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Autographs – Baseball and other sports


(see Golf autographs further down this list)


A1. Walter Johnson one page tls dated April 2, 1925 on his personal letterhead with original envelope. Also included is a 1925 Opening day ticket the recipient used to see Johnson pitch shortly after the letter was received and a very nice typed note by the recipient is included along with the mailing envelope he received the ticket in. Johnson beat the Yankees 10-1. The letter has a piece of tape in the upper left and lower left corners not affecting anything. Johnson died in 1946. Excellent (with note to the tape) condition with JSA LOA (not that its needed). ………..  $2,000.00


A2. Dr. Forrest (Frosty Thomas autograph. Cut from the return address portion of an enevelope. Came from the Jerry DiPoto collection. Frosty Thomas pitched for the Minneapolis Millers from 1903-07, notching 73 victories. He pitched for the 1905 Detroit Tigers in May 1905, a few months before Ty  Cobb broke in with the team in August……….   $50.00


A3. Two very unusual 1924 autographs of Eddie Collins and Tris Speaker and a third of Rogers Hornsby. A fan from Long Island wrote Collins, Speaker and Hornsby in 1924  asking for an autograph and their weight (?). The letters are included here but the Hornsby signature is . All three signed the letters and sent them back. The Hornsby and Collins were glued together and Hornsby was damaged in the process. The letter is basically intact. The fan clipped out the autographs and kept them. I met the writer and obtained the signatures about 25 years ago. The cuts and letters are all offered here.  …………….  $750.00


A4. A very unusual item from the 1933 8th annual East-West Shriner’s All Star Game in San Francisco. A four page 10”, x 7” menu showing Bryce Canyon National Park on the front and back covers and inside there are 33 signatures some of which were recognizable college football players on a 2 page lunch menu. The signatures were ultimately found to be college football players on their way to San Francisco for the football game aboard a Union-Pacific train (their emblem is on the back cover). There are some recognizable signatures, even to me-Andy Kerr (Coach), Pug Pentner, Pug Lund, Joe Zasputas, etc. A most unusual and very rare autograph item. There is a crease goind down the middle of the menu and a 2” separation at the bottom of the spine. ………..  $500.00


A5. A check from Johnny Vandermeer. Vandermeer bought a cheap item from me once. When I got his check, I looked at it and thought it was worth more to keep it than cash it. So here it is. Made out to me in 1987.  ……………$25.00


A6. Lefty Grove signed a 5” x  8” blank piece of paper…………..$25.00


A7. 3 vintage Notre Dame autographs from the John Smith collection, Patsy Bisceglia (1952-6), Christy Flanagan (1925-27) and Angelo Bertelli (1940-43. Bertelli was a Heisman winner.  …………….  $95.00


A8. 3 vintage football autgraphs from the John Smith collection. Hamilton, Fish, Glenn Killinger and Edward Hirsch. The first two are in the College Hall of Fame. The back of Fish’s cards he types about two recollections and Jim Thorpe. All are slabbed and authenticated by SGCA and Jimmy Spence.  …………..  $35.00


A9. . 7 vintage Basketball autographs. Jim Luscutoff (alive at 84), Coach Frank McGuire (d. 1994), Stretch Murphy (played with Wooden at Purdue, d. 1992), Fred Taylor (d. 2002), Bob Davies (d. 1990), Howard Cann (d. 1992 at 97) and Bob Kurland (d. 2013) ………… $125.00


A10. . Gale Sayers on 3 1/2 x 5 ½ team issued photo, small rubber stamp in back Dec. 15, 1966. Inscribed Best Wishes to John “Gale Sayers”….. $25.00


A11. 4 ½ x 2 ¾” photo of Travis Jackson and Bill Terry. Taken at Newfield Park (Bridgeport CT) in 1929 as per writing on back ……..  $20.00.


A12. Colleen H Vandeweghe signed 3x5. Former Miss America  in 1952, married Knick star Ernie Vandeweghe and was the sister of Detroit Piston star, Mel Hutchins. Inscribed “Best Wishes Colleen H Vandeweghe Miss America 1952”. Died in 2010.   …….. $25.00


A13. Group of 32 Tennis autographs from the Jeff Morey collection. There are 25 different and 7 duplicates as follows Arthur Ashe, Louis Brough, Butch Buchholz, Cliff Drysdale, Roy Emerson -2, Chris Evert, Shirley May France, Pancho Gonzales, Darlene Hard, Billie Jean King, Jack Kramer 3, Rod Lauer, Marty Liquori (with note on rear), Bob Lutz , ? Pasarell, Bobby Riggs – 2, Tony Roche, Ken Rosewall, Wayne Sabin, Vic Seixas, Stan Smith – 2, Hal Surface Jr., Bill Talbert, Roscoe Tanner and Tony Trabert - 3.  …………    $125.00

