Set of Five scrapbooks from the Mears Collection.

Lot 172. Set of Five scrapbooks from the Mears Collection.

Winning Bid  $847
The collection belonged to Walter Mears and was considered to be the pre-eminent collection of baseball periodicals including a complete run of Spirit of the Times, Ballplayers Chronicle, New England Baseballist, most 19th Century New York Clippers, etc. ...... The collection was left to the Cleveland Public Library and was de-accessed several years ago. In addition to the bound volumes Mears assembled five scrapbooks. Each book measures 12” x 10” and is on average 1 ½” thick. Each page has had clippings from baseball related newspaper stories of all types. The volumes seem to cover the time period from the early eighties to just after the Black Sox scandal where there is period coverage. The books have loose covers although the contents are in very good condition. Winning Bid $847

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