T3 Turkey Red Set

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A Complete T3 set which has been broken down into 17 lots. A large scan of almost any card, front and back, is available on request. In addition a complete list of the conditions of all cards including the style back is also available.

Lot 39.  T3 Turkey Red 9-Ty Cobb Detroit. Pencil marks on rear, a pin hole at the top and a couple of small spots of paper loss on the rear. Very good appearance.
Minimum Bid $2,000     

Lot 40.  T3 Turkey Red 42-Cy Young, Cleveland. Rounded corners and a clean back. There’s a tiny scrape in the lower right margin. Very good.
Winning Bid $750     

Lot 41.  T3 Turkey Red 27-Christy Mathewson, N.Y. Nat'l. Good-very good card with minor wear at the corners, and two tiny spots of paper loss on the rear.
Winning Bid $1,330     

Lot 42.  T3 Turkey Red 36-Tris Speaker, Boston Amer. A slight bit of wear at the upper right corner, otherwise at least excellent.
Winning Bid $1,100     

Lot 43.  T3 Turkey Red 114-Bob Rhoades, Cleveland. Long considered the rarest T3, by a considerable margin, for unknown reasons. An excellent appearing front. There is a barely discernible ½” cut on the upper right side. The back is clean except the word “PITCHER” is written in pencil on the rear near the top. Aside from the cut and writing excellent.
Winning Bid $1,000     

Lot 44.  T3 Turkey Red 1- Mordecai Brown, Chicago Nat’l. This especially difficult condition #1 card is very good, showing minimal wear at the corners. A very nice card of the Cub Hall of Famer.
Winning Bid $783     

Lot 45.  T3 Turkey Red 23-Nap Lajoie, Cleveland. Discoloration on the card on the right side, front and back. Otherwise a nice card. Good-Very good.
Winning Bid $500     

Lot 46.  T3 Turkey Red 99-Walter Johnson, Washington. A multiple wrinkle crease across the middle of the card. Also 2 light verticle creases, 2 tackholes and a few tiny spots of paper loss. Still a collectible card. Poor-fair.
Minimum Bid $500     

Lot 47.  3 T3 Turkey Reds of Hall of Famers Joe Tinker, Johnny Evers and Frank Chance. The famous Cubs infield (less Harry Steinfeldt who isn’t in T3). The 47-Tinker is near excellent but for a tiny circular stain in the left border; The 16-Evers has a pinhole, a chip in the lower left and a rubbed upper left corner. The 35-Chance has tack holes in the upper corners and is otherwise excellent.
Winning Bid $807     

Lot 48.  2 T3 Turkey Reds of Hall of Famers 19-Addie Joss and 80-Chief Bender. Both cards are in very good condition. The Bender has rounded corners as does the Joss which shows a little more wear at the bottom corners.
Winning Bid $908     

Lot 49.  3 Turkey Reds of 4-Roger Bresnahan, 17-Clark Griffith and 101-Willie Keeler. The Bresnahan is clean with rounded corners and is almost excellent; The Griffith is similar but shows a little roughness at the two corners on the left side. The Keeler is also near excellent but has some light spotting on the right side.
Minimum Bid $1,000     

Lot 50.  4 T3 Turkey Red Hall of Famers in near very good condition including 5-Sam Crawford, 8-Fred Clarke, 39-Rube Waddell and 40-Vic Willis. The Clarke has a small cut at the bottom of the card, otherwise is very good; The Waddell is very good but for tiny chip at LL; Willis has some light toning on front and back of card, otherwise very good; Crawford has very good front, pencil marks on rear;
Winning Bid $1,099     

Lot 51.  6 T3 Turkey Red Hall of Famers in about fair-good condition. The group includes 18-Jennings, 26-McGraw, 78-Baker, 87-Collins, 124-Wallace and 125-Walsh. Each card, except Walsh, has a piece of a corner off. In addition the McGraw has a piece of tape on the rear, Baker, Jennings and Collins have a pinhole, Wallace has glue stains covering the back. Walsh has soiling on the bottom of the card. The group would range from poor to good.
Winning Bid $967     

Lot 52.  15 T3 Turkey Red cards numbered between 2-45 in very good condition. No creases, no writing, no pinholes. All clean cards. The group includes 2-Bergen, 3-Leach, 11-Dahlen, 12-Donovan, 23-Doyle, 20-Jordan, 24-Mitchell, 28-McIntyre, 33-Pfeister, 34-Rucker, 37-Sallee, 38-Stahl, 41-Wiltse, 44-Trying to Keep him Napping and 45-Jordan/Herzog at First. The 13-Doyle contains the very rare back with no advertising at the bottom. The 28-McIntyre has a rubber stamp name on the reverse.
Winning Bid $2,953     

Lot 53.  16 T3 Turkey Red cards numbered from 84-126 in very good condition. No creases, no writing, no pinholes. All clean cards. The group includes 84-Browne, 88-Coveleskie, 91-Downey, 95-Graham, 97-Hoblitzell, 100-D. Jones, 102-Kling, 104-Lennox, 109-Moran, 111-Niles, 113-Raymond, 118-Smith, 119-Stone, 120-Street, 123-Thomas and 126-Wilson.
Winning Bid $2,925     

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