A14. Group of 20 golf autographs from the Jeff Morey collection. There are 10 different plus 10 duplicates as follows: Tommy Archer, Jerry Barber -7, Patty Berg-2, Tommy Bolt – PSA. Jack Burke. Doug Ford, , Bobby Nichols-3, , Sam Snead (taped on card), , Louis Suggs, , Tom Weiskopf and Mickey Wright -2. ………. .$60.00


A15. 4 better autographs from football (2), Basketball and Billiards. The Billiards is Willie Mosconi  on a blank 3 x 5, the basketball is Howard Cann, the long time coach of N.Y.U. and the football are Ki Aldrich and the memorable (Henry) Hinkey Haines. Haines is the only player who won an Championship in football (1927 with the NFL Giant) and baseball (in 1923 with the Yankees). Aldrich p[layed Pro football in the 1940’s. His autograph is on a piece on hotel stationary and is taped. Mosconi’s signature is a blank 3 x 5 as is Howard Cann, the longtime basketball coach of NYU until they discontinued basketball. …………  all  $75.00

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Autographed Exhibition tickets (all from the collection of noted golf autograph authorityMark Emerson)

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Golf Post Card Places, comics and courses


1920. 9 cards from the T7 Hamilton King “Girl” Series (1902-1914). Highlighted by 2 from the T7-6 Sports Girls (Yachting and Tennis), both excellent; Two from T7-1 #7 (vg, corner nipped) and #9 (ex-mt);  Three from T7-3 (Princeton (good) , Vassar (good) and New York (ex); one T7-3 Newport Girl (gd-vg) and one T7-5 Flag Girl Germany (vg);   …………  $200.00

1921. T7-2 Hamilton King Atlantic City Girl (good)  ………………   $15.00

1922. 1953 Dixie Lid Movie Star Sheet with 272 lids with 4 complete sets. This huge sheet, which measures 41“ x 39 1/2“ shows 16 rows down and 17+ columns cross. Part of an 18th column can be seen at the right and it could be surmised that the entire sheet had 20 columns when printed. The 24 card Dixie Lid set consists of mostly Movie stars and entertainers, but does include 2 personalities which could be considered athletes. i.e. Esther Williams and Johnny Weismuller. More prominent personalities in the set are Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Milton Berle, John Wayne and Debbie Reynolds. As the sheet stands now, there are 8 complete sets among the 272 lids. If there were 20 columns printed, there still would have been 8 complete sets, but 320 lids. The short prints, which are apparently unknown to current price guides are Sid Caesar, Tony Curtis, Allen Lane, Audie Murphy, Jane Russell, Forrest Tucker, John Wayne and Johnny Weismuller, which were issued in a 1:2 ration to the other cards. The sheet is basically in excellent condition. ......  $1,500.

1923. 1953 Dixie Lid Movie Star Sheet with a complete set of 24 cards. The sheet which measures 14 ¼” x 9 7/8“ includes a complete set including the eight short prints (Tony Curtis, Forrest Tucker, Johnny Weismuller, John Wayne, Audie Murphy, Jane Russell, Sid Caesar & Imogene Coca and Rocky Lane). The sheet is overall in excellent condition with a minor stain and a tiny wrinkle. ......... $500.

1924. Better group of 91 postcards, mostly from Exhibitions. Includes Set of 10 1893 Columbia Exposition in original envelope, (excellent +); 6 from the 1901 Pam American Exposition (nr mt); 15 from 1904 St. Louis Exhibition, 14 with silver borders, most ex-mt or nr mint, 1 used; Set of 16 1909 Hudson-Fulton in original envelope, near mint; 30 1915 Panama-Pacific Exhibition (ex-mt or better), Extremely colorful lot in extremely nice condition.   ..........  $400.

1930 Fleer Whiz Bang cards. From the recent find of a box of these previously unknown cards. There were  83 cards from an apparent set of 16. Included in the set were 3 different baseball cards and 13 non sports cards. Offered here are six of the non sports cards. Each card has two tiny factory punched slits which it is suspected would propel the cards. Included with each card is a pack of “Whiz Bang” Gum. All cards are near mint


1925. 5 Dockman “Star Player Candy”. from a 2009 find of 70 cards including 2 Babe Ruth. The five cards, which are all Aviation related are Co. Charles A Lindberg, Com. Richard A Byrd,Army Flyers Hop Off, Bellanca Monoplane “RoseMarie” and Fokker Army Plane.    ….  $350.00

1926. Whiz Bang Buck Jones.    …… $75.00

1927. Whiz Bang Gary Cooper .    …… $725.00

1928. Whiz Bang Jack Oakie.    …… $65.00

1929. Whiz Bang Ted Wills ………. 60.00

1930. Whiz Bang Ken Maynard.    …… $100.00

1931. Whiz Bang Wallace McDonald.    …… $50.00

1932. 1953 Bowman T.V. and Radio Stars of NBC set of 96.  (39 cards ex-mt or better, 28 cards very good-excellent, 21 cards good, 8 cards fair).    …….. $600.00

