R333 Delong set of 24.

Lot 78. R333 Delong set of 24.

Winning Bid  $2,144
An average good condition example of this very popular thirties set. Highlights: 2-Simmons (good), 4-Terry (good), 5-Gehringer (good), 6-Cochrane (good), 7-Gehrig (fair), 8-Cuyler (fr-gd), 10-O’Doul (good), 11-Lindstrom (vg), 12-Traynor (vg), 13-Maranville (vg), 14-Gomez (gd-vg), 19-Hafey (good), 21-Foxx (fr-gd), 22-Klein (fair-gd), 23-Grove (fair), 24-Goslin (good). Balance: 3 cards very good, 2 cards good, 3 cards fair; Enlarged photos of all cards in the set, front and back, are available on request. Winning Bid $2,144

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