhouse from the 1902’s (one mailed). Two blck and white drom the same era, bith mailed. Condition is very good+.    …….. $60.00

1739. Four different post cards of Brae Burn. Two black and white show the Clubhouse, and one is a Rotograph postcard.  Both are in ex-mt condition. A turn of the century unused sepia card shows the 2nd fairway and a color card of the Clubhouse is unused but has a toned address portion.        ……. $75.00

1740. Four postcards from the Homestead in Virginia. Two are B&W ral photos, one used in 1947 and one unused. Also a color card from the 1920’s of the First tee. Postmarked 1926. Finally an unused advertising card with a color drawing of the Homestead. Overall excellent.   …….. $35.00

1741. Four postcards from the Seaview Golf Club. Most interesting is a real photo card from the 1920’s showing the club on the front with a red overprint and notations on the back the construction of the structure. A mint color card showing the entrance and the clubhouse. A used aerial view of the course and clubhouse and another unused color view of the entranceway. Ex-mt.    ……… $50.00

1742. Four postcards from the Country club in Brookline, Mass. Two B&W cards showing the Clubhouse, but postmarked. Also two color cards, one postmarked and one unused from the 1920’s. Overall excellent.  ……  $50.00

1743. Three non traditional postcards of Seaview Golf Club. All are panoramic in unusual sizes. All have views showing the Clubhouse and the front lawn. First is a 7” x 3 ½” unused mint card. A second card is a 14 1/4” x 3 1/2” card showing an elongated card of the same view.Also unused but has become separated and taped at the middle. Finally, a third and more spectacular Souvenir folding card measuring 14” x 5 1/2” in four sections. In near mint condition.   ……… $150.00

1744a- 2 early postcards of the French Lick course by the Pluto Press. Both unused and excellent.    ……… $40.00

1744b- Three French Lick by EC Kropp. All unused views from early 20th century. All by the same maker and in the same style . Golfer teeing off in front of Golf House. 2. Bird’s eye aerial view. 3. Number One Tee. All are excellent.    ….. $50.00

1745. Advertising postcard for the 1937 U.S. Open at Oakland Hills Country Club in Michigan. Postmarked 1938 with lengthy note. Excellent.  ……… $25.00

1746.  Rare old R.S. Gwinn postcard of the Myopia Hunt Club House in Hamilton, MA. The Myopia Club hosted 4 U.S. Open is between 1898 and 1908. The card is in ex+-mt condition.    …… $25.00

1747.  Inwood Country Club. Inwood Country Club was the site of the 1921 PGA which was won by Walter Hagan well as the 1923 U.S. Open, which was the first major won by Bobby Jones. Rare card shows a view of the links. Mailed in 1947 but the postcard is much earlier. ……… $50.00

1748.  3 early RPPC of Inverness in Toledo, host of many major championships. All three are from a set produced by F.C. Fling Photographic Post cards. Each card has what appears to be a preprinted description of the hole in blue script. Excellent. ……….  $100.00

1748a. Very early W.L. Milner postcard of The Inverness Club. Postmarked 1907 and some writing on front. ……….  $25.00

1749.  3 very old RPPC’s of Medinah Country Club near Chicago. One shows the Clubhouse, one shows the course and the third shows the entrance road. All have Medinah’s crest. All are unused and in at least excellent condition.  ………. $100.00

1750. Two circa 1910 Carnoustie postcards. Interesting pair, one in b&w and one in color with the same photo. Both are used, the color in 1911 and the b&w in 1903. Very good condition.  …….  $40.00

1751. Rare Carnoustie postcard with city crest. From the Reliable Series. “At the First Hole, Csrnoustie. Excellent and postally used in 1905.   ….. $25.00

1752. Three Carnoustie golf postcards from the National Series in the 1900-1905 era. “Carnoustie from The Links”, “Links Parade, Carnoustie” and “Golf Houses, Carnoustie”. The first was postally used in 1908. The others are unused.  ………  $75.00

1753. Three Carnoustie golf postcards of similar design from the Valentine Series. “Links Parade”, “At the Tee” and “On the Links”. The first two were postally used in 1903 and 11905. The lst is unused. Excellent.      …. $75.00

1754. Carnoustie Valentines Foldout #1. Shows a Terrier hiding a foldout with ten views of Carnoustie including one of the golf course. Mailed in 1930. Excellent.   ……. $35.00

1755. Carnoustie Valentines Foldout #2. Shows a man in full dress with bagpipes hiding a foldout with twelve views of Carnoustie including three of the golf course. Postmarked with 1950’s stamp. ……. $35.00

1756. Carnoustie Valentines Foldout #3. Shows a Kilt hiding a foldout with twelve views of Carnoustie including two of the golf course. Mailed in 1912. Very good.   ……. $25.00

1758. Unused old card of “Golf Links, Dornoch. Unused and in near mint condition.   …… $20.00

1759. 4 sepia Gleneagles postcards from the same 84xxx series. All early without a maker noted. Excellent condition.      ……  $75.00

1760. 35 golf Postcards from St. Andrews. 32 are unused, All are chromes, 8 are early chromes and 27 are Continental from 2000 and earlier.     …….. $100.00

1761.  2 McCorquodale Turnberrry Station. Both used and in excellent condition. ….. $30.00

1762. 2 Sepia RPPC Gleneagles. “The Het Girdle” (nr mt with some pencil marks on rear) and “Fllowing the Champions”, near mint.    ………….  $35.00