1933. 1953 Bowman Antique Autos set of 48.  (nr mt-mt),       ….. $300.00

1934. 1954 Bowman U.S. Naval Victories set of 48.  (9 excellent+ or better, 13 cards excellent, 17 cards very good, 9 cards good).          .$250.00


1937. 1958 Topps Zorro set of 88.  (64 cards nr mt or ex-mt, most nr mt, 20 cards excellent, 4 cards very good). …….    $400.00

1938. Exhibit Co. of America Four in 1 Cowboys set of 32. Includes Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, JohnWayne, Hopalong Cassidy, etc. Near mint.   …… $40.00

1939. 21 Sepia Actresses from a set of 32. Includes Jane Russell, Debra Paget, Donna Reed, Rita Moreno, etc. All ex-mt or better. ……… $25.00

1940. 26 Mutoscope cards of Actors and actresses. Include Ozzie Nelson, Sammy Kaye, Xavier Cugat, etc. All with postcard backs as was usual with Mutoscope. Almost all ex-mt or better. ……..  $30.00

1941. 27 Naval Comics. Near set in ex-mt to near condition.     $35.00

1942. 61 Cowboys from various sets  including Clint Walker, William Boyd, Hugh O’Brien, multiples of Roy Rogers and Gene Autry, Johnny Mack Brown, etc. Mostly ex-mt and better.   … $75.00

1945. Exhibit Co. of America partial set of 18 Davy Crockett. ….. $20.00

1946. Exhibit Co. of America Four in 1 Cowgirls set of 32. Includes Dale Evans, Jane Russell, etc. Near mint.   ….. $40.00

1947. 22 NBC-MBS-CBS Exhibit cards. 13 are different and 9 duplicates. Include Bing Crosby (2), Kate Smith, Groucho Marx (2), Red Skelton (2), Robert Young (2), etc. Almost all ex-mt and better.  …..  $20.00

1948. 1941 Exhibit Co.Your Ideal Love Mate” near  set of 28 (of 32). Ex-mt to near mint.   ….. $35.00

1949. 1929 “Men of America” 4 1/8” x 2 1/2” booklets complete set of 48 plus 18 booklets with color variations, specially made album and title brochure. The set featured 3 booklets with sports figures highlighted by #35-American Athletes with Bobby Jones on the front cover (and Rogers Hornsby on the back). Other Athletic booklets are #49 Judge Landis and #17 Walter Camp. Familiar names in the set are Theodore Roosevelt, George Eastman, George Washington, Thomas Edison, Charles Lindbergh, Will Rogers, Ben Franklin, etc. Virtually all are excellent or better including the three sports booklets and the album. …….. $500.

*1950. F-unc. 1937 Donut Company of America partial set of 61 from 72 card set with Album. Cards issued as package design cards on the sides of donut boxes. Set was titled “Thrilling Moments in the Lives of Famous Americans”. The offered cards were glued in the album and were removed. There is some glue residue and the cards are neatly cut. The album is in much nicer condition than is usually found with note to the glue remains. The only sports star in the set is woman’s golf champion, Glenna Collett Vare.    ……. $250.



NS1. 11 Detroit Publishing Post cards. Subjects are National Monuments including Lexington Concord, Washington Monument, Bunker Hill, etc. Five are unused, 5 are unused with a mark on the address side and one was used. ………..  $30.00

NS2. 21 Raphael Tuck postcards. One of the more popular and most collected Post card manufacturer. 18 are unused, 2 were mailed and one was addressed and not mailed. Subjects include Niagara Falls (4), the Washington Monument, Bunker Hill, Arlington Natl Cemetary, Mt. Vernon, The Capitol in Wash., D.C. Williamsburg, etc. Mostly excellent and better. ………….  $85.00

NS3. 3 1952 Dixie Lids – Elizabeth Taylor, June Allyson and Robert Taylor (all mint with original tissue on lids). …………..  $35.00

NS4. 1953 Dixie Lid set on an uncut sheet. The sheet which measures about 14” x 10“ includes a complete set including the eight short prints (Tony Curtis, Forrest Tucker, Johnny Weismuller, John Wayne, Audie Murphy, Jane Russell, Sid Caesar & Imogene Coca and Rocky Lane). The sheet has a closed 4”  tear at the upper left, minor damage at the lower right and a missing corner at the lower left. Very rare. ………. $500.00 .

NS5. 1953 (Presidential) Inaugural Parade.  9” x 6”, 60 page fascinating booklet for the parade that followed Eisenhower’s election. The detail that was involved is amazing. Excellent condition with some handwritten notes.  ………  $50.00

NS6. 1971-72 Topps 70-Gordie Howe (excellent) ………… $25.00

NS7. 3 Democratic Convention tickets. Two are from 1984 (Mondale-Moscone Center) and one is from 2000 (Gore-Staples Center). All are excellent condition… $50.00


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