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Lot 168.  "The Sporting Life For Sale Here" - beautiful and colorful advertising piece from around 1900. The ad shows a baseball scene of a catcher attempting to catch a runner in a rectangle within a baseball. There is some repaired damage in the upper left corners, lower right corner and the right side. A 13 1/2" x 10" advertising piece professionally matted and framed to 20" and 17".
Winning Bid $1,331     

Lot 169.  8 photos of Eastern League Baltimore Oriole photos from 1903-1907. The photos are approximately 3” x 4” which have been attached to 6” x 5” black mounts. The players are Fred Burchell, a prominent pitcher on the Orioles through 1903-10 period, outfielder Jack Hayden, pitcher Dell Mason, centerfielder John Kelly, shortstop Theophilus “Offa” Neal, catcher Hugh Hearn, Con Starkel, and shortstop Harry Beach. A couple of the photos are a little light but otherwise excellent. Full size scans of the photos are available on request.
Minimum Bid $2,500     

Lot 170.  8 3/4 “ x 6 ¼” photo of the 1908 Baltimore Orioles with player/coach Wilbert Robinson. Robinson was a back up catcher for the pennant winning Orioles (Eastern League) and came to bat 103 times at the age of 44. There is a pencil written date on the rear of Sept 21, 1908. The photo which has obviously had black and white editing and highlighting added for publication. The player on the left has skillfully been added to the picture. There is a clipping from the newspaper the photo appeared in, identifying all the players. Aside from Robinson, better known players are Manager Jack Dunn (center arms folded), who signed Babe Ruth, Doc Adkins (left on middle row) and Chester Chadbourne, middle row, far right.
Minimum Bid $300     

Lot 171.  The New York (Sunday) Mercury (1870-80) run of newspapers. The New York (Sunday) Mercury commenced publication in 1839. It published only on Sunday. It was the first newspaper to provide regular coverage of baseball. It has extensive coverage of the National Association and the beginning of the National League. As the years go on the baseball coverage’s increases. In 1858 the paper hired Henrik (Henry) Chadwick, to cover the sport for the paper. There are eleven volumes, one for each year. The first 6 (1870-1875) are in matching labeled binders (illustrated) and in reasonably nice condition. The remaining 5 years have black covers which are mostly loose but the Mercury pages are in decent shape. Each volume measures 25” x 18” and the total weight is 103 pounds. Shipping estimate via Fed Ex Ground is $60-$125.
Winning Bid $324     

Lot 172.  Set of Five scrapbooks from the Mears Collection. The collection belonged to Walter Mears and was considered to be the pre-eminent collection of baseball periodicals including a complete run of Spirit of the Times, Ballplayers Chronicle, New England Baseballist, most 19th Century New York Clippers, etc. ...... The collection was left to the Cleveland Public Library and was de-accessed several years ago. In addition to the bound volumes Mears assembled five scrapbooks. Each book measures 12” x 10” and is on average 1 ½” thick. Each page has had clippings from baseball related newspaper stories of all types. The volumes seem to cover the time period from the early eighties to just after the Black Sox scandal where there is period coverage. The books have loose covers although the contents are in very good condition.
Winning Bid $847     

Lot 173.  G H Mumm and Co. Extra Dry Champagne bottle signed in 1912 by Yale baseball players including 18 members of Yale classes of 1912-14. The 16 signatures (two can’t be made out) are WW Jenkins, Hyde,¨PG Corrnish, Merritt, CC Brown, Burdett, ?, Chauncey, WS Harpham, Cobb, Sherman, C. Arbuthnot III, Osborn, CM Gile, Ryan, FT Blossom, Riddell. The underlined are players who had Pritchard stamps issued in 1914 (see Lot 72). The lot also includes 9 duplicate stamps from the Pritchard stamp issue including C.M. Gile and P.G. Cornish who signed the bottle. A closeup of the signatures is available on request. The other 7 stamps, which are in excellent condition are, CC Brown, JS Hanes, WA Hunter, LS Middlebrook, WA Hunter, JS Reilly and RV Vaughn.
Minimum Bid $200     

Lot 174.  1929 Chicago Cub Championship Kaufmann & Fabry panorama. Measures 38” x 10 ½” in wooden frame and shows 35 cameo photos of the entire team including ownership, trainer, announcer & traveling secretary with a 180 degree shot of Wrigley Field in the background. The Cubs, who won the pennant by ten games, only to lose in the World Series to Mack’s Athletic featured Hall of Famers. Hornsby, Cuyler, Wilson, Hartnett and Manager Joe McCarthy. The photo is in excellent condition.
Winning Bid $294     

Lot 175.  Jim Fregosi 1961 American Association All-Star Game Watch. Stainless Steel Elgin Durapower waterproof watch with matching expansion band. Inscribed “American Assn All Star Game 1961" on front and engraved LOUSVILLE JIM FREGOSI on rear. Excellent running condition.The watch is silver, 19 jewels.
Winning Bid $200     

Lot 176.  Fabulous nearly complete group of 234+ Media Guides from the Los Angeles Angels, San Francisco Giants, Seattle Mariners, LA Dodgers and the San Diego Padres spanning the years 1958-2012. Group includes some very rare guides from the Giants and the Angels early years. Details are as follows: L.A. or California Angels – 1961 to 2012 (52 issues); San Francisco Giants – 1958 to 2012 missing 1961 and 1963 (1961 included as a reproduction), with Bank of California variations for 1966 and 1967 and Giant Spring Training Guides issued in 1982-5; Seattle Mariners complete from 1977 to 2012 (36 issues); Los Angeles Dodgers from 1970 through 2012 (43 issues), with reproductions from 1958 to 1969; San Diego Padres from 1969 to 2012 (44 issues); A total of 234 Media Guides and 13 reproductions of missing guides.
Minimum Bid $750     

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