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Lot 189.  N72 Duke Coins of all Nations set of 50. Popular Duke set from the late 1880’s. Condition breakdown: 5 cards ex-mt, 29 cards vg-ex, 11 cards good-very good, 5 cards fair;
Winning Bid $220     

Lot 190.  N85 Duke Postage Stamps of the world set of 50. Popular Duke set from the late 1880’s. Average 26 cards very good, some better and 24 cards good, most with some back damage.
Winning Bid $200     

Lot 191.  Five popular sport Premiums from the T6 Murad College Series of 25. This group includes five of the six highly desired sports as follows: 8-Harvard–football (ex+), 10-Penn State-baseball (ex, two nicks on right side), 12-Rochester-hockey (ex), 18-U. Michigan-football (ex front, some back damage on rear) and 24-Williams-basketball (fair, crease and 4 pinholes).
Winning Bid $275     

Lot 192.  Near set of the 19 remaining different subjects from the T6 Murad College Premium Series of 25. Each of these cabinet-sized premiums features the seal and pennant of a prominent college and usually depict an athlete from the school. The 5" x 8" items are printed on thick cardboard and were only available through a send-away promotion in exchange for "Murad" cigarette coupons. The set is missing #7 Fordham and the five cards in the above lot. Balance: 6 cards excellent, 1 card excellent with pencil writing on the rear, 3 cards very good-excellent, 3 cards very good, 3 cards good-very good and 3 cards fair;
Winning Bid $275     

Lot 193.  1929 John Dockman Star Candy Group of 17 complete packets of candy or gum with a 1929 Dockman Star Candy Card. In a major 2010 find that included 21 subjects, 4 Babe Ruths (see lot 9), Lou Gehrig, Walter Johnson a golfer and 17 subjects of aviators or airplanes. Ten of the 17 Aviation cards are the only ones known and these are shown in italics. Includes 2-Lieut. Champion, 5- Miss Amelia Earhart’s Plane, 7-The Question Mark, 10-The American Girl (Ruth Elder), 13-Pride of Detroit, 17- Col. Charles A. Lindbergh, 18-Bellanco Monoplane “Rosemarie”, 19-The “North Star”, 22-Com. Richard E. Byrd, 23-Army Flyers Hop Off, 26-The Los Angeles, 27-Clarence Chamberlain, 28-Lieut. Williams and New Biplane, 30-Stinson Plane, 31- Com. Richard E. Byrd, 37-“Woolaroc” in flight, 46-Fokker Army Plane. The cards all appear that they would grade excellent or better, but its impossible to be sure without opening the packs and removing the candy. A group of 7 duplicates went for $550 in our April 2010 Auction.
Winning Bid $750     

Lot 194.  R50 First Column Defenders set of 24. Popular 1930’s gum set. #1-Raising the Flag appears excellent but has a pinhole. #24-Combat card is very good. Balance of set contains 16 cards very good or very good+ and 6 card good-very good.
Winning Bid $433     

Lot 195.  R136 Skybirds near complete set of 99 cards (of 108) including 3 rare last series. Missing is low number #90. Highlights: 20-Rickenbacher (vg), 23-Von Richtofen (ex), 32-Doolittle (vg), 36-Lindbergh (vg-ex), 48-Earhart (ex), 49-Wright (vg), 97-Capt. Thenault (gd-vg), 102-Winslow (ex), 105-Sopwith Torpedo Carrier (vg); Balance: 19 cards near mint, 21 cards ex-mt, 25 cards excellent, 17 cards very good, 7 cards gd-vg, 2 cards fair; cards poor-fair; 4 cards in the 1-48 series are from the rarer 144 series ( 35, 41, 44 and 144). A list of all cards with grades is available on request.
Winning Bid $967     

Lot 196.  R137 Goudey Skybirds set of 24 and partial set of 4 R65 History of Aviation. Skybird Highlights: 1-USA Patrol Bomber (vg), 24-China Northrup B A-1 (nr mt); Balance: 9 cards near mint, 5 cards excellent, 5 cards very good, 3 cards good; R65 History of Aviation: 3 (vg-ex), 6 (vg), 9 (good) and 10 (ex).
Winning Bid $242     

Lot 197.  R142 Goudey Soldier Boys set of 24. Average condition set. The #1 U.S. Admiral is fair to good. Balance has 16 cards very good or better and 7 cards fair including 1 short or trimmed (#2).
Winning Bid $200     

Lot 198.  R164 War Gum set of 132. Nice set with nearly 50% excellent or better. Highlights: 1-Roosevelt (good), 97-DeGaulle (fair), 100-King & Queen (gd-vg); Balance: 61 cards excellent or better, 46 cards very good, 22 cards good;
Winning Bid $600     

Lot 199.  Early 1940’s Coca Cola and Kelloggs Pep World War II Pin issues. The Coca Cola issue includes 22 pins from an issue of 25 pins depicting Squadron insignias. The backs show a Coca Cola insignia with a number from 1 to 25. Missing from the set are #’s 11, 14 and 15. The Kelloggs Pep issue offered includes 37 pins and it’s not clear if this is a complete set or not. Each of these pins has “Kellogg’s Pep” on the rear in blue. The Coke pins are ex-mt and better and the Pep pins average excellent+.
Winning Bid $300     

Lot 200.  F7 1953 Dixie Lid Movie star sheet with 272 lids and includes 4 complete sets of 24 cards. This huge sheet, which measures 41“ x 39 1/2“ shows 16 rows down and 17+ columns cross. Part of an 18th column can be seen at the right and it could be surmised that the entire sheet had 20 columns when printed. The 24 card Dixie Lid set consists of mostly Movie stars and entertainers, but does include 2 personalities which could be considered athletes. i.e. Esther Williams and Johnny Weismuller. More prominent personalities in the set are Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Milton Berle, John Wayne and Debbie Reynolds. As the sheet stands now, there are 8 complete sets among the 272 lids. If there were 20 columns printed, there still would have been 8 complete sets, and 320 lids. The short prints, which are apparently unknown to current price guides are Sid Caesar, Tony Curtis, Allen Lane, Audie Murphy, Jane Russell, Forrest Tucker, John Wayne and Johnny Weismuller, which were issued in a 1:2 ration to the other cards. The sheet is basically in excellent condition.
Minimum Bid $750     

Lot 201.  F7 1953 Dixie Lid Movie Star sheet with a complete set of 24. The sheet which measures 14 ¼” x 9 7/8“ includes a complete set including the eight short prints (Tony Curtis, Forrest Tucker, Johnny Weismuller, John Wayne, Audie Murphy, Jane Russell, Sid Caesar & Imogene Coca and Rocky Lane). The sheet is overall in excellent condition with a minor stain and a tiny wrinkle.
Minimum Bid $350     

Lot 202.  R701-3 Bowman Firefighters set of 64. Extremely nice set in near mint condition. Thirty eight cards have a gum stain, almost all of which are in the same spot on the right side of the back. (See illustration).
Winning Bid $533     

Lot 203.  9 R701-4 1949 Bowman Movie Preview Flipbooks. Extremely rare issue which I’ve never seen before. Spoke to a couple of major non-sport collectors and they indicated they’re never seen one either. Group (all from “Series 1” includes #2-3, 5-6, 7-8, 10 and 13-14. All are in remarkable ex+-mt to near mint condition except #6 which has a scrape on the cover.
Winning Bid $700     

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