1763. 2 Tuck Gleneagles showing the Hotel. The color one is nr mint and unused and the tiiinted one is excellent and mailed in 1929. …………  $50.00

1764. 5 Gleneagles sepia chrome cards from the 1950’s. 4 re unused and one is used. All different from the “A89xx” series.  …….    $60.00

1765. Davdisons RPPC of St. Andrews. Distant view looking towards the cluhouse.  Unused and excellent.  ………  $25.00

1766. Gleneagles Dennis Mail Folder. Measures 5 ¾  4” with 6 accordian style photos of the hotel and golf course.   …….  $35.00

1767. Gleneagles 3 ½”x 3” photo pack. Mailed to the U.S. in 1930. Includes 12 different views of the hotel and golf course with an identification of each pre-printed on the back. Ex-mt.    $50.00

1768. St Andrews fold out “Snapshot Album” measuring 3 ¼” x 2 ¼”. Has accordian fold out with 12 3” x 2” hand colored gravures. …………  $50.00

1769. Raphael Tuck Carnoustie in frame featuring the 1st hole. Was used in 1911 and is creased.  …..       $25.00

1770. Wrench card showing The Links, Carnoustie. Color card used in 1907,otherwise excellent.  ……….   $25.00



Photos of any item are available on request


1941. 27 Naval Comics. Near set in ex-mt to near condition.     $35.00


NS2. 21 Raphael Tuck postcards. One of the more popular and most collected Post card manufacturer. 18 are unused, 2 were mailed and one was addressed and not mailed. Subjects include Niagara Falls (4), the Washington Monument, Bunker Hill, Arlington Natl Cemetary, Mt. Vernon, The Capitol in Wash., D.C. Williamsburg, etc. Mostly excellent and better. ………….  $85.00

NS4. 1953 Dixie Lid set of 24 on an uncut sheet. The sheet which measures about 14” x 10“ includes a complete set including the eight short prints (Tony Curtis, Forrest Tucker, Johnny Weismuller, John Wayne, Audie Murphy, Jane Russell, Sid Caesar & Imogene Coca and Rocky Lane). The sheet is in overall excellent condition. Very rare. ………. $500.00

NS5. 1953 (Presidential) Inaugural Parade.  9” x 6”, 60 page fascinating booklet for the parade that followed Eisenhower’s election. The detail that was involved is amazing. Excellent condition with some handwritten notes.  ………  $50.00

NS5a. 1953 Inaugural. 3 tickets, one to the Inaugural Ball, one is for the Treasury Stand and the last is a permit to croiss Pennsylvanis Avenue. Ll Excellent. ……………. $30.00

NS6. 1971-72 Topps 70-Gordie Howe (excellent) ………… $25.00

NS7. 3 Democratic Convention tickets. Two are from 1984 (Mondale-Moscone Center) and one is from 2000 (Gore-Staples Center). All are excellent condition… $50.00

NS10. E47 American Carmel Jockeys, 12 cards (fair-very good) ……   $50.00

NS11. Two Real photo postcard sized cards of the  1919 Dempsey-Willard “Long Count” fight July 4, 1910 at Toledo, OH. The fight was among the most historic, often referred to as “The Long Count”. The photos, apparently produced by Moser Photo of NY were produced on postcard stock paper and were apparently meant to be postcards. (One is stamped “POST CARD” on the rear. They measure about 5” by  3 ½”. One shows a view from behind the crowd and the othe is a bird’s eye view of the knock out and “long count”, Neat pencil notation of the above are on the back. …….. $95.00

NS12. 1935 Gunther’s Map of Sports Reords.  A 14 x 20 ½” very colorful map of the United States featuring about 20 notable sports accomplishments including Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones, Helen Wills,  Bill Tilden, Sun Beau, etc. Excellent condition.  …….   $75.00

NS15. 3 original 4 ½” x 6” photos from the 1908 Olympics. The 100 year old pictures were copyrighted by “Topical”. The 4 ½” x 6” photos show the final competition in the discus throw (corner reattached, the 100 meter hurdls with winner C.G. Bacon (corner crease) and Shepard winning the 1500 meters (light corner crease).  ......................  $50.00

NS22. Six CALSO (Standard Oil Co. of California) prints of Scenic landmarks, circa 1950. The colorful prints measure 17 ½” x 11 ½” and feature 1. Cypress Point in Monterrey, 2. Oak Creek, Arizona, 3. Spring Carpet, Black Mountains, 4. Desert Wildflowers, California, 5. Mystery Valley, Northeastern Arizona (wow more commonly known as Monument Valley) and 6. Canyon de Shelley. All are in very good to excellent condition though % has a small 1/4” x 1//2” hole in  the sky. …………   $75.00

NS23 R712-2 Topps Hopalong Cassidy group of 43 cards. Condition ranges from poor to very good …………… $50.00

NS24. W551 Strip of 10 cards about 14" x 2 1/2". Strip is in excellent condition except for the last card (Weismuller) which has a crease. The strip has been miscut so the captions show at the top instead of the bottom. Better names include Willie Hoppe, Helen Wainwright, Bill Tilden, Gene Sarazen and Weismuller. Rarely seen in this form. ........  $100.00

NS25.   Wills card set of 50 Lighthouses. Virtually all near mint-mint. Lists for 110 pounds ($150+) in Murrays catalog.  .......................  $50.00

NS32.  Whiz Bang Group of 4. Includes Gary Cooper, Ken Maynard, Wallace McDonald and Buck Jones. Chief Thunderbird, Warner Baxter and George O’Brien. All are of only a few known. All mint. …..  $200.00





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